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3/20/2004 Steve Edmunds
C/3/8 5/67-5/68
Many thanks to Jim and Roger for their efforts in putting this site together. You have done an outstanding job. This has been a long time coming and my gratitude goes beyond a simple, "Thank you". You are, truly, STEADFAST & LOYAL. With the addition of the guestbook, it will allow our Brothers or family members and friends to post messages in search of locating someone or simply seeking more information about a particular situation. Thank you my Brothers
3/20/2004 Mark Butler
C 3/8 1967
Where can I see who has posted a message on the guest book?<br> Yorba Linda, CA  lancewood[at]
3/20/2004 Roy Nussbaum
Aug 67-Sept 68
Just a hello to my brother 3/8 ers. Thanks to the Bury Bros for a fantastic job in setting up our impressive website. I wish all of you and our troops on active duty a safe journey wherever you may be going. If any of you guys are ever in Southern California, let me know ahead of time and maybe I can give you a tour of the this great state. As Govenor Swartenegger says "Welcome to Caly Fornia"<br><br>   s5roy[at]
3/20/2004 Roy Nussbaum I forgot to include the above information in my last posting. I must have had a Senior moment. If you do come to Ca, maybe we can get Steve Edmunds to spring for lunch. Only kidding Steve.  Agoura Hills, Ca. 91301 s5roy[at]
3/20/2004 Ronert Ramirez aka  Great website! Hope, we can find more 3/8 brothers using this website. I am still looking for my FNG buddy Chester Page, with Chester 5/70-10/70, Delta Company, then the 4th came home and I when to the 1st Cav 2/12 c co. Anybody that help, drop me a line! Well come home brothers!!!!!   pointman75[at]
3/20/2004  John Harris Commo/3/8 1968 Nice to have a site dedicated to 3/8. I keep looking for names that I will recognize because I have forgot so many.   Pipejohn01[at]
3/20/2004 Jeff McFadden aka Flower C co 3/8 7/67 to 7/68  Great job! So much is lost in memory... still praying for peace<br><br>(hospital & rear area 5/31/68 to 7/15/68) rural Missouri east of Kansas City jeff[at]
3/20/2004  Gary G. Gorectke B co. 3/8 th. 4th, Infantry Hello All 3/8th. men who served in Pleiku from November 1968 (TET) Until December 1969, Please contact me at ggorectke[at], or leave a message here on this site. Looking for men sent to a Village near Camp Enira on the night of June 12, 1969. Specificatly looking for a Mr. Yarbrough from Kentucky, or a Mitchel who was wounded that night. Thank you Gary G. Gorectke MIilwaukee, Wisconsin ggorectke[at]
3/20/2004 Ronnie Baker ( Doc) B 3/8 th 3rd platoon 6/70-pullout Better late than never. Thanks you guys for the site. Steadfast and Loyal. I stayed behind with 1/10th Cav. now 1st Field Force   crusty47[at]
3/20/2004 Jim White C 3/8 April 68 to Feb 69 He is very humble, but NONE of this, including this web page, would have been possible without the leadership and sacrifice of Mr. Steve Edmunds. Web sites aside, Steve spearheaded the initial drive to get all of us Dragoons together in the first place quite a few years ago......but also many thanks to the Bury Bros. for developing the site! Steadfast & Loyal Jim White Lake Forest CA laurenandjim[at]
3/20/2004 Jim Bury - B 3/8 RTO 7/ 67-4/68 Very well said Jim White and I totally agree that without Steve this site would never have come about. This is easy compared to what he has done for us over the years. I am doing this to give him a hand. He has carried this load far too long... Welcome Home Bros Eureka, CA webmaster[at]
3/21/2004 Doug Dettman (Doc) C, 3/8 8/67-8/68 Great website. The tribute section has helped me to remember names I never should have forgotten, especially from Hill 724.   dougandjudy730[at]
3/21/2004 Doug Thompson - B 3/8 10/66-10/67 Steve, Jim and Roger you have done an excellent job putting together this website. The guest book will be a great addition to hear from the friends we haven't seen in many years. Steadfast and Loyal...   duglynukem[at]
3/21/2004 Michael A. Anderson aka 846 charlie - Delta Co 3/8th 67-68 Great job on the web site, congrats to all envolved. Anyone can e-mail me if you wish, I'd enjoy it. Again,...Great work!!   manders2[at]
3/21/2004 Frank J Lozon - Hq Co Bn S 2 Sgt 1969 Kudos to all of you for the time and effort spent on this site.and a special thanks for your efforts on behalf of the yards. Ypsilanti MI fjlozon[at]
3/21/2004 P. J. Hickey, CO, 3/8, 68-69 Just went through the entire site. Fantastic! Great job. We all owe many thanks for the time and effort put into creating this site.   HickeyInf[at]
3/21/2004 Robert F. Clemmons SSGt. - E Co. REcon. 3/8 (67-68) Enjoying this site, job well done. Like to hear from anyone from Recon. STEADFAST AND LOYAL   e6bob[at]
3/22/2004  Roy Nussbaum 8/67-9/69 If anyone knows of a paper route that is available, please contact Jim Bury in the State of Jefferson. He can ride a bike as long as it has training wheels Agoura Hills, Ca s5roy[at]
3/22/2004 Carl Mc Afee, SSG, HHC 3/8 Inf. 05/68 - 05/69 This website is very well done. What a wonderful 'living' tribute this is to all of us who served with this very proud and honored organization, our families and friends. But most of all, it contains the names, and honors those who died while serving with this great and proud organization. But for luck and God's will, our names would be with theirs. I am proud to be a veteran of this outstanding unit, and a comrade of so many brave, caring, and honorable people. Steve, you and your group have done a tremendous job in keeping this organization well organized and informed. I salute all of you! May God continue to bless us and our families, and help us to sustain this organization, and our tributes to our living and deceased brotherhood of 'Dragoons'. "Steadfast and Loyal" WWR and respect, Carl (Mac) Mc Afee Chambersburg, PA 17201 cmcafee[at]
3/22/2004 Alan Sellers - C 3/8, 4ID 1967-1968 As a young soldier in '67-'68, invincible , and brave, never would my heart swell as today to see the crest of the 4th ID. PROUD to have served. 243Hillside Dr. Dalton, Georgia 30720 asellers[at]
3/22/2004 Davie Wade - A CO 3/8  8-67 - 8-68 This is a great website.I am proud to be a veteran of this outstanding unit  Chattanooga, TN bloodboy[at]
3/22/2004 John J. Lunghi (Lucky)  B 68'-69' Great Site...Thanks to Jim and Roger for this wonderful addition to the history of the 3rd of the 8th. In these times of external and internal treachery, its great to be able to communicate with people of honor! Live on 'Dragoons'!   Jlunghi48[at]
4/1/2004 Skip Franges 2nd platoon C co. 67-68 Steve and Co. Great job. Now its up to all of us to keep this site working right. I've watched Steve put all into this since our first mini reunion in DC back in 1998 or 99. The site should allow for more of us to make contact and that is a good thing.   jfranges[at]
4/5/2004 Rich Murray A/3/8 68-69 Steve and Company, Great Job.   r356beachbum[at]
4/9/2004 Albert Jacquez - A Co. 3/8 Jan 10, 1969-70 RVN Thank you Jim and Roger for this great site. Just want to let you know that I finally retired from the USPS,felt like I was still carrying that rucksack,It's Family time from here on. Steadfast and Loyal. Los Osos Ca. 93402 arjacquez[at]
4/9/2004 Bruce [Tom] Thompson Lerps & Recon scout HHC 3/8, 9/ 66-9/67 Great Web Page, You guys did a great job. It is nice to look through it. Thanks again Tom   ta.thompson[at]
4/12/2004 Gerald E McGinnis C co 3/8 Inf. Aug 1967 -May 1968 thanks  Knoxville,Tennessee pastor[at]
4/15/2004 Bob Wilson Co A/3/8 INF 66-67 I was in the 2nd Platoon and was the Company Mail Clerk. I was in charge of the mail for HHQ and A Company in RVN. Thanks for the website. Spec 4 Wilson  Carmel, Indiana Rwilson9[at]
4/24/2004 Mark Butler - C 3/8 May to Dec 67 Good Job Mr. Bury Yorba Linda, CA  lancewood[at]
5/6/2004 Levie Isaacks B Co. 3/8  67-68 Like it was said in "Field of Dreams "Build it and they will come." By creating this website you have done a great service to those who served. Well Done! Van Nuys California lisaacks[at]
5/8/2004 Ed Sleichert.    E&B co.s     68/69 Remembering, Our Brothers that were KIA, & WIA. on LZ Penny on May 9.69. & the days following .<br>You are not forgotten. Chicago, Ill. ESLY48 [at]
5/9/2004 Gary (Mack) McCluskey, D-3-8, '67-'68 WELCOME HOME MY BROTHERS!!<br><br>Kudos to everyone involved in the creation of this great website. It had to be a labor of love because it is obvious that a lot of time & effort went into its creation. Dawson, IL garymc[at]
5/18/2004 Ron (Doc) Baker  B Co. 3rd Platoon June 70-pullout I wonder where so many who have gone, they have not reported their sit-rep here yet, A lot of good men unaccounted for. I sure wish they would turn up soon. See very few from 1970, Iknow we didnt take the brunt of it like you guys in 67-68 but we got our feet wet and hands dirty. My platoon was in a fire fight 9/19/70 that lasted over 4 hours, we were under fire from the 15th till the 22nd in the same ao, had only 3 KIA but many WIA. Sure wish some of those men would find their way here. I heard Big Al Morgan was out there some where and sure would like to hear from him, Hoss,Cowboy,Mop and some of the others.<br>Steadfast and Loyal and again great job 4th in Iraq. Knoxville , Tennessee crusty47[at]
5/19/2004 Daymon J. King , 3/8 Infantry mortars, 4th. Division  , 66-6 Congratulations on a great website, you are doing a great job. I would love to get in touch with anyone I served with in Mortar platoon. Please keep up the good work. "Welcome Home Brothers", it has been a long journey. Lafayette, Indiana djleking[at]
5/19/2004 Jim Claeys Nice site! I spent my time in the field as an FO with the 3/8, summer 1970, with A, B, & D Companies. Remember LZ Cajun, LZ Buckeye (in VC Valley), LZ Football? If anybody remembers the E-5 FO (me!), email! I have lots of pics from our old AO in my website, memorabilia, etc. WANTED: Audiotapes/CDs of Vietnam radio traffic, fire missions, firefights, incoming, cockpit tapes, AFVN, etc. Also Vietnam home movies on VHS/DVD and camcorder tapes of revisits to the Central Highlands. I have beaucoup same-same and can email my list. Thanks! Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio jrc48[at]
5/19/2004 Doug Belnap 1/8 Inf 1973-1976 (Ft Carson) Thanks for all the work on making this site a reality. Son of Glen D. Belnap, Bn Cdr 3/8, KIA 12-20-67. Durham, NC dbelnap[at]
5/20/2004 Mark Butler  C, 3/8  5/67 to 12/67 Jim, <br>Excellent job on putting the roster on the web page. Yorba Linda, California lancewood[at]
5/20/2004 SSGT Stephen L. Pannell CoB, 3/8th, 2nd Platoon 67-68 Saw Lt Dean Plager's name in the roster. Like to say HOWDY. I was your Platoon SGT and was in the bomb crater when ya took the round thru yer helmet and got that nasty crease on yer skull. Hope yer headache is gone. Talk about lucky. Glad ya made it man! 212 Ridgecrest dr., Euless, Texas 76040 slpent[at]
5/21/2004 Joe Walters, 9/69 - 9/70 Just checking to see if I can find some old friends. Cambridge, Wisconsin jstan1949[at]
5/24/2004 Roger Bury brother of Jim Jim sent me an email a couple of days ago, seems he is off on a vacation. I have noticed a lot of you guys are sending him updates on the roster and email addresses. So in case you have noticed no updates that is his lame excuse for not doing them. When he gets home to his computer he will get on that.    
5/26/2004 Mark Butler, 3/8, C Company, 3rd platoon, 1967 In remberance to those brother's that were KIA on May 26, 1967 from C Company(Capt. Powers, Lt Johnson & others). Also god bless those that were wounded. Yorba Linda, California lancewood[at]
5/28/2004 Jeff McFadden (Flower) July 67, july 68 I'm looking for the name of a brother from A company who was KIA during the Battle for Dak To. We met in the hospital in February, '68. He was from California, I think, and had a distinctive phrase he used. When something pi**ed him off he would say,"That gave me the parched marfs!" He was a big white guy, cheerful and funny, kind of round faced. One night during the Dak To mess (I can't remember any dates, it's all a jumble) C and D companies were in a fire base in a helluva fire fight with NVA and A company tried to come into the fire base from outside the C company side of the perimeter, and we didn't know they were out there, and... it was horrible. This guy got KIA that night, and his name's got to be here on the site, but I've never been able to remember it and it really bothers me. Would anybody know his name, maybe? I'd sure appreciate it. Rural Ray County, MO near Richmond jeff[at]
6/4/2004 Mark Butler, 3rd Platoon, C, 3/8, 5/67 - 12/67 Jim/Steve - Great Job with the addition of the AAR's Yorba Linda, CA lancewood[at]
6/5/2004 Aaron Culpepper (cully) (DOC) 3/8 Recon,LERPS 66-67 Thanks. Long Beach, Ca Papaaaron[at]
6/7/2004 James L. Turner, D Co.3/8 Inf., 67-68 This is a great web site, we needed something like this, easy to locate everyone included our fallen comrades. Louisville, Kentucky jlturner18temp[at]
6/8/2004 Ronnie Baker ( Doc ) B 3/8  6/70 - to end of 4th RVN  want to give another shout out to Al Morgan ( Big Al ) of third Platoon. Thanks for holding your position until Hoss and I got back.<br>my e-mail is crusty47[at] ... some one out there knows Al so forward this to him. DOC Knoxville, Tennessee crusty47[at]
6/9/2004 Ed  Well I finally got here. First stop was the guestbook, so I'll go look around now, but I can say without a doubt beforehand, Thank you to all! I know in my heart that all who were lost or suffered on "The Hill"(947), at Dak To, Kontum, VC Valley, Starvation Hill and all the other places we tread are remembered. STEADFAST & LOYAL. Travel the good road, my Brothers. You are warrors one and all. St. Petersburg, FL IV_Dragoon[at]
6/10/2004 Bob Maranise       C/3/8 7/67-7/68 Thanks for all your efforts, I know enough about web sites to know you've spent many hours plus. I check in every few days to read updates. Again Thanks & God Bless. Ione, CA blfrog13[at]
6/12/2004 Mark Butler, C company, 3/8, 3rd platoon, 1967 Is there anyone out there besides me that is going to the C company reunion in Shipshewana, Indiana? Yorba Linda, California lancewood[at]
6/12/2004 Kenneth Elliott     Thanks for your effort establishing this site. I served with "B" co. from Feb 67 til July 67 and was lucky enough to be picked to be General Peers orderly til he was promoted to Lt. General in Dec 67 . From Dec 67 til Feb 68 I served as driver for General Stone. Danville, VA 24541 elliott2005[at]
6/15/2004 Ray Lonabaugh, HSB & C Batteries 6th/29th Arty 1969 Great site. Just stopped by to say hi after 35 years. What ever happened to Chunga the monkey? Ridley Park, PA rayl[at]
6/17/2004 Michael Boutwell co D 3/8 -6/68-6/69--81mm Mortars Wecome Home to ALL ...! ! ! ......Searching for any one that was in the Short Rounder Crew 1 and 2....some names are Michael Wilburn ...Fenske..Martinez...Fergy Ferguson....and any others....during 6/68--6/69..attached to co. D..... Rossville ga  mboutwe2[at]
6/19/2004 Robert W. Williams, 6/29th Attached to 4th ID - 1969-70 I was a forward observer attached to 4th ID. 3/8th. Have just recently began remembering / reliving some of my experiences - both good and bad. Looking for some old friends out there if anyone remembers this old FO. 2LT/1LT during 1969-70 Morrilton, Arkansas forwardobserver1970[at]
6/19/2004 Gary Holliman  Great website! Looking for Kevin Monahan C company 3rd platoon. Marshall, AR garyholliman[at]
6/23/2004 Benny Mike Medford,A Co.3/8 Inf. 05/05/69 to 04/11/70 Great site,have already found two old war friends,bill babcock and gary shultz.I am looking for charles Mccall that lives in michigan,if your are out there ,let me hear from you. Henderson,Texas RRZ28[at]KILGORE.NET
6/23/2004 Ron Baker B Co. 3/8 3rd Platoon medic last of 1970 well I am back again, noticed a familiar name on roster other than Al Morgan, his name is John Roe. Just wondered if it is the same John Roe that took all my MPC playing spades in the Jungle. We spent a little time on a bunker against the big rock on FSB Football. Give me a shout if that is you. You were a corporal at the time. I have some pics of us sharing goodie package from home on top of bunker and a huge night scope. Knoxville , TN. crusty47[at]
6/27/2004 Rich  I was in the battle that took place on 5/26/67, I was the Doc for 3rd platoon. My deepest sympathy goes out to the loved ones who were lost that day. And I say WELCOME HOME and GOD BLESS YOU to those that made it home.<br>I will always and forever have the guys I served with in my mind, and in my heart.<br>This is an EXCELLENT website!! Boston, Massachusetts SP5MED[at]
6/27/2004 Mark Butler, C Company, 1967 I just returned home from Shipshewana, Indiana. I attended my second C company reuniion. Great time.<br>Meeting with then makes me realize I'm not the only one that's a nut case. Yorba Linda, CA lancewood[at]
6/29/2004 Stephen Richards I would like to thank all the Vets that served in the Vietnam War. It's men and women like yourselves that has made this country what it is today. I would especially like to thank my dad, Robert T. Richards (C/67-68) for serving his country honorably. The reunions that he has been to, and hosted, have helped him in ways few can imagine. I appreciate the time and caring that all of you show towards each other. I hope that someday all of your lost brothers and sisters will be accounted for. <br>My sincere thanks, <br>Stephen Farmers, KY rsrichards_635[at]
7/1/2004 Wayne Jackson, A Co. 3rd Platoon, Weapons Squad/3/8th   All I am from A Co. 3rd Platoon, Weapons Squad, Sept. 1968 to Sept. 1969. All Just wanted to say to Steve Edmunds and all the folks that have put this web site together, a big thanks. I found this site about four years ago and it is wonderful. You keep adding great information. Keep up the great job. It was wonderful to read the after action reports. In late Feburary of 1969 I was sent into Camron Bay to get my Jungle Rot fix. While I was gone A Co. got hit hard, and we lost most the guys in weapons squad on March 3rd 1969. The After Action Report gave me the details I always wonder about. I never did go backout to A Co. Lt. Buddy Williams (my platoon leader) wrote the report or gave information to the report. Thank you all so much for what you do to help and to make us feel that we did a good job there and the Thanks that we never did receive for many years. I am proud to serve in the 4th. Love you All, May God Bless you All. Wayne Jackson 438 West 4775 South Ogden Utah, 84405-6030 Vietnam68[at]
7/2/2004 Ronnie Baker (DOC) B 3/8 3rd Platoon 1970 Wanted to wish all Dragoons a great 4th of July. Have fun be safe and God Bless America.<br> Doc Baker <br> 1970 Knoxville , TN.  
