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4th Infantry Division   IVY DRAGOONS - 3rd Battalion of the 8th Infantry Regiment - 4th Infantry Division 8th Infantry Regiment
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Scholarship Fund



 During the 2005 reunion in Las Vegas, the suggestion was made to

start a scholarship fund in memory of our fallen Brothers was brought to the floor. It was

unanimously approved by all in attendance. So I suggested to our president, Steve Edmunds,

that we take the donation from Brother Jim Bury and use these monies to start our scholarship

fund. His response was, ďgood idea and congratulations, youíre the new chairman of

the Scholarship Committee.Ē I will perform these duties with honor.

I suggest that we award the scholarship only to lineal descendants of Vietnam era

Ivy Dragoons, or to their re-married spouses children. I would like to see a self-sustaining

fund, paying the scholarship from the interest earned on the account rather than trying every

year to collect enough to pass out a check. Other than that, Iím open and welcome any


Two years ago, we suggested starting this fund. And two years have passed with

nothing being accomplished. Think about it Brothers, at about 60 years of age, how many

two-year periods do we have left to honor our fallen?

NOW IS THE TIME TO START. Please respond with your suggestions of the

program and any ideas on how to secure the monetary objective. Please contact me.


Edward G. Goehring
B 3/8  9/66 ~ 9/67
 Call 610-967-5594 or email:

The Ivy Dragoons Scholarship Update - September, 2009

Shortly before the Colorado Springs reunion it was decided to award The First Ivy Dragoons Scholarship, in the amount of $500.00 dollars during the Saturday evening Banquet.. Since it was short notice, President Steve Edmunds, decided to contact all dues paying members, by E-mail, and any brothers that do not have E-mail, by the Snail Mail method. All dues paying members were notified that applications were being accepted for our scholarship. Over the next few weeks, I received a total of four applications for our scholarship.
Since I feel that we can't favor one student over another, the decision was made to draw the winner out of a hat, as this method, Keeps the Academic Student, and The Technical Student, on the same playing field so to speak. I'm sure we all agree the Need is the same!

At the reunion, I decided to make this process totally fair, and since we had four applicants, I Marked One of the suite's of a deck of cards on each application. Then folded them, so as no one could see any information. Then I handed the closest table of brotherhood, the deck of cards, and ask they shuffle, & cut the cards, and pass them to another table to do the same. When everyone was satisfied, I took the cards, opened them into a large fan, and had Attendees randomly draw cards till the Ace appeared. The suite of the ace was the winner.

During the shuffling process, Doc Nagl, ( 9/66- 9/67, Made his announcement about the profits, from his embroidered shirt sale, and suggested, as sales were so great, that we Give another scholarship. This idea was met by loud applause, and we drew more cards, till the second scholarship was determined.

Doc Nagl's Shirts can be purchased over the internet, by clicking under the scholarship info on the home section of our Web site. The profits all go to Scholarship fund!

Right after the Banquet was over, a brother, & his wife, whom wishes to remain anonymous, told me they would personally sponsor one $500.00 dollar scholarship, yearly. The next day, one of The Dragoons Company Commanders, told me He & His men, wanted to do the same, requesting to remain anonymous. We now have Two Scholarships Guaranteed every year, without fund raising. Now, just consider, what "WE" can do, if the entire Brotherhood adds a few dollars!

To determine the winners next year, it could be done by a different method. We are still in our Infancy, but as Long as I chair this endeavor, there will be no chance of Favoritism.

 - Edward G. Goehring, B Co. 9/66 - 9/67 - Chairman Scholarship Committee



September 25, 2008


     First, this venture has a dual purpose. One is to make money for the scholarship fund, & the other is to supply US, the Ivy Dragoons & our Families with Quality merchandise at a sensible cost. It will enable us to Proudly display our Unit on our clothing, and other mi sc. items. All the items sold are of top quality. I have been doing this for my car club, ( MG's of Baltimore Ltd.) for about 15 years. Selling at car shows & the internet. When you see the prices, you will notice that they are reasonable compared to other event items. Have you ever gone to a car show & paid $15 or more for a T shirt? Also the T is not embroidered but silk screened which washes off after a little time.