7/11/2004 C Company, 3/8, 3rd platoon, 1967 Just checking the Guestbook. Yorba Linda, CA 92886 lancewood[at]
7/23/2004 Mark Butler, 3/8, C Company, 3rd Platoon, 1967 A prayer for those killed and wounded on July 23, 1967 from 3rde platoon. Yorba Linda, CA lancewood[at]
7/30/2004 Michael Boxer D Company 3/8th October 1968-October 1969 Finally made it here to this great new site and forum area. Job well done, looks great. Hope everyone is doing well.<br>Brothers forever<br> Staten Island ssgmike.ivy[at]
8/2/2004 William D. Rogers  Thanks for a great website. It is a fitting tribute to the KIA's as well as to the ones that survived the war. Places like Pleiku,Jackson hole,camp enari,hill 1001, hill 724, hill 728,the eagles nest and others will live forever in the mind of fellow Dragoon vets. As young recruits death seemed like a far cry from reality but that came to be a probability for those that lost their lives in the battle for Dak to and those of us that survived those and other horrid days and months afterwards. God speed and keep up the good work. Adamsville,Tn tarogers[at]
8/2/2004 William D Rogers  1st plt B co 7/67-7/68 I am proud to have known many a fine man that fought and died carrying the colors of the Ivy Division. I went on to spend most of my fortcoming years with the First Cavalry Division. Adamsville,Tn  
8/10/2004 Jim Bury, B Co 67-68 - Webmaster I have updated the Roster Page and you can now see Brothers listed by company. There are some that we do not have a company for (?). If you have any idea of which unit they were in, let us know so we can get them listed properly. Hope this will help make it easier for you to find your buddies... Eureka, CA webmaster[at]
8/16/2004 hhc 4id looking for lombardi,anthoney camillo 4 id band greenville tx mviper26[at]
8/16/2004 Danny Martin D. co. 3/8 69 70 does anyone remember Chunga. I bet so. Would love to hear from some buddies. Have talked to John Robinson aka Iceman. I was known as butterfly. Great site, thanks. Pampa Texas dmartin0786[at]
8/20/2004 Tom Thompson Re/Con 3/8   66-67 Great Job, We are haveing a Re/Con Reunion for the Platoon 66-67 in The first week of Oct. in Kansas Missouri. This to let people know. You can e-mail me or Jack Crumley at crumleyj[at] I hope this message is ok. We are trying to get hold of the guys. My e-mail is ta.thompson[at]<br><br> Thank You Everett Wash ta.thompson[at]
8/25/2004 lathrom sgt 4th engineers aug 68 feb69 I lived with you for 5 months and I could not ask for any better I saw some hardtimes with delta 3/8 I take my hat off to you and bow. The guys called me `rip van winkle' but I sure carred good c4 Thank You!!!!!!!!! lawrence kansas peacemaker[at]
8/26/2004 Jim Vaughn Co. C 3/8 Jul 69-70 I have a new email address jsvaughn[at]   jsvaughn[at]
8/29/2004 Grover Jackson Names on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial(The Wall) fly in space. On 2 different microchips, each containing the Names, on board the space ship STARDUST which was lounced 7 Feb 1999 and encountered the Comet Wild-2 in January 2004 are the NAMES along with others. One of the chips will will return to earth in 2006 and be placed in a museum. The other chip will remain in space forever, orbiting the sun. I found this very interesting. You can read about this at Stardust/JPL/NASA. Isn't this an HONOR to our fallen comrades?   SAWTRUE[at]AOL.COM
9/3/2004 Ron (Doc) Baker B Co. 3/8 1970 just checking in , all is well in Tennessee, I am comforted and hopefull to see so many veterans coming together to support our troops fighting terrorism on all fronts. No politics here but things are looking great right now to gaurantee continued support of our sons and daughters now engaged in this most honorable task and taking the fight to the terrorists. have a great Labor Day Weekend brothers and God Bless America. Its Football Time in Tennessee, go Vols Knoxville , TN. crusty47[at]
9/7/2004 Al Jacquez A Co. 3/8  Jan 09 1969-1970 Anyone of you guys checked out Ron Carey book "The War Above The Trees" Trafford Publishing Com. Search Desk, this has to do with Wayne Grey account of a chopper man in March of 69. If so please post. <br>take care Bros. Los Osos, California arjacquez[at]
9/8/2004 Ron Carey ,119th Assault Helicopter Company, 01/68-09/69 I was a crew chief during Operation Wayne Grey. I kept a journal during my tour and I have put together a day by day account of what happened during the operation.<br><br>This I believe is the first book which has been written that cover the entire 45 days. I have included After Action Reports, and eyewittness statement from both air crews and troops which were on the ground. My ship resupplied A/3/8 on the 3rd of March and I was part of the assault flight the following day into the ridge line north of their location by Recon/3/8 and Bravo/3/8. Places like LZ Pause,LZ Brace and Hill 947 were all fought and paid for at a high cost. I thought it was time that the families of our brothers who died there and the rest of us desevered to know what happened there.<br><br>To preview my book go to the web page listed below. Trafford Publishing is an On-Demand publisher. I will answer any questions or comment by e-mail. I hope that this will provide some of the answers that many of us have asked over the last 35 years.<br><br>Thank You. Plainfild,Il. roncarey[at]
9/13/2004 Eckart Your web site inspired me a lot. Thank you very much. Greetings from Germany. Germany eckart[at]
9/13/2004 Bob Reilly, 4 Engr Bn (Cbt) 64-67 This is a truly terrific electronic newsletter. Kudos to all involved in its production.<br>Welcome home, guys!<br>Bob Reilly, Past Pres, Scty/Treas<br>NW Chapter 4 IDA Wenatchee WA joans.bob[at]
9/14/2004 Bill Newcomb  E 3/8 68-69 This is great, I've forgotten so many names of course never knew last names. I know we've all taken many paths but the time we shared and experences bond us. Stay strong and proud. Bill Newcomb Las Vegas Nevada newk2[at]
9/15/2004 Gerald McGinnis C co 3/8 67-68 Thanks for e-mail is pastor[at]<br>I will never forget! knoxville,Tennessee pastor[at]
9/20/2004 Bernie Ryznar, 3/8, E Recon, 69-70 Great site. Any late recon out there? Pickerington, Ohio jackets_blue[at]
9/26/2004 Tom Lacombe B company 3/12, '69 I am reading Ron Carey's book "The War Above the Trees", and believe it is a book you should read if you took part in Wayne Grey. My heart goes out to those guys in A co. 3/8. I thought I knew most of the facts of the mission, but I knew very little. It is really interesting to hear what was going on with the slicks, and to hear what it all looked like from a birdseye view. Browntown, VA tlacombe[at]
10/3/2004 John Swick     Co C 3/8 4th Inf.   1965/1967 Trying to contact those from Ft Lewis,Wa who went to Nam as a unit Gig Harbor,Washington johnswick[at]
10/13/2004 Charles B. Morin Jr., D Company, 67-68 Finally I have found my brothers. I will monitor this site. Chicago, IL Charles.b.morin[at]
10/14/2004 Don Fields Bravo Company Deros 10-13-69 remembering those who weren't so fortunate Buxton, Me stolenfields[at]
10/14/2004 John Bauer, Delta, 68-69 This is a special salute to the men of Bravo and Charlie who tried so hard to break through to our position on Hill 947. You were tough, and it helped take pressure off of us so that we were able to hang on. A debt of gratitude also goes to Ron Carey and his chopper guys for resupply and dustoff over an extememly hot zone. Thanks, brothers. San Antonio, Texas jbauertwo[at]
10/31/2004 Bill Perkins C Co. 3/67--2/68 Remember Dak To and and all of the fallen in the 1st and 2nd Brigades. Nov 1967 ST.Louis MO perkinswilliam[at]
11/2/2004 Dennis Sanchez       A Co 3/8 67-68 I recall that someone from D Company had placed a photo of Hill 724 on the Web. Does anyone have a picture of it from the air?<br>God bless all of you. Albuquerque, New Mexico jdsanches[at]
11/4/2004 Julio Leon Aco.3/8 9/68-8/69 get down play dead, V.P.Northern Calif. 4th.Infantry CHAPTER. Stockton,CA. ibfishingnow[at]
11/11/2004 James Bury -  B Co 3/8th 7/67-3/68 Hoping all of my Brothers are well on this Veteran's Day. Thanks for being by my side so many years ago... Eureka, CA jimbury[at]
11/14/2004 jean phillips im looking for any one that might have known my father in law he was with company D 3/8 4th id. His name was pfc larry joe phillips. he was a rifleman and a driver.He was in nam from 67-68.and passed away in 1970 be for his son was born. my husband would like to talk to anyone that might have info about his dad. osage city ks tx_blond_too[at]
11/18/2004 Mike Pace(Son) LTC then Maj TE Pace 3/8 67-68 I am going to try and post pics thru Steve of camp Enari and other things.<br>If any of you have info on my dad please let me know.<br><br>Thanks in advance. Spring Tx MikePa[at]
11/24/2004 Ronnie Baker (DOC) B 3/8 3rd Platoon 1970 Best to all dragoons on Thanksgiving, have a great day, ENJOY ! Knoxville , TN. crusty47[at]
11/24/2004 Bill Perkins C Co. 3/67--2/68 No patrols, no firefights, no CA's. Just family ,Food and FOOTBALL.<br><br>HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE ST.Louis MO perkinswilliam[at]
11/25/2004 Mike Noll, A/3/8th,  24 Nov 65 - 30 Sep 67 It was 39 years ago today that I was inducted into the Army in Fort Knox and then flown to Fort Lewis for Basic with A/3/8. After that it was Pleiku and Dragon Mountain Base Camp, later named Camp Enari.<br>Just sitting here remembering all of those who weren't so fortunate. Everyone have a truly Happy Thanksgiving. Fort Wayne, Indiana mlnoll[at]
12/3/2004 C,E,co1/8inf68/69 just checked in and a good site.<br> A hand salute to all 3/8 kathleen , Fl hiangle6869[at]
12/7/2004 Victor (T.J.) Tejada 3/8th Company C 1966-1967 I was with 3/8th Charlie Company 2nd Platoon from 12-22-66 to 12-12-67 just trying to get some closure in my life. If there anyone left please contact me. I remember that operation with Company A were it took a couple of days to push back the NVA. I was sent to Cammronbay field hospital with alot of other wounded brothers. Orlando, Fl ketsurai[at]
12/8/2004 Myron Gwin,  A co. 3/8th 10/68-10/69 I'm looking for anyone I served with. I was a sergeant in A company. I was in Operation Wayne Grey on 3/4 and 3/5 as well as in VC valley. My name is mentioned in one of the AAR's posted here. I would especially like to know what happened to LT. Buddy Williams. Thanks Adairsville Ga. jeremy.scott[at]
12/9/2004 Andy lowe, hhc3rd of the 8th 4th id.,68/69 I'm trying to find a friend from nam'his name was Eddie D. Harmon hhc 3rd of the 8th 4th I.D.68/69<br>Any info. please contact me at shawndavidlowe[at] pilgrim,Kentucky shawndavidlowe[at]
12/10/2004 SSG MIchael Boxer - Retired Ron Carey I want to thank you for the book "War above the Trees". I just received it and am waiting for the right moment to sit down and start reading it. I guess anytime is the right time, but well you know what I mean.<br>Thank you again.<br>Michael Boxer<br>D Company 3/8th 4th Infantry Division<br>October 1968-October 1969 Staten Island New York ssgmike.ivy[at]
12/13/2004 Ron Carey 119th Assault Helicopter Company Jan. 1968-Sept.19 Mike,<br><br>Thanks for your support. I sent you an e-mail this morning. Hope it went through. Plainfield,IL roncarey[at]
12/15/2004 Gary G. Gorectke 4th Infantry 3/8th.  Looking for Information Milwaukee, Wisconsin ggorectke[at]
12/20/2004 Roy Nussbaum 3/8 HHC,D Co  8/67-9/68 December 20, 1967, 37 years ago today,the 3/8 lost two great warriors, LTC Glen D. Belnap (Sabre) and SGTM Herbert Roberts. They were killed when the CC went down while dropping some equiptment to some of their troops in the hills around Dak To, Viet Nam. Let us remember these two brave men and the ultimate sacrifice they made in support of their men. Rest in Peace Brave Warriors. Agoura Hills, Calif s5roy[at]
12/20/2004 Gary Hartt A/2/22(mech) 12/65-9/67 I left a message in your forum. Just wanted to say what a nice website. My unit's website is trained with you guys in Ft. lewis but we went down south, north of Saigon. My unit was part of the 3rd BDE of 4th. Welcome home 3/8 and thanks for serving your country. Mulino, Oregon gchartt[at]
12/25/2004 Albert  Jacquez A Co. 3/8 Jan 69-70 Merry Christmas to all my 3/8 Brothers, just got back from my youngest son's home, my wife Isabel and I had Christmas dinner with our son, Al Jr. wife Michele, and our newest member to the family our grandson, Madden Jacquez, Yes, first name is after Raiders ex-head coach John (Madden). Grandson was born September 11, 2004, They prepared a wonderful prime rib and scampi dinner and WOULD NOT let my wife assist with the dishes, my how times have turned. My Oldest Son Ysidro and Family will be here tomorrow morning and celebrate with us here in our home, our grandson Cyrus will be receiving a drum set from us. He has been taking drum lessons so this will be a great suprise for him. Our granddaughter Brittny is a Cheerleader and we will be very happy to see her! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Los Osos, CA. arjacquez[at]
1/6/2005 Mark Butler, C 3/8 3rd platoon, May to Dec 1967 Just checking the guest book. Looks like I'll be the first to make an entry this year.<br>HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!<br><br> Yorba Linda, CA 92886 lancewood[at]
1/17/2005 Ed Fitzpatick (Tinker)66/67 A co (the  eightball co)+HHC Sup A co 3rd plattoon 11b20 HHC supply before leaving New York Long Island EFitzp246[at]
1/20/2005 Archie K. Bush Looking to talk to some old buddies at the reunion in las vegas in 2005. also looking for people from 3/8th inf CO. A between years 67-68. I can be reached at 315-393-2066 or 239-656-6668 new york arlenelb2001[at]
2/3/2005 Mark Butler, C 3/8, May - Dec. 67 Looking for a room mate for the Las Vegas Reunion at the Gold Coast Hotel. 19682 Lancewood, Yorba Linda, CA 92886 lancewood[at]
2/9/2005 sam dunbar 3/8 67-68 hope this note finds you doing well. the lord has been good to me. never seen anyone i was with but think of you often. may i see you soon. richmond     texas  
2/17/2005 Kent Combs Recon 1/8  67-68 Wonderful site. I found it looking for the text of the VFW "9 days in May" article you have posted. I only found out the other day it had been published, and as I am quoted in it I was quite curious. It really brings back memory you allmost don't want to remeber, but find it impossible to forget!<br><br>Thank you very,very much for posting it.<br><br>Kent Riverside, CA kc3combs[at]
2/18/2005 Stephen Richards Just checking the guest book. I really enjoy this site, and I check it often. The info here is invaluable for sons of veterans like myself. I'm really looking forward to our trip, with my dad, Robert T. Richards, to Washington again this May. I hope to see some, if not all of you there. My sincere thanks and appreciation to you all.<br><br>Stephen Richards Farmers, KY rsrichards_635[at]
3/1/2005 Ron Carey      119th Assault Helicopter Company 1968-1969 Thirty-six years have passed since that day.<br><br>The wounds of war have healed but the scars remain.<br><br>We each have traveled life's path in many different directions.<br><br>Regardless of where we are and the distance which separate us on this day our lives become one today.<br><br>To our brothers which can not be with us today, let each of us say "We Remember".<br><br>Sp/5 John C. Schiffhauer age 21<br>119th Assault Helicopter Company<br>Sp/4 Douglas J. Markovich age 21<br>Company A/3/12 4th Infantry Division<br>Killed in Action: March 1, 1969 LZ Swinger Plainfield, Il 60544 roncarey[at]
3/4/2005 Donald Knittle , c 3/8th  11/67-11/68 Send me an email if you like. I also have a copy of the IVY LEAF Vol.2 No.11 Guthrie,Okla dknittle[at]
3/7/2005 Sgt. Bonsell  HHT Scout Section 1/10th Cav 68-69 Great site gentlemen, probably crossed paths with several of you during my time in Kontum, Polei Kleing-Krong areas late 68 early 69. CS was 104 and SRP Yellow Eye 001. Remainder working out of Oasis, Plei-Dejreng, Duco areas early 69 until wounded near Jackson Hole on March 12,1969. Following 3 months recoup in hospitals returned to 4th ID and played trumpet and keyboards in the 4th ID Special Services Band "Famous Sounds" at Enari forward areas and all over Vietnam. I experienced two entirely differeent Vietnams. Thanks for covering my back...Returned in 1998-99 via a Mil-Spec Tour with others from 4th ID. Visited Ban-Me-Thout, Pleiku(Camp Enari), Kontum Dak Bla River Bridge, Old site of pontoon bridge at Polei Krong across Krong Poko River to Polei Kotol towards Polei Kleng. New steel Concrete bridge constructed approx. 1/4 mile north of old crossing. Entire valley to be flooded for new Hydro power dam. New Yard villages reconstructed near old LZ Erma CP for brigade 10/68-01/69. We tried to visit the Oasis, "Outabounds", turned back within 100 yrds. of entrance. Oasis considered a sensative commo area today ???<br>Thanks for keeping the information and honor of those who served alive. McConnelsville, Ohio hidecat1[at]
3/8/2005 ED Goehring  B Co. 3/8  9/66 9/67 With the up comming reunion,I would like to comment to anyone who decided not to go. The first reunion we had, I told my wife no way! She said we would go. To this day i'm glad, and we haven't missed one since.Those of you, who think you won't know anyone,maybe so, but all these brothers are just freinds, you haven't met yet. We all have the same roots. My wife has made life long freinds with the women, as I have with my new brothers. I feel after a reunion, we all leave walking a little taller! So reconsider, and join us in Las Vegas. Your coments are welcome. Coopersburg, Pennsylvania Gcoopersburg[at]
3/16/2005 john mcmillian, co d 3/8th  march 68 march 69 great web site have been looking for my unit for years. thank god my son found it for me. i am so looking forward to seeing old friends i feel good about vegas see you there john mcmillian west monroe,louisiana macsumac[at]
3/26/2005 Ron Baker (doc) B Co. 3rd platoon 1970 Happy Easter and God Bless you all.<br>Last medic of 3rd platoon in country, and wish I had missed the dance. In memory of Lt. Rayburn Smith, Shamrock TX. KIA 19 Sept. 1970.<br> Steadfast and Loyal<br> Doc Knoxville , Tennessee crusty47[at]
3/26/2005 Gary McCluskey  (D Co. 67-68) To my brothers in D company who paid the ultimate price at FSB Incoming on 3-26-68...I am grateful to be here today to offer this tribute to each of you. May you rest in peace and know that you are not forgotten.<br><br>JOEL ANDERS - Worthington, MN<br>GENE BAILEY - Villa Rica, GA<br>BENJAMIN BELARDE - Colorado Springs, CO<br>JOSEPH BROWN - Detroit, MI<br>ROBERT EUGENE DAVIS - Elkhart, IN<br>MICHAEL ANDREW FAY - Saugus, CA<br>DENNIS STEPHEN GLEASON - Teaneck, NJ<br>JAMES TROY GORSICH - Yorba Linda, CA<br>CHARLES LEE HOWE - Granville, NY<br>WILLIE JACKSON, JR - Clinton, LA<br>CECIL RAY MILLSPAUGH - Declo,ID<br>MAURICE MOORE - Chicago<br>JAMES MYRON MOSER - Randolph, NE<br>JAMES ALLEN OSTERLOTH - Wibaux, MT<br>LAWRENCE PAUL PENNEL - Springfield, MO<br>HARVEY JOSEPH TOMPKINS - Chicago<br><br><br> Dawson, IL garymc[at]
4/2/2005 John Roy      D Co. 3/8   Sept. 68 -Sept.69 Hi Guys , Looking forward to seeing y'all in Vegas. Has anybody heard from Fred Steele (Gowanda N.Y) Charlie Turnbough (Winooski Vt.)Glen Waugh , Garland Yarborough (Pine Bluff Ark.)How about Jake ??? He zapped an NVA pointman in an ambush 2 days before 947. Riviera Beach Fl.   johnroy[at]
4/4/2005 Steve Edmunds, C/3/8 RVN 5/67-5/68 To My Brothers, <br>I need to get an approximate head count for our reunion. Please let me know if you are planning to attend. If attending, I need to know how many will be accompanying you. I need this information to assist in planning the number of tables and chairs that will be required for the Buffet dinner on Friday night and the Banquet dinner on Saturday night. Please respond to this request even if you have already sent me your reservations.<br> <br>I look forward to seeing y'all in Las Vegas.<br> <br>Thanks<br> <br>Steve Diamond Bar, CA edmundsdb[at]
4/8/2005 Monte 'DOC' Lunde, C Co 67-68 I went to the field around 12/1/67 into Hill 1001. An incident occured that involved an LT getting killed by a short round . This happened about 1400 to 1600. Def. cons were being fired and eveyone was in their holes except the LT. He was observing the arty fire. Unfortunatly that short round landed at the perimeter vert close to the LT. and he was killed . The reason I remember it was that the LT. was also spending his first day in the field. Some one came to after the all clear and told me that the LT. that I rode out with on the chopper was going home already , in a body bag. It was a very sobering moment for me. On a cheerier note ,does anyone know the whereabouts of SSGT. Mike Glasgow ? He was the acting Field First Sgt and the first guy in C Co to me when I was wounded on 26mar 68. I would sure like to se him again. Steadfast and Loyal, and God Bless you all. DocLunde Wauwatosa,Wisconsin doc8360[at]
4/13/2005 SSG (retired) Michael Boxer D Co. October 1968-October 1969 Reservations are made for reunion covering air and hotel effective today for myself and my wife. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and some new brothers.<br> Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
4/17/2005 Monte 'DOC' Lunde, C Co 67-68  Our dear friend Bill Tripp has passed away. Let's all say a prayer for him and his family. He passed on April 16th 2005. Wauwatosa,WI doc8360[at]
4/19/2005 SSG (retired) Michael Boxer D Co. October 1968-October 1969 Bill Tripp thank you for your time with us. Condolences to his family. Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
4/29/2005 Sgt Otto Merz  -  B Co, 3rd /8th 4th Infantry 7/68 - 9/68 IÆm trying to locate a Vietnam veteran whom I served with in B Co, 3rd /8th, 4th infantry. I remember his name as Grindle. He saved my life Sept 22, 1968 northwest of Plei Mrong. We were getting our butts kicked during an air assault. Col YarbroughÆs bird was shot down the day before. The names I remember are an RTO named Hubbard and a kid we called Hindoo (Henderson), John L. sullivan. Ring any bells? <br><br> Plano, Tx   formerly Oklahoma City, OK ottoandpat[at]
5/8/2005 Roy Nussbaum  8/67-9/68 Does anyone have any pictures of the Xmas party in 1967 that the Civil Affairs team through at the orphanage at Tan Cahn, just outside of Dak To. We decorated the gun jeeps like Santa's sled and the 6 ft. 6 in. Red Cross rep was dressed as Santa. I would love to see any pictures you may have, Gen Peers made a surprise visit to it. I lost all of mine.<br> Thanks Agoura Hills, Calif s5roy[at]
5/10/2005 Randy Hitchins Man....Thanks to Albert Llauger I found this web site. I hope it's Ok if I post here. I was trying to find out what happened to my brother on the 13th of December 1967. He was/is 2LT Lloyd Hitchins. He was killed by a "short" artillery round. I was 16 years old then....54 now. I get teared up just readiing your post. Gotta say I am proud of all of you. Albert ...My thanks for replying. The family is in you debt.   rlhitchi[at]
5/11/2005 Albert Llauger (albmortar) E Co 9/67-9/68  I would like to share the thanks, from Randy Hitchins, with my bothers that helped me find LT. Hitchins and his family.<br>The forum is a great tool for finding information. I also received many e-mails with information and support. I thank all my brothers for being their for me and God bless you all. AL   albllg[at]
5/12/2005 Albert Jacquez A Co. 3/8 Jan 69-70 Day is almost gone, but I want to pay tribute to my fellow Alpha Brothers who fell on May 11, 1969, near LZ PENNY by Kontum Los Osos Ca. arjacquez[at]
5/21/2005 Bill Perkins C 3/8 1967-1968 May 1967. For those Boat People who fell on 551. Rest in peace brothers. Capt.Powers,Lt.Moore, RayMoreorless)Morales, and all the rest. Hard Core to the End. St.Louis,MO purpleheart268[at]
5/24/2005 B Thompson/ Re/Con 66/67 Jim great job on the Re/Con pictures. See you in Vegas    
5/25/2005 Ed Goehring B CO. 66/67 Steve and I were talking on line the other evening, when I mentioned the book, ôWhat Every Veteran Should Knowö. Steve didnÆt know about this book. This contains all information, about the V. A. benefits, that you have earned . The cost of this is $18:00, and can be ordered on line at IÆm not trying to advertise for them, IÆm just trying to make all my Brothers aware of this valuable tool. Coopersburg,Penna. Gcoopersburg[at]
5/25/2005 Jeff Lee (cousin to Lt. Lloyd Lynn Hitchins) I want to give a sincere Thank You to Albert Llauger for finding the information on my cousin Lt Lloyd Hitchins. I was 8 when he died and I have always wondered what happened to the 21 year old soldier who was and still is a hero to me. I have a copy of his obituary in my office and I have always wondered about what he was doing and where he was before he died. I have imagined thousands of scenes in my mind and now I know what happened. AL, you and your brothers are amazing for what you have done for our country and the events you have lived through to be here today. All of you and my cousin are heros. I hope you all have a great reunion in Las Vegas. God Bless. St. Charles, IL jll59[at]
5/26/2005  Rod Collins, B company, 3/8, October 1969 it would be great to hear from anyone who served with my big brother who was killed 10/24/69 along with two other soldiers (short 4.2 round). he was only there for one month, thanks. jeff collins, north pole, alaska j.jcollins[at]
5/30/2005 SSG (retired) Michael Boxer D Co. October 1968-October 1969 As Memorial Day 2005 comes to a close, I reflect back to my tour in Vietnam and think about my brothers who never made it home: WAYNE GARY BERNOSKA,STEVEN WILLIAM DUNDAS, GARY FAY ROLFE, EFRAIN FIGUEROA-MELENDEZ, BILLY EARL PERRY, Juan Ayala-Mercado, Alfred Lallave, Carlton Jerry Johnson, John Sargent Merriman, Richard Lee Zody and Stuart R. Hall my squad leader who passed away November 13,2002. To the 58 thousand plus whoes names are on the Wall I reach out to you letting you know that each and everyone of you is remembered everyday, not just on Memorial Day. To the young soldiers of todays war, be strong, come back home soon,to those whoes boots are empty you will always be remembered.<br> Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
6/19/2005 Clifford, Jeff L.  Sgt  Marine Sniper RVN 67-69 Personal friend of Lt. John Bauer of Ivydragoons Mountain View, CA jclifford[at]
6/24/2005 William Duncan, E Co 3/8, 1989-1991 Great site! Tucson, AZ will.duncan[at]
7/1/2005 Mark Butler, C 3/8, 1967 I hope to see alot of you at Las Vegas reunion.<br><br>I have a new email account: lancewood[at] Yorba Linda,  CA lancewood[at]
7/2/2005 William(Billy) Ferguson HHC 3/8 1965-66 (Medic) Looking for Richard Picket. Wayne Brown, Tommy Van Bergen,Sherman,The Indian medic from Yakima wash., and others.... Greenbank, Queensland, Australia bellesdad_22[at]
7/7/2005 Steve Elder 3/187 101st   1989-1991 Today is the 35th anniversary of my Uncle Howard Lee Elder's death in Vietnam. He was a member of A Co. 3/8 Infantry. Austin, TX. elderfamily[at]
7/16/2005 James D Massey (Dan) B/3/8  Feb 67-Feb 68 I've spent the last two evenings going through your website, bringing up memories that have been suppressed for the last thirty-eight years. I was very surprised to see Ed Pippins name as I was told he didn't survive Hill 724. Seeing Huck Hillsberry's name brought back more memories, I still think he should have received a CIB. Has anyone heard from or have any info Jerry Rennie, as far as I know, he and I were the only members of the fourth platoon sent back to the field after Hill 724. Keep up the good work. James D. Massey, CMSgt, USAFR Phoenix, Arizona Dan.Massey[at]
7/19/2005 Albert Llauger, Mortar Platoon, 9/67-9/68 I regret to say that I will not be able to attend this years reunion.<br>I wish you all a successful and joyful celebration.<br>I'll be thinking of you. Rhinebeck, N.Y.  