 ~ see sample images at bottom of this page ~

Men's Golf shirts-Outer Banks size S-XL, larger sizes additional up to 4 XL

Ladies Golf S-XL, 3 XL
   Colors-White, Black, Navy, Bright Red, Butter, Pine Green, Bimini Blue
   Sports Gray (Men) Mango (ladies)

Tís Larger sizes XXL& UP additional cost of $2.00 Too many colors to list, all available up to XXL, colors available up to 3 XL Natural,
   Cardinal Red, Carolina Blue, Charcoal, Daisy, Forest, Indigo Blue, Irish Green, Kelly Green, Maroon, Lime, Orange, Purple, Stone Blue,
   Texas Orange, & Vegas Gold,
   Colors up to 5 XL-White, Ash, Sport Gray, Black, Navy, Orange, Red, & Royal,

Ladies Tís Classic Fit Size S-3 XL 6.1 ounce, 100% ring spun combed Cotton
   Colors-scoop neck- White (XS), Black (XS), Canary, Deep Red, Heathered Sand, Lavender, Pink (XS)
   Colors-V-neck-White, Aqua, Black, Deep Navy, & Deep Red

Hanes Ladies T Shirt in the Relaxed Fit, 5.5 ounce, 100% Comfort Soft cotton,

   Size S-2XLColors-Aquatic Blue, Black, Deep Red, Pale Pink, & Pink

Youth & Toddler Tís in all the popular colors, I prefer 100% cotton in ALL Tís

Base Ball Hats,  just about any type available, Let me know what you want, Mesh or No Mesh, the two shown, are not good for large heads like my own.

Western Style Hat - My favorite, lets the air flow in, also provides some shade.

Port Authority All Purpose Tote Bag. This is a GREAT BAG, Large enough to be a Beach Bag in the Summer, A picnic bag in Spring & Fall,
   a carry on bag if you are traveling, or a shopping bag. Iím sure the Ladies will find all kinds of uses for it.
   Itís made of the highest grade of 600 denier polyester, zippered top opening, front pocket, zippered inside pocket w/key holder. It is also water
   repellant. Colors- Red, Navy, Athletic Gold, Black & Royal.


 Item #   -  Description   -  Unit Price 
5011/NY - GOLF SHIRT  (color & size)  - $29.00
G 200/AS - T-SHIRT  (size & color)  - $15.00
S-10C - Hanes Classic Fit Ladies T V-neck - $18.00
S-22C - Hanes Classic Fit Ladies T Scoopneck - $18.00
5780 - Hanes Relaxed Fit V-neck T's  - $17.00
Sweat Shirt - $25.00
Long Sleeve Denim Button Down Shirt - $29.00
Ladies Easy Care Button Down Blouse/Shirt - $28.00
Toddler T's  - $14.00
Youth T's - $16.00
Port Authority All Purpose Tote - $20.00
Baseball Caps - $14.00
Safari/Western Hat - $20.00


All shipping will be done via USPS priority mail. They supply the supplies & also pick up. Have to take it easy on me somehow.

You will only be charged the actual cost of shipping, unless of course you want to tip me. LOL

1 to 2 shirts, or 1 hat & one shirt costs $4.50 I believe. Anything over that, I will have to send you an invoice. If you have Pay Pal, my life is simpler. If not, I can still send you an invoice via email, or by phone, or by snail mail, or pony express. Check or MO is also acceptable. I do believe that you can pay via credit card on pay pal.

(Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. I cannot stock these items, therefore it takes a little time. I place an order twice a week, so as not to drive my supplier batty.)

PS: Any additions to the logo will be at an additional charge.


Doc Nagl
Ivy Dragoons 
FALLSTON, MD. 21047-1220

phone: 410-557-7107
email:  Doc Nagl


Doc Nagl

Kurt Doc Nagl
HHC, B Co, & my last 2 weeks with Charlie Co. 66-67






Any questions please contact: Doc Nagl at:

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Copyright © 2004-2013 [Ivy Dragoons.Org] All rights reserved.