7/26/2005 SSG (retired) Michael Boxer D Co. October 1968-October 1969 3/8th reunion was a HUGE success...More to follow Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
7/28/2005 SSG (retired) Michael Boxer D Co. October 1968-October 1969 Salazar Introduces ôStolen Valor Actö to Penalize Medal Frauds.<br><br>WASHINGTON, DC û Congressman John T. Salazar (CO-3), the only veteran from the Colorado delegation, today announced the introduction of the ôStolen Valor Actö, legislation to penalize distributors of phony medals and those who fraudulently claim to be decorated veterans. SalazarÆs legislation would place criminal penalties on those who falsely claim to have risked their lives for our country, restoring honor to those who have truly earned it. <br><br> ôMedals recognize the best American qualities û courage, honor, and sacrifice,ö said Salazar. ôThese honors are reserved for those who willingly risked their lives for our country. The Medal of Honor is our nationÆs highest military honor. And the Purple Heart is only awarded for genuine acts of courage. It is our job to protect the honor and integrity of our veterans, to make sure the memory of their heroism is not tarnished.ö<br>read and sign petition at:<br><br>html<br><br>The reason behind this is the movie The Wedding Crashers" PLease boycott this movie and pass the word around.<br>To win the affections of attractive bridesmaids in the new movie, ''The Wedding Crashers,'' two fun-loving partiers pretend to be Purple Heart recipients. Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
8/4/2005 SSG (retired) Michael Boxer D Co. October 1968-October 1969 Purple Heart Day û August 7th <br><br>------------------------------------------<br>--------------------------------------<br><br>The Medal of Honor that is now the Purple Heart actually began as the æBadge of Military Merit.Æ On August 7th, 1782 in Newburgh, New York, General George Washington designed a new badge of distinction for enlisted men and noncommissioned officers. They were awarded for æany singularly meritorious action.Æ The badge was a figure of a heart in purple cloth or silk, edged with narrow lace or binding. It was pinned to a uniform coat above the left breast. That was then, this is now.<br><br>On January 7th of the year 1931, a new design was reopened. Ms. Elizabeth Will, an army heraldic specialist in the Office of the Quarter, created the design sketch for the present medal of the Purple Heart. It consists of a purple enameled heart within a bronze quarter inch border showing a relief profile of George Washington in continental uniform. WashingtonÆs family coat of arms adorns the medal, along with an inscription inside the heart that reads, æFor Military Merit.Æ<br><br>The Purple Heart is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces that has been wounded or killed, died as a result of a wound in battle, or otherwise designated by the President of the United States. This now includes those persons killed as a result of friendly fire. <br><br>Now we celebrate Purple Heart Day on the anniversary of its inception, August 7th, every year.<br>On this day it is our patriotic duty to remember and recognize those people willing to serve our country, no matter the price.<br><br>CHECK YOUR LOCAL AREA TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON TO HONOR THOSE WHO HAVE RECEIVED THE PURPLE HEART...<br><br>If you are a Purple Heart reciprocate and not a member of the Purple Heart, join this outstanding brother hood that only a very select few can join.<br>Family members may join also...<br> Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
8/6/2005 william o west d/3/8th. 1967--1968 msgt,E8 retired would like to contact capt Ron Collins LT hawkins.Lt Robert Cressy. 1st Sgt Rodney Sullivan nashville Tn. wwestg19[at]
8/7/2005 Albert  Jacquez A Co. 3/8 Jan 69-70 Just recieved the 3/8 cap and t-shirt awesome!Looking forward in hearing from my fellow brothers that attended the Las Vegas reunion, I was unable to attend however, will attend as many as possible in the future. Edmunds is in Viet-Nam again waiting for his report of the trip. Post your pics and stories of the reunion. Peace Brothers Los Osos, California arjacquez[at]
8/8/2005 Steve Edmunds, C/3/8 RVN 5/67-5/68 Hey Bros'<br> <br>I bet you never though you would be receiving e-mail from Vietnam. Well, I am here!! Beautiful Saigon. Hot & humid!!! I arrived last night after 17 hours in the air, flying through Seoul, Korea. This afternoon, I will be catching a plane, Vietnam Airlines, for a flight to Da Nang to catch up with the rest of our team. I'll keep you posted on anything of interest. Please pass along to our Brothers. I have had enough problems just trying to get this e-mail out to y'all.<br> <br>Take care<br>Steve Saigon, Vietnam edmundsdb[at]
8/11/2005 Roy Nussbaum, HHC, D Co & C Co 8/11/67-9/11/68 38 years ago today a bunch of greenies left for VN from Ft. Lewis Wa, B Packet, Myself, Ron Beckman, John Todd, Ed Lampe, John Lembo Sgt. W. West and so many more, to many to name. Some went to the 3/8,some to 1/8 and 3/12. I know it is a day that I will never forget and probably you won't either. Some many of our brothers did not make the return trip home 1 year later, let us remember all who went and especially those who did not return. Agoura Hills, Ca s5roy[at]
8/20/2005 Jim (J) Carmichael Co. B 3/8 Sept68 Feb.69 I left just before the Zane Gray operation. I've always wondered about my friends I left behind. West Virginia jcarmichael[at]
8/29/2005 SSG Michael Boxer [retired] We Shall Never Forget:<br>2005 National POW/MIA Recognition Day <br>September 16, 2005 is National POW/MIA Recognition Day. Over the past several years, all or most of the 50 states have proclaimed POW/MIA Recognition Day in conjunction with the national effort. <br> Staten Island New York ssgmike.ivy[at]
9/4/2005 kolsun and have temporally suspended their respective missions to support <br>If you have a Vietnam related web page or if you are a Webmaster of ANY web page regardless of what it is about à. PLEASE consider suspending YOUR mission and supporting the Katrinahousing effort (even if it is only a day or two.)<br>Thank you in advance and may God Bless You. <br>John, Lucy and David Kolsun <br> and    
9/21/2005 Roy Nussbaum, HHC, C Co & D Co 8/67-9/68 Congratulations to Scott Moffat, a good old Southern California boy for being elected National President of the 4th ID Assoc. I know he will do a great job. Agoura Hills, Ca s5roy[at]
10/10/2005 VFW Tokyo Post 9450 - Young Michael, Life Member Signed to show respect. <br><br>And if any of ya'll come to Tokyo look us up! Tokyo, Japan vfwmichael[at]
10/16/2005 Grant. S. Jackson 1/10 cav 69-70 I have Blue or Gray T-shirts with the coat of arms of the 8th Infantry silked screened on the front and Gray hooded sweat shirt with the same. North Chicago IL. bravooneone[at]
10/21/2005 Jim Bury - B Co,  67-68 Wanted to let you all know that Charles Bracelan Flood's lastest book "Grant and Sherman: The Friendship That Won the Civil War" is now available. You can purchase it through the internet at either Amazon or Barnes & Noble or your local book store can order it if you give them this information, ISBN: 037416605 Charlie was a war correspondent that spent time in the field with us in 66-67 and was with us during the 'Battle of 3 Trees', July 23, 1967. He later wrote "The War of the Innocents" about his experience there. Eureka, CA jimbury[at]
10/25/2005 SSG Michael Boxer D Company 3/8th 4th ID 10/68-10/69 Join me here at <br>and add your photo and location.<br><br>Go to the link and click on " add yourself" that's it....<br><br>Anyone who served with the 4th or assocaited with the 4th Infantry is welcome. Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
10/29/2005 Edward G. Goehring B Co. 9/66  9/67 Brothers, <br> We Dragoons, Are Going to lay a wreath At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. In Washington D.C. concluding the Program at 1300 Hrs. on Veterans Day, 2005. We are allowed three Representatives, So far It will Be Doc Nagl, and myself, still need One volunteer . If anyone can join us, please do , and the rest of our brothers, who canÆt make the trip, Give our fallen brothers, a moment of silence 7429 bell gate rd Coopersburg, Pa 18036 Gcoopersburg[at]
11/2/2005 brooks, john Co.E 2nd plt 1988-1989 Looking for others from same years of service Bruce Bivins, Tommy Airhard Lexington ky jbrooks68[at]
11/5/2005 SSG MIchael Boxer D Co. 10/68-10/69 On this date November 5th, 1967 Delta Company 3/8th Infantry 4th Infantry Divison suffered our fist KIA of the Vietnam War.<br><br>SSG GEORGE R W K GREENWOOD KIA is honored on Panel 29E, Row 24 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. <br>George was from Hawaii Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
11/11/2005 Albert Llauger, Mortar Platoon, 67-68 Today is Veteran's day. I'll be thinking of all the Veteran's. Thank you for serving our Country. Rhinebeck, New York albllg[at]
11/15/2005 Alfred M. Garron (SFC Ret) Aug 67 - Nov 67 Served with Co C 3/8. {Platoon Sgt.4th Platoon)<br>Wounded on 11/11/67 at Dak To, Hill 724. Thinking of all you guys. Those that made it back,as well as those that didn't on the 38th anniversary of that day, also Veterans Day. Would enjoy hearing from any of you "Hard Core" men. I enjoyed my brief stay with all of you. Derry, New Hampshire asgarron[at]
11/23/2005 Michael Boxer E-6 D Co. 3/8th Oct.68-Oct.69 Happy Thanksgiving to all my Veteran brothers and their families. Remember to thank our troops prior to gobbling up all that good food. Staten Island N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
11/29/2005 Mark G. Knox   A CO 3/8  Sept 70 until pull out This is a wonderful Website, I am glad I found it. I was at the WALL on Veterans Day 2005 and saw the Wreath that you had there for the Ivy Dragoons. It is very special to me because it has caused a series of events to take place. I found that our last KIA, Leonard W. Knox was the first casualty that I witnessed. Through the internet I have located his daughter Michelle, who was 2 years old at the time. I wanted to tell her more about her father, but because I was a Cherry at the time I don't have a lot of information about him. If anyone can help me please contact me. Does anyone remember the events of Sept. 29th and 30th of 1970? I remember it was in a Saper training course that we cleared an LZ. While clearing brush I was the one who asked " Does anyone know about this Green Snake I have in my hand" Someone said "did it bite you?" I said "no". They said " good, thats a bamboo Viper. There was a short fire fight later that afternoon that resulted in the Knox KIA and another WIA. The next day or maybe later that day another firefight broke out with my squad and all I can remember is-- This Huey with twin Mini-guns parked over the top of me and hot brass burning me all over. I don't remember a thing after that, My mind has blocked out everything that happened for a couple of months afterwards. If anyone can shed some light on this please contact me. 480-580-9246, 480-491-5297 Minot, North Dakota... Now Tempe Arizona oicurnvs2[at]
12/3/2005 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66- 9/67 To fellow dragoons, or anyone that would like to help us raise funds. We have started a recycling program, we are recycling ink jet printer cartridges, and old cell phones. For every one sent in, we get a credit. I have plastic bags , in which you place your item, and drop it in the mail box postage paid. The cost to you is nothing, and the help to us, could be enormous. E- Mail me, if you want bags, as I can mail four bags, for the price of first class postage. If you can use more, IÆll send you a bundle, to distribute. This is my plan, subject to change as I find how it works. Coopersburg,pa Gcoopersburg[at]
12/14/2005 Albert Llauger, Mortar Platoon, 67-68 In Memory of 2Lt. Lloyd Lynn Hitchins, KIA Dec. 13, 1967. 38 years ago    
12/20/2005 Roy Nussbaum HHQ, C, D Co 8/67-9/68 38 years ago today, 12/20/67 in the hills around Dak To<br>,<br> LTC Glen D. Belnap<br> SgtM Herbert Roberts<br> <br><br> All Gave Some <br><br> "THEY GAVE ALL"<br><br>You are not forgotten brave warriors and never will be.<br>Rest in eternal peace.  Agoura Hills, Ca s5roy[at]
12/24/2005 Albert Llauger, Mortar Platoon, 67-68  I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, health and happiness.    
12/25/2005 Duane Zorn  c co/ hhc nov 65 sept 67 Merry christmas to every one who served in the 3/8. I'd sure like to make contact with any of the guys i served with in the mortar platoon, and later in the Camp enari defense center i was a fire direction computer. I remember mitchell anderson, stanley kyle, ernie carver. any one like to contact me . it'd be great. I was called zulu. shelby  mt 59474 piks[at]
12/28/2005 D.G. Hoppe Great website! My appreciation to all the things you guys did. From a member of the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. Calif. NorthCoaster[at]
12/31/2005 Jim Jewell HHC 66/67 I just added a photo album for Sgt Sean Beedle. His father Clarence served with us in 1966/67. The photos indicate he was with us on the Gordon, at Tuy Hoa and Pleiku. Sgt Beedle recently returned from Iraq and has been reflagged to the 4ID Ft. Carson. He would like to hear from anyone who served with his father or can identify anyone in the pictures. Happy New Year to all! Port Angeles, WA straitview[at]
12/31/2005 william wara My dad served with c company from 66-67. He always told me stories about his time over there and about the people he was with. I really appreciate what you and my dad did over there and wish each and everyone of you a happy life and thank you all for serving. oshkosh, wi wingnutwilly80[at]
1/17/2006 John Kell, C/3/8, Jan 70 - Jul 70 This web page is great. Looking for old friends is served with on LZ Xray Hard Times and so on. I have been looking for the families of the KIAs I served with. Butch Thelan's family and I found some closer. Give me a long count so I can zero in on you guyes. Weston, WI 54476 john2[at]
1/18/2006 John Bauer, Delta, 68-69 I'm trying to locate any A Co. survivors who came down the hill with Lt. Buddy Williams in March 69. I'm doing a longer work for wider publication than the one posted on the Dragoon's AAR site and would like your memories. Please email me. San Antonio, Texas jbauertwo[at]
1/18/2006 Michael Boxer D Co. October 1968-October 1969 Mike, can you do me a favor and go into the Dragoon Guest Book Site and enter my email address with my comments? That would be a big help. Thanks, bro. ---J <br>jbauertwo[at] <br> <br>Note: Seems the email address's for all who entered has been messed with Staten Island New York ssgmike.ivy[at]
1/19/2006 Jim Bury (webmaster), B Co  67-68  I have been doing some software upgrades to this guestbook to stop the automatic spamming. Latest revision accidentally set emails to be munged. Sorry I missed that one, problem is fixed now. Jim Eureka, CA webmaster[at]
1/28/2006 Doc Nagl,B Co.,HHQCo.&CCo. 65/67 I've just posted some Reunion photos. I don't have the names of some of the Brothers in the group shot. Please, if you are not mentioned, send me your name & location & I will edit the caption. Thanks, am looking foreward to the next reunion. Fallston, MD mgima[at]
1/31/2006 Michael Boxer D Co. 3/8th 68-69 Please pass this on ============================== The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is currently under construction in New York's Hudson River Valley at the New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site. Its mission is to collect and preserve the stories of Purple Heart recipients from all branches of the service and across the generations in an attempt to ensure that all recipients are represented. Their stories will be preserved and shared through exhibits, live and videotaped interviews with the veterans themselves, and the Roll of Honor, an interactive computer program preserving the stories of each individual. The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor the first in the nation to recognize the more than 800,000 Americans wounded or killed in action while serving in the United States Military. For more information or to have your story preserved as a Purple Heart recipient, contact Michael J. Clark, Project Coordinator, National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site, P.O. Box 207 (374 Temple Hill Road), Vails Gate, NY 12584-0207, telephone 845-561-1765, or e-mail Staten Island New York ssgmike.ivy[at]
2/2/2006 Doc Nagl, B Co. 3/8 12/65-9/67 Last night I was informed at my DAV Chapter meeting that a Veterans March on Wash DC is planned for April 25/26 of this year. Purpose I believe is to Demonstrate against VA Cutbacks. Clear those dates & I'm sure that there will be Bus trips by local Vet Organization Chapters. Fallston, Maryland mgima[at]
2/8/2006 Ed Goehring BCo. 9/66 ~ 9/67  8259er charlie Brothers, During the business meeting at the 2005 reunion in Las Vegas, It was suggested to start a scholarship fund in memory of our fallen. The next thing was to get an idea, how to fund this worthy project. We now know how to do this, and quite painlessly, I might add. We are recycling Cell phones, and ink jet printer cartridgeÆs. All you have to do, is e-mail me, with your address, and I will send you Pre paid postage envelopes, to place those item into, and drop it into your mail box. Its that simple. Please let me know how many envelopes you can use. Pass them out , at work, to your family, in the office, at church, the places are endless, and the Dragoons, will make some Money. It sure is a lot easier than selling tickets. With Brothers all over this great country, we have the potential to get a lot of mailing envelopes out there. Please help, we need every one of you again to make this work. Coopersburg, Penna. Gcoopersburg[at]
2/10/2006 Bill Perkins C Co. 3/67--2/68 For Max KIA 2/10/68 and Lee (WIA 2/10/68) KIA 5/10/68. Rest In Peace Brothers ST.Louis MO purpleheart268[at]
2/16/2006 James Duncan-3/8-1966&1967 I served in Vietnam as a front-line medic. If anyone remembers my name, feel free to e-mail me. Montgomery,Texas jdtym[at]
2/17/2006 James Duncan-3/8-1966 & 1967 Here is a fact that I think deserves some recognition. It was the 4th Infantry Division who captured the tyrant dictator Saddam Hussein in his spider hole in Iraq. WAY TO GO 4TH ID! Montgomery,Texas jdtym[at]
3/2/2006 Michael Boxer D Co. 3/8th Oct 1968-Oct 1969 March 1969: So long ago, but seems like today when Operation Wayne grey kicked off and our brothers of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta paid with their lives. You are always remembered. RIP Staten Island NY ssgmike.ivy[at]
3/5/2006 Buddy Williams  Alpha Company  1968-1969 Today thirty- seven years ago today Alpha Company ceased to exist as a unit. Some of our brothers gave their all. Many others were wounded and scared forever. I will never forget or forgive what happened that day. I will always live in awe of the sacrifices, bravery, and determination displayed by the men of Alpha Company. I believe that all of us have reached those years in our life that lets us think and reflect on our past. I know that I have many brothers whom are part of a very special family that I have had the honor to serve with! I also will always ask why the Battalion had to suffer the loses that we did. Thank all of you! May God bless and keep you and yours. West Columbia,   S.C grits57[at]
3/7/2006 Jean L. Muench A little over a year ago, my nephew Bill DeJonge found this website and began contacting men who served with my brother Joseph E. Muench in Vietnam. Joe died there on October 4, 1969. I want to express my sincere gratitude to those who offered healing comfort to my family through email and letters, and to the website for the generous and healing spirit it embodies. Thank you. Snellville, GA jeanlouisem[at]
3/9/2006 John Kell - C/3/8 - 05 Jan 70 - 11 Jul 70 After 2 years of research I was able to find the grave and family of Sgt Willie Bosie, Jr. near Florence, SC I found the grave and family of SGT Butch Thelen more than two years ago near Plymouth, WI. These brothers were KIA 9 Jul 70 the same time I was WIA. Their families were shocked but glad I had found them after all these years and we all found some clouser. This is a way to support our troop's families and still say we care after all these years. I hope to visit them this summer. Weston, WI john2[at]
3/24/2006 Don Fields  B 3/8  10/68 - 10/69 Fleming, Weekly, Sgt McIntyre, 37 years ago Plei Trap Valley, Lz Swinger you are not forgotten. 933 Buxton, Maine stolenfields[at]
3/26/2006 John Gleason, Was to young to serve First of all I would like to thank all of you who created this website. For the record my name is John Gleason and I am the younger brother of Dennis Gleason who was killed 38 years ago today in the middle of the night in a full NVA night assult on FSB14, he ,and 16 other men were killed that night. And a number of wounded that I'm not even sure of. I have been comming to this site since you created it , and before that I was a regular at the 4TH ID site, looking in the guestbooks to see if anyone talked about 26march at FSB14.(I saw Steve leave a message a couple of years ago about the KIA'S on 26march. thank you!) I never commented at either site before because to this day, even NOW as I type this ,it brings back the emotions from long ago that we try to suppress , but ultimatly never can. I was at the cemetery earlier today cleaning my brothers grave, walking around his area as I always do,to say hello to the rest of the guys who are buried there (16 in all), from Dennis being the first on 26march 68 to most of them being from 1969 and 1970. right in his area. My heart still breaks for those who did not make it home but I also rejoice's for those of you who did. My best regards and a happy life to all of you ! John Gleason <br>If anyone out there might have know of my brother and the nightmare of 26march I would like to hear from you. I have wanted to know for so long but was afraid of what I might find. If anyone knows anything( and I do have pictures of dennis) please contact me at my email address....thanks John New Milford, New Jersey JJG1200HD[at]
3/29/2006 John Bauer, Delta, 68-69 I'm looking for members of Bravo and Charlie Companies, 3/8, who served during those fateful days of early March, '69 in Operation Wayne Gray. I'm writing a book and need first-person accounts of those who were there. Please contact me: jbauertwo[at] San Antonio, Texas jbauertwo[at]
4/7/2006 Doc Nagl , HHC, B & C Co. 3/8 66-67 Alright Guys, you have over 1 yr to get it together to be at the next reunion in Nashville. Also, please tell any of our Brothers that you are in touch with & urge them also to attend. I had dropped in on the one in DC. & regretted not staying. Then my wife Sue & I attented the last one in Vegas. As you can see from the pictures I posted, had a Wonderful time. I don't know about the rest of you, but my health is slowly heading down hill. These so called Golden Years, Suck. So, time for at least One More Bash where we can get together and enjoy each others company. No excuses for East Coasters, it's in driving distance. If you can't get there, get in touch with me, I'll find you a way, even if it's by Mule Train. Fallston, Maryland mgima[at]
4/7/2006 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 (Boat People) Your right Doc Nagl, I haven't missed a reunion yet, Thanks to my wife. As long as My Old body agrees with my feeble mind, I'll be there. Like the old saying Goes, You can lead a horse to water,Lets Hope We can get them to drink , at the next reunion. Lets all work to have the biggest & best One Yet. See ya in Nashville! Coopersburg,Pa  Gcoopersburg[at]
4/10/2006   'Doc ' Lunde  --- C-Co -3/8   67-68   TO: John Gleason , I was on FB14 on 26March68. I did not know your brother.I do know that the guys from D Co fought a very difficult battle very couragously. There were about 50 WIA's that night. I was one of them. I/we shall never forget those brothers that paid the full price. Everyone from 3/8 and all VietNam vets are truley brothers forever in my heart. I hope you have a chance to visit one of our reunions. Sincerely Monte"Doc" Lunde Wauwatosa,WI doc8360[at]
4/13/2006 John Gleason Hey "Doc" Lunde.Thanks for posting back to me. I know its so long ago and that my chances are slim of finding anyone who knew Dennis( maybe I'll get lucky). but I have met a few guys at the dedication of the New Jersey Vietnam memioral who told me how BAD a night it was! I get very upset thinking about how bad and scarey as s**t it must have been for you guys. By the way all the paper work that I have from he army lists Dennis as being in E company thought E company is not even mentioned in AAR, yet i know 3 guys from E company died that night . Just another unanswered question I have. There are so many!!!!.thanks again for posting back.John New Milford , New Jersey jjg1200hd[at]
4/18/2006 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat  People) I would like to personally thank our Web Master for being so Diligent, and keeping all the Garbage off our web site. I for one think he is, and has been doing a terrific job. Thank you , very much, Brother Copersburg, Pa Gcoopersburg[at]
5/2/2006 James D. Manuel My father, James D. Manuel served in Vietnam with Comp. A/3rd batt./8th inf. from Oct.66' to Sept. 67' Central Highlands. He shipped out of Fort Lewis on the U.S.S. Gordon. Anyone who served with him please contact me. I have a picture if you need to see a face. His nickname was Manny. Cedar Rapids, Ia matthew.manuel[at]
5/29/2006 Danny M. Martin D co. 3/8 4th Div 69- 70 known as butterfly Pampa Tx. dmartin[at]
6/4/2006 son of a Co.C/ 3/ 8/ 4th infantryman  ...every year, with Memorial Day and Father's Day comes the melancholy that you are "...absent in body, but present in spirit..." Dad, we have never forgotten what you and 20 other patriots gave on that day, July 23, 1967, at Plei Yo Ba. <br> <br>Remember The Heroes... <br>Dean M. Beranek, <br>Robert A. Nelson, <br>James R. Fischer, <br>Richard D. Stinnett, <br>Eugenio Rodrigues, <br>Lemoyndue Jarrett, <br>Roger D. Goldsmith, <br>Samuel A. Johnson, <br>Stanley W. Dix, <br>Gary O. Mooer, <br>Sterling D. Steadman, <br>Stephen Lebitz, Jr., <br>Larry I. Sutton, <br>Daniel H. Trammel, <br>Nelson T. Nicely, <br>George W. Childress, <br>Dante Volpone, <br>James J. McCarthy, <br>And <br>Charles E. Oliver. <br> <br>Thank you to C.B.Flood and surviving Ivy Dragoons for telling their story. Tulsa teo82[at]
6/9/2006 Jim Woods HHC 3/8 9-11/69, Div. HHC 69/70  LZ Sherida in Base Area 226. With "A" Co..... Hunt & Crew. Twin Falls, Idaho jwoods[at]
6/19/2006 Jim Woods HHC 3/8 9-11/69, Div. HHC 69/70 LZ Sherida in Base Area 226. With "A" Co..... Hunt & Crew. Twin Falls, Idaho jwoods[at]
7/24/2006 on this day and date........ Dad, it has been 39 years, but you are not forgotten. Every single day...... USA teo82[at]
7/26/2006 Mark Butler, C company 67 I also remember Charles Barrett who was killed with the others on July 23, 67 Yorba Linda, CA lancewood[at]
8/14/2006 Don Fields B 3/8 Oct 68-69 Visited The Traveling Wall in South Portland, Maine this weekend. Just as awesome and impacting as The Wall in DC. It's great that those who cant travel to DC can have the oportunity to have this experience. Buxton, Maine stolenfields[at]
8/21/2006 Rich  Does anyone know if there is a book being written about the "9 Days of May" in 1967, during operation Francis Marion? I was there on May 26 <br>with Co. C as the 3rd platoon medic. <br>This was 9 days of carnage,but tremendous bravery and heroism on the part of the men of the 4th ID that needs to be know by all. <br>May God bless and keep at rest, the souls of all those who fell on those fatefull (9 Days of May) Boston, Mass. SP5MED[at]
8/23/2006 Greg Louie, 621,  B/3/8  7/67-12/67 recognized a few names. Massey, 62 charlie; Pipsqueek, 62A charlie; always thought about jerry and skip my hooch buddies. Does anyone know who gave up his seat for me on the last medivac that night? Old Bob the truck driver told me that guy was on the dead pile the next AM. Sugar told me about Six and Bruce at Pleiku Hosp. while the nurse was shaving my nuts. Got to laugh to keep from going crazy. san francisco, CA lotusgl[at]
9/5/2006     Rich Mellott  Co. B 3/8 66& 67 It was goo to see some of the pictures that you guys shared .It just makes me think how we were their for each other . Yes their were a lot of hard times . But their were a lot of good guys too serve with and be proud to say that you remember them .Thanks maybe i'll see some of you guys in Nashville Lititz Pa. subrdm[at]
9/10/2006 Ron Salzer I was in Co. C. 3/8 inf 1969 1970 untill disbanded. Not sure whitch platoon Possibly 3rd. I first served out of hard times with Lt. Phillips who was KIA in Cambodia. <br> After an ambush killed Bob Garrett wounded a bunch of my friends in V.C. vally I was known as jumpy ? <br> I have e-mailed several people but have recieved no reply. Does anyone remember those days. <br> I was also with Buch and Sonny when they were KIA. I think it was around june of 1970 not sure. Laporte In. rons[at]
9/10/2006 Ron Salzer I was in Co. C. 3/8 inf 1969 1970 untill disbanded. Not sure whitch platoon Possibly 3rd. I first served out of hard times with Lt. Phillips who was KIA in Cambodia. <br> After an ambush killed Bob Garrett and wounded a bunch of my friends in V.C. vally I was known as jumpy ? <br> I have e-mailed several people but have recieved no reply. Does anyone remember those days. <br> I was also with Buch and Sonny when they were KIA. I think it was around june of 1970 not sure. Laporte In. rons[at]
9/7/2006 jim turcato B 3/8 66-67 will 39 years ago today 9-6-67 I left that asshol cuntry and never care to go back WELCOME HOME BROTHER,S jim Windber PA turc[at]
9/7/2006 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Brothers. I have ordered the wreath, to place at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, (The Wall), On Veterans Day, November 11,2006, at 1:00pm.Last Year, Doc Nagl, Jim Adams, And Myself, Laid the First wreath, And Hopefully started a Tradition for the Dragoons. I will make sure it is at the wall on Veterans Day, IÆm hoping to have other Brothers, Or family members of our fallen, step forward to lay the wreath. As to change Representatives yearly. Please notify me, if you are going to be at THE WALL, on veterans Day. <br> Also, anyone wishing to donate towards the cost of the wreath may do so, by sending a donation, to President Steve Edmunds Coopersburg, Penna Gcoopersburg[at]
9/20/2006 David Ballard 3/8 May 1967-May 1968 Any day you wake up and get vertical is a good day! Spring Hill, Tn ballarddavidr[at]
9/20/2006 David Ballard 3/8 D. Co. May 1967-May 1968 Any day you wake up and get vertical is a good day! Spring Hill, Tn ballarddavidr[at]
9/30/2006 Vada Walker I am the wife of the late Rex Walker. I wanted to tell all of you how much I appreciate having a website to go to and read about all the men that were in Nam with my husband. He would never talk about Viet Nam because it was so horrible for him but it all showed in his dreams.God be with all of you for guarding our great country as you did. Valdese, North Carolina VLWalkee[at]
10/9/2006 SGT Bearinger, Douglas K. AKA Bear, D Co May 70 -Nov 70 Was in country from May 70 till it left country in November. Sent to FB Scott along Cambodian border May 8, 1970 as they were finishing up the clean up. Don't remember a whole lot except some of the guys I was with. Ronnie Harwood, Michael Kuikukwitz(alphabet)radioman, (Chief)Johnson, machine gunner, (Kraut)Boehm, Ronald Sorlein, Marty Guiterez, machine gunner, Thomas Beasely redheaded kid from alabama. If anyone knows of any of these drop me a line. Urbandale, Iowa dadenverbear[at]
10/19/2006 Roy Nussbaum 8/67-9/68 HHC, D Co Does anyone have any pictures take at Xmas time at the Trains area at Dak To, where the S5 team decorated jeeps like Sleighs and the Red Cross worker was dressed as Santa Claus or pictures taken that day of the Xmas parties at the Church/school at Tahn Can, where Gen. Peers showed up, or at the party at the school in Dak To town. or any pictures of the S5 team in the Montagnard villages around Dak To or Pleiku. I lost all of mine and would love to see some of the pictures again. Let me know if you have any pictures that you can Email to me. I would really appreciate it. Agoura Hills, California s5roy[at]
10/26/2006 Susan Lynch Douglas Dear treasured Veterans, <br> <br>I am a daughter of a 35 year Army veteran, and after a childhood of many moves and adventures have found myself teaching in a small rural K-8 Eastern Washington school. While I teach Middle School Science and Math, I have spearheaded the schoolÆs observance of VeteranÆs Day the last several years. After attending my dadÆs Viet Nam reunion (ôChargerö- Tom Lynch MG (Ret) 1945-1980) last year in Las Vegas, I am looking to involve Veterans in a more meaningful way. <br> <br>Your help is needed. We want to teach students about the importance of VeteranÆs Day and what is symbolizes. These children are not in an environment like that of my childhood, of marching troops and cadence calls, the sounds of tank treads on asphalt moving for another exercise. They are not privileged to hear the military band at the parade field. But most of all, many of them donÆt understand the sacrifices of distance and danger that soldiers make when called. <br> <br>Even with todayÆs constant breaking news of wars fought so far away, our youth and our country separates itself quickly from being connected. Too often, Veterans Day becomes merely a day off from school or work without any recognition for the significance of this holiday. <br> <br>Those who have served our nation in uniform can inspire our students to share a common love of our country and to be grateful to those who have sacrificed so much to secure the American way of life. <br> <br>Students learn best from first hand accounts. Your story, your experience, can make a difference to help us remember what veteranÆs Day means to those who have served our country. Please share with us your stories and thoughts on what VeteranÆs Day means to you and what you want people to remember on VeteranÆs Day. <br> <br>You may send your reflections by November 17th to or to: <br> <br> Susan Lynch Douglas <br> Almira Elementary and Middle School <br> P.O. Box 217 <br> Almira, WA 99103 <br> <br>Please include your contact information. We have students who have expressed interests in writing back. <br> <br>Thank you for your time. I know first hand that being with a Vet and listening to their stories is a humbling experience that enhances the value we have on our own life. I appreciate the sacrifice you have made. <br> <br>Susan Lynch Douglas Almira Washington sdouglas[at]
11/5/2006 Dawn McKillop Thanks Jackson Day and Steve Edmunds for the help and information. I truly appreciate it! To all Vietnam Vets thanks for serving. Did anyone know my dad-First Lt William Dennis McAllister. Co B 3/8 Dec 68 to Mar 69. My children and I need a history to go with the picture of their "Soldier Papaw" Terre Haute Indiana RdngtchrR1968[at]
11/10/2006 B. Thompson--LRRPS/RECON HHC 3/8   66-67 Would like to wish all brothers and sisters a Happy Veterans Day. To the families of the ones that did not come home will never be forgotten. Evertt, Washington ta.thompson[at]
11/14/2006 Stephen Richards I just wanted to thank all of our veterans for their sacrifices on this Veterans Day. My hopes and prayers for those serving right now to protect our wonderful way of life. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  Farmers rsrichards_635[at]
11/15/2006 Bill Perkins C Co. 3/67--2/68 Dak To vets. The national web page has a message about a reunion in ST.Louis in July 07. Guy's name is Jay Gearhart. ST.Louis MO purpleheart268[at]
11/22/2006 Ken Jacobsen, C Co., 3/8, '69/'70 I just recently made my first connection with a former buddy, and the feeling has been overwhelming. There's a whole lot of healing going on here, and it's good to see and feel... Los Angeles, CA kennethjacobsen928[at]
11/23/2006 Doc Nagl, HHQ. Co., B Co. 9/66-9/67 Nov.22, Thanksgiving Eve., Two Anniversaries for me. The first, Nov.22, 1955 I stepped off a ship in NY Harbor on my way to become an AMERICAN. That was 51 years ago. 40 years ago on Thangsgiving eve, before I was sent out to B Co. I was pulling perimeter guard on FBC. Since I had surgical skills, I was asked to carve all the TURKEYS in Sgt Bagleys Mess Tent for the Battalion. I spent all night carving & fellow immigrant an Irishman named Ryan, spent the night Baking. We were still in Tuy Hoa chasing Charlie & not NVA in the Highlands, which came later. Peace My Brothers & Let Us Give Thanks. Doc Fallston, MD imaregalia[at]
12/14/2006 Randy Hitchins brother Lt Lloyd Hitchins I didn't forget you, brother. I just forgot to post here. <br> <br>2nd LT. Lloyd Hitchins KIA December 13th 1967 <br>Dak To - RVN <br> <br>Rest in peace, brother.....miss ya <br> <br>Randy Hitchns Champaign Illinois rlhitchi[at]
12/21/2006 Duane Zorn   C company Hhc  65-67 I was very pleasently suprised one day last week when i got a e-mail from Ernie Carver. One of the guys i served with so very long ago and so far away. He lives in Maine and just happened to see my email .Memories come back to us . shelby Mt . 59474 piks[at]
12/26/2006 Roy Nussbaum, HHC, C & D Co's 8/67-9/68 ADDENDUM to my Post of 12/20/06.I have been searching for a long time to find the name of the fourth person who was killed in the Chopper crash.I have finally found the name of The fourth person who was lost in the crash that took the life of LTC Belnap and SMaj Roberts. Thanks to Doug Belnap, Sabers son, who verified my suspicion of who the fourth person was, we can now add the name of David Antol, Crew Chief of the Charley Charley to the list. Rest in peace David along with the 3 other Brave Warriors, for you are not forgotten. Agoura Hills, Calif s5roy[at]
1/5/2007 Jay Gearhart Hello, brothers from the 3rd of the 8th. Our reunion group The Brotherhood of Dak To Defenders ( 299th CBT Engr. BT.)is sponcering a Dak To Firebase Reunion, this July 26th/28th, 2007 in St.Louis. MO.Trying to bring together as many brothers as possible who servred in the Dak To AO from ANY UNIT from ANY TIME PERIOD.Those who fought in the hills around the Dak To area will ALWAYS remember the brotherhood we shared. We have had a good responce from assorted units including the 173rd, 101st, 1st/92nd arty., 69th armor, ect.We've been having very family oriented reunions for 7 years now.Hell, who knows, our medic's may have patched you up or mabe we cleared a LZ for you & you sure as hell kept charlie off our asses too many times to count. Contact Jay Gearhart, at 231-922-3471, jaybird718[at], Hope to see you in St. Louis. Traverse City, Mich. jaybird718[at]
12/31/2006 Doug Dickerson,8th Inf/ Division - 1960-1964 I am the younger brother of Harold Dickerson who served and was killed in Vietnam 11/11/67 on Hill 724. Harold was a Field First Sergeant in Company B. His sons and I would love to speak with anyone who might have served with him or have pictures that include him. Also, my compliments to the people who have made this website possible and are spending their time to keep it current. Greenville, SC doug.dickerson[at]
1/9/2007 SSGMIke.Ivy (D Co. 3/8th 4th ID 10-68-10-69) For our young Veterans of South Dakota a Veterans Bonus. <br>Jan 8 2007 <br> <br>The state of South Dakota is paying a veterans' bonus of up to $500 to certain servicemembers. <br>Bonuses are available for servicemembers who: <br>-- were legal residents of the state for at least six months immediately preceding entry into the armed forces. <br>-- are currently on active duty or were honorably discharged from the armed forces. -- served on active duty during one of the following periods. <br>For service between Jan. 1, 1993, and Sept. 10, 2001, payment will be made to those who served overseas and were awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Kosovo Campaign Medal or any other United States campaign or service medal awarded for participation in combat operations against hostile forces. <br>All active duty service between the dates of Sept. 11, 2001, and a date to be determined qualifies for a bonus payment. <br> <br> <br>This program also allows payment for active duty during the Desert Storm dates of Aug. 2, 1990, to Dec. 31, 1992, for people who did not already receive payment for service during this period. <br>Application forms may be obtained by writing to: SD Veterans Bonus, 500 E. Capitol, Pierre, SD 57501, or by calling (605) 773-7251. Forms can also be requested by e-mail by writing to <br>[email] Staten Island New York ssgmike.ivy[at]
1/9/2007 SSGMIke.Ivy (D Co. 3/8th 4th ID 10-68-10-69) I just wanted to wish a belated New Year's to all from the 4th Division, their families, friends and all who enter upon this great forum. A special Happy New Year to our outstanding webmaster for keeping our site up and running. <br>God speed to all our troops all over the world and may they all come home soon Staten Island New York ssgmike.ivy[at]
1/24/2007 Willaim Ferguson(Fergy or Doc) 1966-67 Well a while back I put in a request about some of the Brothers I served with in Ft.Lewis and then in Viet-Nam. Well thanks to this site I found Kurt Nagl, David Pickett, Wayne Brown, Steve Prince, James Duncan,Ron Jacobs. I live in Australia now and am a Grandfather, Thank You for the site from the bottom of my heart. Greenbank, Queensland, Australia bellesdad_22[at]
1/31/2007 Lauren LiCausi (Tony's Daughter) Hi - can someone please tell me how I can get a copy of the magazine Doc mentioned below? I am looking online but I can't find the actual magazine. I would really love to read the article. If anyone knows, please send me an email. Thank you guys so much!!! New York llicausi[at]
2/1/2007 Michael Boxer - Co. D 3/8th  Special Military Social Security Rate <br> <br>When a veteran applies for Social Security benefits, they should take their DD-214 with them. Social Security then computes the extra benefit and it is added to the monthly payments. In many cases, the Social Security office asks for a DD-214 and this benefit is computed automatically. But, not always. If you are a veteran who is collecting Social Security and you're not sure whether you are receiving this benefit, call your local Social Security office and ask them to check your account. If you are not getting the benefit, take your DD-214 to your local Social Security office and apply. They will compute your new benefit and you will receive a larger monthly check plus retroactive benefits computed from the time you started collecting Social Security. Remember, military retirees and government retirees who use military time to compute "time in service" do not qualify for this benefit. For more information, visit <br> <br>posted at Staten Island NY ssgmike.ivy[at]
2/2/2007 Roy Nussbaum HHc, C & D co's 8/67-9/68 The VFW article mentioned in a prior post can be found at It is right on the first screen. Read it and hold your heads up high Grunts. Agoura Hills, Calif s5roy[at]
2/3/2007 Jim Bury  -  B Co, 67-68  (Webmaster) The VFW Magazine article '4th - Fights Through Four Wars' is now on this website. Go to the AAR link and scroll down to find it. I scanned the pages in and it may take a while to download if you are on dial-up, but it worth waiting for... <br> <br>I am also working on getting a new Forum Board up for the site. We lost the old one when it got Hacked. Lost part of the database and working on transfering what is left to a new board. Spam is getting to be a bitch these days. This Guestbook gets several hundred hits a day. That's why you have to reply to an email to get a post on here. <br> <br>Anyway, Happy New Year and look forward to seeing Ya'll in Nashville.... Eureka, CA jimbury[at]
2/3/2007 Roy Nussbaum HHC, D & C co's 67-68 I would like to thank Jim Bury for doing such an outstanding job as Webmaster and especially for getting the VFW Magazine article put up so quickly for all to see. Thanks Jim, I will buy you a Ba Me Ba (33 Beer) if I ever see you. Agoura Hill, Calif s5roy[at]
2/3/2007 Mark Butler, 3/8, C company, 1967 I can't find the article that is in the VFW Magazine Yorba Linda, CA lancewood[at]
2/5/2007 Jon Weed   E co/morters  6-68/6-69 Hello, I am Jon Weed's son. I wanted to thank you for the hard work done on this site. Also, I would love to hear from anyone who may remember him. Or if anyone may know how to get ahold of Tom Shea aka "hollywood". He is one of the names I've heard dad mention. He is in your guestbook but no email. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I could find a familiar name, I think I could get him to Nashville. He needs it. He holds vietnam very close to his heart. Centreville Michigan ddyesh[at]
2/9/2007 Dawn McAllister McKillop Looking for Donald Fields and Joe Travnik---they served in 3/8/Bravo with my dad. Does anyone know how I can reach them? Terre Haute, Indiana RdngtchrR1968[at]
2/14/2007 Robert Goss , HHC - 8/67-6/69 Im very proud to be a brother of the 3/8inf. 4th inf. div. Im looking for SSG John C. Hines,J.C. anybody with any info on JC Please Email me. Also anybody that remembers me I would be glad to hear from you! Peace to all my Brothers & my prayers to all our fallin Brothers---OUR HEROS! Linthicum Hgts, MD GossCamp[at]
2/15/2007 John Kell - C/3/8 - Jan - Jul 1970 I'm looking for Lt Atkins who served as our third platoon leader and then later transfered to headquarters company to finish out his year. His common sense saved many lives and we needed more like him. The last I heard he was in the Atlanta GA area. I was his platoon RTO and would have followed him anywhere. Plover WI john2[at]
2/18/2007 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) -   Brothers, <br> I donÆt know if all of you realize that we are still in the Recycling business. We are still collecting Ink jet Printer Cartridges, & Old cellular phones. The Proceeds go to the Dragoons general fund. <br> So, Anyone that plans to travel to our Nashville reunion, by driving , Collect, and bring along any of those Items. I will have Bulk boxes to deposit items into at the reunion, that can be shipped to the company directly from Nashville. For those of you that are Flying, well I donÆt think the airlines Want your junk along, so I will have pre- Paid Postage bags to take home, and mail in from your home. Anyone thatÆs Not planning on attending, well Shame on you, but Contact me, and IÆll send you pre-paid mailers to you, and you can still help. <br> To Close, This Program cost you Nothing, and our Organization, could make a good profit, if everyone gets involved. Think about helping Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
2/27/2007 Michael Boxer D Co. 3/8th 10-68 10-69 Veterans Organizations Plan Rally: <br> <br>Three veterans organizations are urging their members to rally in Washington, D.C. on March 17, 2007, to protect the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall) from antiwar protesters. Billed as a protest marking the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war's start and the 40th anniversary of a large march on the Pentagon against the Vietnam War, the March 17 event will commence near the memorial and end at the Pentagon. Protest organizers expect a large turnout. The Military Order of the Purple Heart, Rolling Thunder and other veterans groups are promising to form a protective ring around the Wall, which they consider hallowed ground. For more information, visit the Rolling Thunder website at  Staten Island NY  ssgmike.ivy[at]
3/4/2007 Michael Boxer D Co. 3/8th 10-68 10-69 Operation Wayne Grey March 1969 a month that has lived in infamy as far as I am concerned. March is the worst month of my life. I remember those days back in March 1969 as if it was today. Those brothers that we lost are with me and those who served with them. My heart aches thinking about them. We pray that they are resting in peace, knowing that one day we shall join them. Staten Island NY ssgmike.ivy[at]
3/21/2007 John Bauer, D Co, 3/8, '68-'69 My wife and I were active counter-demonstrators at the March 17 anti-war rally in D.C. March 17. The Wall was effectively cordoned off first by the Rolling Thunder guys, then by park police. Access to the Wall was still possible, but visitors needed to process through metal scans, like in aiports. Later, we all lined the streets irritating the marchers by flying American Flags: the demonstrators had none. Alexandria, Virginia jbauertwo[at]
3/28/2007 John Marshall C company, 03/69 to 03/70 I was a medic in C company, 2nd platoon as I recall Coeur D' Alend, Idaho JJmarshall5[at]
3/30/2007 Lauren LiCausi (Tony's Daughter) March 30, 1968... The day my Father was lucky enough to survive, but unlucky enough to lose many of his brothers. Rest in Peace JESSE ALLEN MURPHY, SP4, ARMY, FAIRMONT, OK, 7/8/1947 - 3/30/1968 <br>I hope they met up again in heaven <br> <br>xoxo Middle Village, NY llicausi[at]
4/9/2007 Ed Arter,  RTO (62AlphaCharlie) Bravo 3/8  11/67 to 11/68 Great site. Brought back some great memories of my brothers,and would like to hear from them. Indianapolis, Indiana cb5547[at]
5/3/2007 mary hines looking for info on civil war dragoons.trying to trace a medal,very old found hidden in great-great-great grannys trunk.could belong to james g harding 8th infantry maine,civil war.thanks for any help ....lost in time m.h. so.china maine ghinesfixit[at]
5/28/2007 Lauren LiCausi Thinking of you all this Memorial Day, and those who are no longer with us will never be forgotten.   llicausi[at]
6/2/2007 Alvin  douglas Great work Jimmy (james Adams). My hat goes off to all of you guys and dolls that served in Nam. I served only as a contractor during the war,while you guys did the hard stuff. Again, my hat off to all of you. <br>Alvin Baltimore, Md alvin.douglas[at]
6/2/2007 Sgt. Ted Sivley. B Co. 3rd/8th, 1969-70 Thanks for the site.Enjoyed it & recognized some of people. God it must have been a hundred years ago. Dayton Nv. tedsivley[at]
6/3/2007 son of a Co.C/ 3/ 8/ 4th Dragoon  researching the battle at Plei Ya Bo/Three Trees, and would like to correspond with Company C Dragoons....including Donald O. Zarling, if he is so inclined. Also looking for feedback from any one that has visited that area in recent years. Thank you to all the brave souls of 3/8/4. Tulsa teo82[at]
6/12/2007 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) To all the survivors of the Battle of DAK TO, that didnÆt attend the reunion, you missed an announcement. I have been working with MR. Jan Struggs, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, ( THE WALL ) And you will be involved with the November 11, 2007 Veterans day festivities the Memorial. This day, will mark the 40th Anniversary of that terrible battle. No details have been made as of yet, so mark your calendar, and save your money, as hopefully you can attend, to take your victory march. Details to follow as I receive them. Coopersburg, Pa Gcoopersburg[at]
6/19/2007 Ken Howe  D Co. 3/8 9/68 to 9/69 Nashville was my second reunion and I thought it was a great success, I attended Vegas in 05. As much as I would like to mention all of you by name I know I would forget some and that would be unfair to you. So to all who I had the pleasure to see again and meet for the first time including the spouses and friends , It was a great pleasure to be in your company and spend time with you. My only regret was our time together was to brief . <br>To the very few who unselfishly gave of their time to put this reunion together I say <br>THANK YOU <br>Ken Howe Pascoag, RI.  kenneth.howe[at]
6/21/2007 Michael Boxer D Co. 3/8th October 1968-October 1969 As my brother Ken Howe states below the reunion in Nashville was great.The turn out of brothers was fantastic, around 150 if I would guess, not counting wives and a few friends. To my brothes who attended that I served with..just great to see you guys, to the brothers who I meet at prior reunions from other companies great to see you again and to the new brothers who came out for the first time..welcome home once again. To those who worked so hard putting this together, I salute you. This was my 3rd reuinon and looking forward to the next one. Keep in touch brothers it is so important. <br>"Welcome Home" to all once again Staten Island, N.Y. ssgmike.ivy[at]
6/21/2007 David Ballard 3/8 D. Co. May 1967-May 1968 Rudy Kotash. Does anyone know this person. He was with A Co. with the first group that came in country. The best I can remember he was from Queens. Spring Hill, Tn ballarddavidr[at]
7/7/2007 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Attn. Ivy Dragoon Recycliers, I have been notified that all the recycling bags, that I passed out at the reunion, are no longer useable. The Last increase in postage made them no longer cost effective. I am working with the representive from the company to develope another shipping method.Please stop using the Last issue of bags, and hold your Items till the new process is announced. Thanks to all. Coopersburg,Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
7/23/2007 proud child of a fearless Ivy Dragoon it was forty years ago, in this hour, that our brave, young, army fathers, brothers, sons, and friends were ambushed while returning from search and destroy mission thirty-five miles southwest of Pleiku. In that hot, hazy noon hour on a logging road near a site called "Three Trees," our nineteen men gave their lives and futures in pursuit of democracy in southeast Asia. <br>To all the men of companies "A, B,& C" of the 3/8/4, you have NOT been forgotten. <br>God Bless the survivors who made it home, through the thankless public disdain, to tell the stories and teach us the lessons of a misdirected war. Learn from the many lessons of VietNam.....and NEVER FORGET our soldiers........who gave all. small town America teo82[at]
7/23/2007 George De Luca Today is the 40th year since my cousin Dante Volpone and 18 fellow Ivy Dragoons gave their lives at "The Battle Of Three Trees". None of them will ever be forgotten!   gmdel[at]
7/28/2007 Randall ( Doc)Born, Co A, 3rd Bn, 8th Inf, 4th Inf Div, 1970 I joined Company A, 3/8th in March of 1970 after a couple of months with the 1/35th which went back to the States that month. I was in the field as a Combat Medical Corpsman until October when I was sent to the Battalion Aid Station. I served with many great guys in the field for those 7 months. Lt Babcock, Sgt G, Bart V., Howard Lee Elder, Cowboy, HeyMan, Sandy, Don T, Snowball and others. Sorry, I only remember some of your nicknames, but it's been 37 years!!! You guys and others made Viet Nam and Cambodia somewhat tolerable! I would love to hear from any of you. Thank you Steve Elder for directing me to this website. Lombard, IL madmdc[at]
8/1/2007 Ferguson, William(Fergy) Medic HHC 3/8 66-67 I now live in Australia and could not make it to the Reunion in Nashville, But I was sent Shirts and Caps(By two brothers) That Had the inscription on them was "DRAGOONS, 4th Inf Badge Green map of Vietnam, 3/8th Badge, 3/8th,4th inf Div RVN 1966-1970" A few weeks ago the USS Kitty Hawk came to Brisbane on her last Ocean journey before retireing. My wife who works for the local govt. got us on board for a tour on sunday at 3pm I wore my shirt and cap. The last tent we had to go through we we checked by two navy NCO's and one Lieutenant in dress blues watching all. He saw my CAP after reading it he came to attetion and saluted me. This was good for me and said thanks back. So thanks to my two brothers who sent me the stuff Kurt Nagl and Ron Jacobs. Greenbank, Queensland, Australia bellesdad_22[at]
8/11/2007 James Campbell B CO. 3/8 1967  I have not seen or heard from anybody since my <br>ETS in 1970. Until this summer when a Nissan followed me all the way to my house and blocked my drive! I thought He's a big boy I wonder what I did? This 6 ft. plus well over 235 lbs stepped out of his car and said I just wanted to know what part of the fourth you were with. I looked at this man and the years melted away it was Garry Holliman that I went through Tigerland with and went to Nam with here in my hometown! Small world! It sure was good to see him springfield, Mo. campbellj42002[at]
9/5/2007 Dennis Craig McPherson (Company E, 3rd Battalion, 8th Infant I am looking for someone who know or served with my brother, Dennis Craig McPherson. Dennis was KIA on 11-11-67 in the province of Kontum while fighting the Battle for Hill 724 near Dak To. Dennis was sent to Vietnam Sept. 24, 1967, and was attached to Company E, 3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division. If anyone knew my brother, I would like to have them contact me. Thank you so much! Gregory, South Dakota paulakoy[at]
9/7/2007 Doc Lunde , C CO. 67-68 I am looking for Al Chernik , a medic with A Co 67-68. If anybody from A Co has info on him I would appreciate your help. Thanks Wauwatosa, Wisconsin doclunde[at]
10/4/2007 Rich Jackson: Co. C  3rd Platoon  3/8th Inf.,  66-67 For anyone who served with me in this unit under Lt. Barrett, I just want to give my new e-mail address. It is Nikon8[at] <br>This address is also open to all who served in the 4th Div. who wish to correspond in any way. <br>What a blast it was to see those who showed up for the 3/8 battalion reunion in Nashville last June. Hope to see all of you and more at the next one in Colorado in 2009. Peace Brothers!! <br>Oh, I forgot; I was the medic in the 3rd platoon known as "The Witchdoctor" Boston, Mass. Nikon8[at]
10/15/2007 Albert Jacquez A co. 3/8 Jan 8, 1969-Jan 8, 1970 Hey guys, sorry I missed the Reunion this pass June, I received our newsletter, and I couldn't quite make out the faces, so if any of you took pictures,at the reunion I would appricate if you can e-mail me some Pictures. Steve Edmunds told me it was the best one yet, in Palm Springs Ca. at the California 4th inf. reunion this past September. I hope you all enjoyed Nashville, You all take care. Los Osos, Ca. arjacquez[at]
10/17/2007 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Brothers,As I Promised, I'm Posting what I know about Veterans Day Washington D.C. here.The VVMF , will Give us V.I.P. Seating tickets, Close to The panel with the Names of the DAK TO Fallen, for the Program.We also will Participate in the Wreath Laying, as we have in years past. <br> Also, will Have use of the area, called "THE EAST KNOLL", For a time of Prayer, and Reflection, of our Battalion. During The Veterans Day program, I have been assured that, The Survivors Of DAK TO, will be ask To Stand , and Be Reconized.The Day will be very busy, as it marks the 25th anniversity of the WALL , also.V.I.P. Seats, will be given to Veterans, and Family members, So an accurate count is needed. Please notify President Edmunds, of your need for tickets, And any Ideas for our Private time, please forward to Me.Hope to see you in Washington.Remember, This will Probably be a once in our lifetime Thing. Coopersburg, Pa Gcoopersburg[at]
10/25/2007 Lauren LiCausi I was finally able to scan my dad's pictures and get them on the website, if anyone recognizes who else is in the pictures, please let me know. <br> <br>I look forward to meeting some of you on Veterans Day at The Wall.   llicausi[at]
10/27/2007 Monshor, Jerry L   US54975482  C co  june 68 june 69 just checking in Redford mi jmonshor[at]
10/31/2007 Jim Turcato B 3/8 66-67 Will it took 40 years but went to see Joe Topolski on OCT.14 last time I saw Joe was 40 years ago at Pittsburgh Airport wen we came home was good to see him agan well thought I wood share that. WELCOME HOME BROTHER,S Jim Windber.PA  turc[at]
11/6/2007 Ed Bookman. B.Co.3/8 Just received my membership.Hope to see some Dragoons at the Wall on Veterans Day.I was in the weapons(4th) platoon.Thanks to Jim Turcato for info about the chapter. Ed Bookman Lancaster, Pa. lynneddie[at]
11/9/2007 Chris Falcone son of Captain John P Falcone Jr.  B 3/8 67 After meeting many of the Ivy Dragoons this summer at the Reunion, I can finally put names to the faces in the army pictures that sat in photo albums for over 39 years. I was able to meet some of the men that were with my father the day he died. These men truly loved my father like a brother and for some like a father. They told me my father was a ôSoldierÆs Officerö. ItÆs hard to describe how these men carry such a special bond for each other. You can feel it when you are amongst them, itÆs overwhelming. For a son of a father that was part of this brotherhood, knowing he was with them, during his last days on this earth, has given me the peace I have longed for. They once again have sacrificed in order to help me find out who my father was, so that I could pass his memory on to my family. I felt so honored just to be in their presence. <br> <br>As my family remembers Sunday, November 11th 2007 as the 40th anniversary of my fatherÆs death, along with 20 of his fellow comrades and those that fought beside them to protect our country in The Battle of Dak To on Hill 724 Kontum, South Vietnam. We also remember all fallen soldiers and pray that they rest in peace, shall they never be forgotten. <br> <br>I will forever be honored to say <br>ôI was the son and now honorary member of the Ivy Dragoonsö <br> <br> ôSteadfast & Loyalö <br>Christopher P Falcone & Family Stratham, NH falconefam[at]
11/11/2007 Jim White, C/3/8, 68-69 Just wishing all my comrades-in-arms a Great Veterans Day! WE deserve it! Welcome Home My Brothers! <br>And, God Bless those serving and fighting today! Boise, Idaho jimandlauren[at]
11/13/2007 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  BROTHERS, Happy to Report MISSION TO THE WALL,complete.In My humble opinion, best Veterans Day ever.Much more info to follow in the next IVY DRAGOONS DISPATCH. until later, God Bless All my brothers, from long ago Coopersburg , Pa. gcoopersburg[at]
11/13/2007 Al Llauger, Mortars, 67-68 On Sat., Nov.10 and Sun. Nov.11,2007, The Ivy Dragoons reunited at the VN Wall in DC. and we let our presence be known. <br>I want to thank everyone that attended. You made every day A memorable event. We paid our respects to the Veterans and our rememberance to those that are in Gods hands. They will always live in our hearts. <br>I want to give a special thanks to Ed Goehring, his wife and "Doc" Nagl for their vigil attention over the group against all odds. Your leadership is commendable. <br>Once again the Ivy Dragoons had a mission and once again we completed our mission with our heads held high. I salute you and prey that we will all be together again in the near future. <br>Check photo section. Kingston, New York alb27329[at]
11/14/2007 Lauren LiCausi I just wanted to thank you guys for allowing Janette and I the honor to lay your wreath at The Wall on Veterans Day. It was great to meet so many of you guys - OUR HEROS - you made us feel so welcome and we really appreciate everything. I know my Father was with us all that day and I could just imagine the look on his face but more important the feeling in his heart when he saw his girls with his Brothers. <br> <br>Thanks again, it was such an Honor for us (sorry we couldn't keep it straight sometimes haha!). We look forward to seeing you all again at the Reunion, and meeting even more of our Uncles (and Cousins!)   llicausi[at]
11/16/2007 Lauren LiCausi Hi everyone, <br>Please email me if you would like a copy of the pictures I have from Veterans Day, I would like to share but do not have everyones email. <br> <br>Have a good weekend!   llicausi[at]
11/17/2007 researching  ... a note to highlight that two Virtual Wall websites exist to memorialize those men lost in VietNam .... and also <br> <br> <br>so if you wish, you can enable and add your thoughts to a specific service man's memorial page.   teo82[at]
11/17/2007 Palmer Pellham E Co 3/8 - August 68 - March 69 Can anyone tell me what happened to Recon after the 22nd of March 1969. I was WIA and medivaced early in the evening. Kennett, MO 63857 ppellham[at]
11/20/2007 Alvin Douglas Jimmy,really enjoy looking trough your alblum. you,and you fellas,have really put together a tome of war time memories. Thanks for the share. Alvin Douglas Baltimore, Md alvin.douglas[at]
11/22/2007 Paula McPherson Koy What an honor to be a part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of The Wall in Washington, DC! Then to meet Al Llauger and Carl Riday, both who knew my brother (Dennis McPherson), was a miracle in itself! In addition, I also met Ed & Mary Goehring and Doc Nagl. All this was possible, thanks to Jim Williams of the VVA Chapter #172 in Cumberland, MD. God's blessings to you all. Edwards, IL paulakoy[at]
11/23/2007 Paula McPherson Koy I am wanting to thank the person responsible for placing a picture of my brother, Dennis McPherson, at The Wall on Nov. 10, 2007, at the 25th Anniversary celebration. I can't tell you what it meant to me to walk up to The Wall that day and see his picture already there! I hope you will get in touch with me so I can thank you personally. If you chose to remain anonymous...know how truly grateful I am and how it touched my heart that day! Blessings to you always! Paula Edwards, IL paulakoy[at]
11/27/2007 Ted Riendeau CW2 Army Helicopter "Dust-Off" pilot, assigned to the 283rd Med Evac Unit in Pleiku. Supported the battle of Dak To during the month of November 67. Recently met some of the members of the 4th at the 25th dedication of the Wall. I got a name/card, Alex Quintanar from San Diego and will be in contact. I have put together some pictures, one of the helmit and liner with a bullet hole in it. I evacuated that lucky soldier with just a minor head wound.. A copy of my flight time in November is included in the scan. I flew over 8 hours and had 22 landings on the 12th of November, the day Alex Quintanar told me he was evacted out of the field. I believe I provided that ride since I was the Dak To assigned Dust Off that day. Proud to have served with you brave soldiers and it was great to visit in DC on Vetrans Day 2007. Sorry didn't get more names, feel free to contact me. Bethesda, Maryland tedriendeau[at]
11/30/2007 Doc Nagl, HHC, B Co & C Co. 66/67 This past Monday evening, as most other Monday evenings I went to Group at Perry Point VA Med Facility. Whenever someone new shows up, we go around with introductions. As we got to the next to the last guy, a Newbe, he said I served in VN in 66/67 in the Central Highlands with the 3rd Bn 8th Inf., well, I almost fell out of my chair. I said what Co., he said B, I said no s___, 2nd plt. He said he had put everything out of his mind, & could not remember anything. I started rattling off some names & events & it meant nothing. Barely remembering some of the names of guys in my plt. the 3rd. Id like to enlist the help of anyone that was in the 2nd plt during end of 66 & untill the end of 10-67. What were the names of the plt leaders, plt. seargents. the Medic, (not sure but I think Pickett) & yourselves of course. I told him that I would bring in some pictures next week to see if he recognizes some faces. I'm not mentioning his name to protect him from any embarassment. So, if you have any info. help a Brother out. <br>ALL THE BEST TO YOU & YOURS THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON DOC NAGL Fallston, Maryland mgima[at]
12/2/2007 Marty Hoffman Just a note to let everyone know that I posted some photos I found of my Uncles in the photo section. I have no idea who the people in the photos are other then the first four being of my uncle so if anyone has any idea of who the people might me let me know and I can change the photo captions. I'll add more as I find them. Peoria, IL m.hoffman[at]
12/19/2007 Monte To all my brothers and their families, I Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season and a Great New Year. Remember our brothers who are not with us with a prayer and a little toast. God Bless and Godspeed. DOC P.S. I Love you all. Wauwatosa, Wisconsin doclunde[at]
12/20/2007 Roy Nussbaum HHC & D Co. 8/67-9/68 12/20/67-12/20/2007 <br>40 years have passed since that day in the hills above Dak To, <br> Saber, SGM Herbert Roberts Jr. <br> and the others <br>You are not forgotten and now other brave warriors from todays conflicts walk beside you. They too shall not be forgotten.  Agoura Hills, California s5roy[at]
12/20/2007 Roy Nussbaum HHC & D Co 8/67-9/68 Happy Holidays to all of you guys and gals out there. Does anyone have any pictures taken in December of 67 of the Xmas festivities at the Dak To Trains area. We had Machine Gun jeeps decorated with raindeer, the 6ft 6in tall Red Cross rep was dressed as Santa and then we went into the town of Dak To and threw Xmas party at a school and then we went to Tan Cahn to the Catholic Church and Orpanage and threw a party there. This is where General Peers surprised us by dropping in, in his Chopper to check out the festivities. I lost all of my slides and would love to see any that anyone would like to share with me. Who knows, I may even be in a one or two. Peace on earth and support our troops who are in harms way this holiday season and bring them home safely to their loved ones. Agoura Hills, California s5roy[at]
12/21/2007 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Brothers & Families, I Want to wish everyone In our brother hood a very Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year. This Brother Hood, has truly changed my Life. 40 years ago, and again recently. I can't thank you as individual's, so I'll Thank you all . God Bless the Dragoons, And the Families,& Wives that put up with us. Merry Christmas to all. Hope you Get to see the BOB HOPE SHOW Coopersburg, Pa Gcoopersburg[at]
12/21/2007 Albert Llauger, Mortars, 67-68 It was 40 years ago that I spent Christmas in VN. Every year since then I count my blessings that I made it back to the world. I pray for my brothers that didn't come home alive and that they rest in peace. They will always be remembered. <br>Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Kingston, New York alb27329[at]
12/24/2007 George  Wishing all my brothers a very Merry Xmas & a very healthy and prosperous New Year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Colo. Springs in 09 <br> God Bless you all Stoneham,Ma Gcostastoneham[at]
12/28/2007 Do you know him?? My Dad was C co 3rd/8th 4th Infantry. 1993-1971. I don't know anyone he served with and was too young and stupid to ask him about the war or much else when he was living. He passed away in January 2005 without ever meeting his oldest daughters (me) son. I am trying to put together some memories and stuff that I can share with my children, and I also just miss my dad and would love to hear from people who knew him.... norfolk, va blong39[at]
12/28/2007 Belinda Long Just wanted to let you all know that I placed my dads picture in the photo area of the site. Please if you recognize him let me know :0). His name was Charles Long   bella214[at]
12/28/2007 DOC NAGL HHCo,B Co, & C Co., 66-67 I hope that all My Brothers & their Families have enjoyed A Wonderful Christmas, & I wish them All "A Healthy Happy New Year". <br>Just wanted to share My Christmas Gift this year. I received a phone call from Augusta Georga two days before Christmas. It was a lady with a German accent asking me if she was speaking with a Kurt Doc Nagl? I replied YES, why? she said that she was calling for Ray Israel whom I had written a Christmas card to. She explained that he did not know who I was, until she said "DOC" Nagl. After that, she said bells went off. He never knew my name, only as Doc. He was one of my platoon sergants in the 3rd plt. Sgt. Israel, one down to earth individual. Anyway, she put him on the phone, and it was like yesterday, if you know what I mean. Poor guy has been disabled for 18yrs now, and gets around with a walker. He is 74 now, but has his witts & his Southern sense of humor. If anyone reading this remembers him & wants to chitt chatt, or send him a note, get in touch with me, I'm sure he would love to hear from you. He has no computer & doesn't want one either, so he says. Fallston, Maryland mgima[at]
1/7/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers, Don't know how many of you are members of the VFW. The VFW Magazine , section, called Mail call, Is looking for Information for their series"Vietnam Battles" The Year, 1969, I know we Have some experts, that could shed some light to our Posterity. The Battles in question, are PLEI TRAP VALLEY, March 3-4, 1969, A Co. 3/8 27 K.I.A. And the Battle LZ PENNY 3/8 & 29 FA, May 9, 1969. <br> If you feel like helping, please send letters to:<br> <br>VFW Magazine <br>ATTN Mail Call <br>406 W 34th St <br>KANSAS CITY, MO 64111 <br><br>Or E-MAIL: Magazine[at]<br> <br> Please Consider telling your story, so it's not lost forever. Coopersburg, Pa Gcoopersburg[at]
1/8/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Brothers, Corrections, to the posting below. The address for the VFW, is 406 W 34th Street, and The date for fire base Penny, is May 9, 1969. Sorry for my dialexia! Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
1/10/2008 John Bauer, D, 3/8, '68-'69  Ed, I have it on good authority that VFW Magazine is scheduled to run an article about Company A, 3/8, re March 1969, in their February issue. It's titled "Ambush in the Plei Trap Valley." Alexandria, VA jbauertwo[at]
2/9/2008 George Costa    A co 3/8 1968 This is to let all our brothers know that Larry Poore from A co 3/8 67-68 has passed away. I know we will all send our prayer out to him and his family. And I know that anyone that knew Larry knows what a great guy he was and I know he will be missed.   Gcostastoneham[at]
2/12/2008 Jim Turcato B 3/8 66-67 HI Brothers I was thinking of A buddy Jerrey Kelley does anyone know what become of him he was in the 2plt I did not see him before I left country ??? A good buddy of mine just made Brig.General Ray Plumblo Army very proud of him. Welcome home Brothers. Jim Windber PA turc[at]
3/3/2008 Buddy Williams As I open my eyes this morning I go back 39 years ago! I thank god for Myron, Sam, Julio, Al <br>Wayne, Paul, Dave and brothers whose names I have lost to age. I know these brothers are well. Its the ones we lost this day so many years ago that never leaves my mind! This botherhood of Dragoons means so much to an old soldier that I cannot express it. I can only say thank you and that I will never forget or forgive. West Columbia, S.C. Grits57[at]
3/5/2008 Michael Boxer Buddy Williams if any one should post about our lost brothers on this day March 5th 1969 I am glad it was you. <br>To our lost brothers this day and everyday we remember you and thank you for being part of our lives and one day we will meet again. Rest in Peace Staten Island NY deltamike4id[at]
3/5/2008 Joe F. Pelfrey   A co.  3/8 4 inf 8/67 8/68 I would like to have roster for Aco&dco for 8/67 8/68 if any one could help send to address below thanks your truly joe Oak Hill, Ohio 45656   201 sunset  dr. sunset[at]
3/17/2008 Mad Doc Matz 2/22 (mz) 3rd Bde. 4th Div.12/65 -05/67 The Band of Others <br>A shameless plug for a new web-site open to anyone connected with the 4th Infantry (IVY) Div. <br> Nashville, TN. maddocmatz[at]
3/25/2008 John J Gleason As I write this, at 5:55pm eastern time on 3/25/08, it is now 4:55am 03/26/08 in Vietnam. At this time, 40 years ago, my older brother Dennis, along with many other brave men, kids actually, fought there butts off for each other, in repelling an overwhelming NVA assault on FSB 14. Denny, along with 18 others did not make it back home. From what I have learned and read, over 50 men were wounded, many very seriously. I imagine everyone who was on that hill that night was wounded in one way or another. <br>40 years. There are moments, when it seems like yesterday. <br>I want to thank all of you for your service and sacrifice; it has never ever been forgotten by me, or my family. <br>John New Milford,New Jersey Gleason3[at]
3/26/2008 teoliver i learned of PFC Dennis S. Gleason at and ..... Dennis was a brave and loved man, God Bless You and your family. Never forget.... oklahoma teo82[at]
4/23/2008 Don Torres 189th AHC 1968-1969 DAK TO/KONTUM Hey guys, it was a pleasure to have served you! If you ever get the urge to Ride a Huey again, check out for when we may be coming to an airshow near you!! Thanks for all those pictures showing our Huey's that you guys posted with the 4th I.D. Websites as I've sent them around the world and will be on display at the 52nd CAB Reunion in St. Louis August 4-7 2008. As a Proud member of the VFW/American Legion and the Vietnam Brotherhood, I Salute the 4th Infantry Division Sarasota, Florida area turtletorres[at]
4/25/2008 Al Jacquez Participated in Charity Golf Tourney in Selma Ca. Put on by the California Central Valley Vietnam Veterans. Sunday April 20. Had a great turnout, In our Foursome were my Brother Larry Jacquez, Chris Jarvis, and C co. 3/8 John Perez, and myself, a good time was had by all. We shot a One under, just to have the team behind us shoot 9 under, it's Ok we ended up tied for 3rd place. Just glad to be back home on the Central Coast, "there's no place like home." Los Osos, Ca. arjacquez[at]
4/27/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Hello Brothers, does anyone have the E-address, for our brother, Paunch ? I have an E-address, but it's not valid, since he moved to Vermont. <br>I don't want to print his full name, for many reasons.Thanks in advance for any help. Brothers, stay safe, and Healthy. Hope to see you in Colorado Springs, 2009 Coopersburg ,Pa Gcoopersburg[at]
5/8/2008 Ed Sleichert .    E & B cos. 3/8  1968/1969 Remembering the Heros on LZ. Penny. May. 9, 1969. Chicago, Ill. esly48[at] comcast .net
5/13/2008 John Kell - C/3/8 - January - July 1970 Captain Philips was KIA on 6 May 1970 in Cambodia - I hope his family and friends cand find some peace knowing his brothers still remember after all these years. Captain Philips and all our KIAs are our heros. Amherst WI john2[at]
5/22/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers, Families, and Friends of ôThe Ivy Dragoonsô, I was in correspondences with Pres. Steve Edmunds about the Fact that , Two years have passed , since we had a business meeting, where the Idea of a Dragoons Scholarship, In memory of our fallen should be started.. His answer was, Yes! Your in charge. <br> That said, I accept the torch humbly. I know we need to File for some non-profit status, from the I.R.S., IÆm here bye asking if anyone, has the expertise, to file this paperwork with the I.R.S. to get the Scholarship started? We/I can use all the help with this endeavor that can be given. Remember, how many more two year periods, do we Vietnam Veterans have left? We owe this to the memory of our fallen! Thanks Coopersburg,  Penna. Gcoopersburg[at]
5/25/2008 Monte'DOC' Lunde- C/3/8-67/68 This weekend lets remember our Brothers who are not here to honor but are being honored. We all love and miss them. Say a prayer and salute them . GOD BLESS . Doc Lunde Wauwatosa, Wisconsin doclunde[at]
5/29/2008 SP4 Calvin Clifford Hudson, C/3/8 1967 Hi My name is Peggy and I am Calvin's niece. My uncle was KIA on 11/11/1967 so I never got to meet him. I am trying to find some of the men that served with him to hear some stories about him. I found one story posted on the internet from Sgt. Victor "Tex" Tunnell but when I went to searching for him he passed away in 2002 so I kinda hit a dead end so I'm hoping someone else sees this. Please if you know anything about him I would love to hear it. Thank you. Forsyth, GA  branpeg3[at]
5/30/2008 Buddy Williams A Co 3/8th 1968-1969 I am trying to locate William Jarvis that served with me in March of 1969. Any help would be appreiated.   grits57[at]
6/1/2008 Buddy Williams    A Company 3/8th 1968-69 On Friday 30 May we lost a loyal brother. Barney Beard lost his fight with Parkinson's disease. Funeral arrangements will follow.   grits57[at]
6/2/2008 Buddy Williams   A Company 3/8th  1968-69 Sergeant Barney Beard's widow may be reached at 1402 Ivy Drive, Marion IL.62959. His viewing will be Tuesday 5-8 P.M. Burial will be with full military honors on Wendsday at 11 A.M. The Blue Funeral Home in Marion will be handling the arrangements. Their number is 618-997-5648. You may post your condolences at   grits57[at]
6/7/2008 Fergy, William Ferguson Medic HHC 66-67 Mayer Danny, was in our unit but what Co he was in I don't remember. Danny was a Medic and he lost some men one day when a APC ran over mine. I happened by after it happened. He is a Indian from washington state. From what I can remember he was a Yakimina Tribe Member(sorry if the spelling is wrong). If one can find if he is still with us and could get a address. About 22 years ago I was living in Tucson Az, and did a repair job for a fellow who was from Yakimina(?spelling) And he remembered Danny well. With this site I've found all the men I was with and only have missed a few. Fergy <br>Remmember me I'm the Medic who took a fridge from the engineres to put out meds in, but they said I took it to cool beer! Also when we had to give out shots I would put the 5 needles in one hand inbetween my fingers and give all 5 at once. I also have that nasty PTSD from the bad times, but I'm still alive. Greenbank, Queensland, Australia bellesdad_22[at]
7/7/2008 Pat Lines, mortars 9/66-9/67 ( Boat People ) Frank Moss Rhodes, KIA 1/27/67 C Company, would have been 62 years old tomorow 07/07. We went to high school together and were drafted at the same time. I honor his memory on his birthday, Veterans Day and his KIA day. I noticed for the first time that a Steve William Kinghammer from C Company died on the same day. Does anyone have a memory of this? Was it the same incident? I remember being at the fire base when I was told and asked to be able to take Moss's body home, but you know how that went. Seaside, Oregon plines[at]
7/23/2008 Mark Butler, C 3/8 67 Remember those KIA from the 3rd platoon on July 23, 67. Yorba Linda, CA lancewood[at]
7/23/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Today, Fourty one years ago, We dragoons, lost 21 brave men. Charlie Co. 17, Bravo Co.1,Head Quarters Co. 3.During the action, later named "THE BATTLE OF THREE TREES" May these brave Brothers,Rest in peace, and always be remembered. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
8/3/2008 Doc Nagl, B Co, HHCo & C Co. 9/66-9/67 Hi All, as you've read about the Scholarship Fund that my little Brother is heading up. We now have Battallion Regalia available for purchase. The profits of which will help fund the "SF". Top quality merchandise only at a reasonable price. I have been doing this for my car club for the past 15 or so yrs. Our insignia is embroidered, NOT silk screened, on BB hats, T's, Ladies, Youth, & Toddler T's, golf shirts, a Western style hat with an embroidered band for our Cowboys, like Rea, a Great all purpose tote Bag for the Ladies. for the Beach, Shopping or Travel. More items will follow, especially sweats. <br>for more info. get in touch with me. <br>Doc Nagl, imaregalia[at] Fallston, MD imaregalia[at]
8/7/2008 Jim Bury  -  B Co, 67-68  (Webmaster) REUNION NEWS UPDATE! <br>MARK YOUR CALENDER! <br> -----------------------------<br><br>Ivy Dragoons 6th Battalion Reunion <br> <br> July 9 - 12, 2009 <br> <br> The Academy Hotel <br>8110 North Academy Blvd <br>Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920 <br> <br>Rooms available at $99.00 per night plus tax. <br>Make your reservations by calling the hotel at 1-719-598-5770 or 1-800-766-8524 <br>and state that you are attending the Ivy Dragoons Reunion. <br> <br>For additional information, contact Steve Edmunds (C) 949-294-6981 <br>email: edmundsdb[at] <br> <br>(Check SitReps page for updates and be sure to buy lots of scholarship fund regalia stuff from Doc Nagl to wear to the reunion! - see previous message for details..) <br> <br>Jim Bury _ Webmaster Eureka, CA jimbury[at]
8/11/2008 Rick Gill, 119th AHC, CROC 4, 68-69 Flew a gunship in support of TF-A in the Plie Trap the entire month of march 69. Would like to meet 24C from A company. Kuttawa, KY loopinit[at]
8/17/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers,Family, and friends,The time is drawing near, for me to again take point, and arrange our annual wreath laying on Veterans day, at "THE WALL", in Washington D.C. If anyone, is interested in joining us at "THE WALL", Please contact me, so I can arrange V.I.P Seating for our group. we also need Two volunteers, to Lay the wreath. Coopersburg, Penna. Gcoopersburg[at]
8/21/2008 Butch Tolle, 3/39th Inf. 9th Div. My name is Butch Tolle and I am a Veteran Service Officer trying to help Leonard D Harden Jr. that was with Co. B 3/8th Inf. 4th Inf. from 8/25/67 to 12/22/67 he was then transferred to Cam Ranh Bay because of severe asthma. His CIB award was never put on his DD-214, does anyone have a copy of their orders for their CIB with more than one name on it. If so look and see if Leonard D Harden Jr. name is on your orders. I was with the 9th Inf. Div. and my CIB award has 30 names on it so maybe someone has a set of orders with LeonardÆs name on it. If so could you contact me at 15 Grand Ave., Yardville, NJ 08620 or ButchTolle[at] or call 609-324-0484. Or if anyone remembers Leonard a buddy letter stating that he served in the field and is eligible for a CIB award would help. Thanks   ButchTolle[at]
8/26/2008 Edward McReynolds  4Th. C- 6/29 Th. Arty. Jan-69/70 Just found the site. Knoxville,Tennessee eddodge43[at]
8/27/2008 Edward McReynolds  4Th. C- 6/29 Th. Arty. Jan-69/70 I was at LZ Penny,LZ Tuffy,Lz Denice,Hard Times,LZ Carol Marie. Was with Charlie Bat. <br>6/29th. We were vout of Pleiku,An-Kha. Great outfit. I stay in touch with about 30 Men That wasin my Unit. Welcome Home.May you All Be BLESSED.. Shot Over. Ed McReynolds. Knoxville Tn. Knoxville Tennessee. eddodge43[at]
9/15/2008 Don Kent My father-in-law, James R. Norman, was, I believe, a sniper with Recon Platoon, E Co. 3/8 from 1969-1971 in either Pleiku or An Khe. He won't say much about where he was or what he did. If anyone remembers him, please contact me with any information. Thank you. I think he tries to put that part of his life behind him. Saint Cloud, MN recondon3600[at]
9/23/2008 Jim White, C. Co. 3/8th 68-69 40 years ago tomorrow, on a mountain jungle trail near Plei Mrong my platoon was ambushed and my two best friends, Tom Smoczynski and Joe "little Joe" Searle, amongst several other buddies, laid down their lives for our country. <br>Can't believe all those years have gone by since. Seems like yesterday. <br>Best to all my Brothers. <br>Jim Idaho City, Idaho jimandlauren[at]
9/24/2008 spc stolp montana national guard does nayone remember steve stolp, i beleive he was in delta company he was hit in early november and again later. He was shot 7 times, I beleive he was training the montrang ( mountain people ) <br>He passed away sept 11 2008, and never talked to any of his family about vietnam, I would greatly appreciate any info. <br> <br>Sincerely, SPC Stolp, MTNG 1/163 inf manhattan, mt stolper9[at]
10/9/2008 John Kell C/3/8 January - July 1970 Joe Trankler C/3/8 - 1969-1970 passed away on 24 August 2008, from colon cancer, three weeks before our Charlie Company reunion in Branson, which he wanted to attend. Joe was our M-60 machine gunner. We'll miss you Joe but WE WILL NEVER FORGET. Our battalion reunion is in July of 2009 in Colorado Springs, CO. We should all make the effort to attend because we never know when we won't be able to reconnect with each other. Amherst WI 54406 kelljs[at]
10/1/2008 John Kell - C/3/8 Jan-Jul 70 Joe Tranlker of St. Louis died of colon cancer on 24 Aug 08. Joe was the M-60 machine gunner for C/3/8 - Third Platoon - First Squad - 69/70. He is on the other side of The Wall with the rest of our fallen brothers. May we never forget! Amherst WI kelljs[at]
10/17/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers & Sisters, The time is fast approching to Make our annual trip to the wall.( Veterans Day, Nov 11, 2008) I have Applied for V.I.P. seating, and Need to know how many seats we need. The IVY DRAGOONS will again be laying a wreath, to remember our Fallen. Need One more person, to help lay the wreath. Please contact me, if you are going to be able to attend.  Coopersburg , Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
10/28/2008 Gary Gorectke B-3/8 1968-1969 Looking for the person who posted this message. <br>I was with Terry Johnston the night he was hit. <br>The Village he was at is the one I am seeking <br>information on. <br>My Uncle, Terry Johnstons, photos <br> <br> I found a few photos of my Uncle Terry Johnston while going through some of my Grandmother's photo albums. He was in A/3/8 from August 1968 until his death in June of 1969. I have no idea of who is in the photos he took so any help would be greatly appreciated. As I come across more photos I will add them to the gallery. The first 4 photos are of him and the rest are guys he served with.   ggorectke[at]
11/5/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Freinds,& Brothers, as most know , I am accepting donations for "Wreaths Across America" to place Christmas wreaths on veterans grave sites. This endevor, is also a fund raiser for the IVY DRAGOONS SCHOLARSHIP FUND, as we recieve a percentage. The cost of a wreath, is $15.00, but don't be detered, as $1.00 Dollar donations add up.This mission however is time sensitive, as any donations receved after Dec. 1, 2008, go for next year. Please check the web site www.wreaths across, for more info.Thank you Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
11/7/2008 Lauren LiCausi Once again I am coming to my own little version of my wall just to remember my dad on the 9 year anniversary of his death.... it hasn't gotten any easier.... <br> <br>i wish i could make it to The Wall again this year, but i am still planning on coming to the reunion. <br> <br>RIP Daddy I will never forget you - thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me. xoxo   llicausi[at]
11/8/2008 Doc Nagl, HHC, BCo, & CCo  65-67l For those not aware, or have forgotten, there is a good selection of Battalion Regalia available for purchase. (Unit Crest along with Nam service ribbon embroidered) At the same time, when a purchase is made, the profit goes toward the Ivy Dragoons Scholarship Fund. It can be tax deductable. Christmas is coming up, so why not tell the Mrs or Lady friend about it. The items can be found on the sit reps link, then click on scholarship fund, & there you are. We may even get Jim to make a separate link for the regalia to make it easier yet. Sweats are now available as is long sleave ladies shirts & mens denim shirts. More to follow. Fallston, Maryland imaregalia[at]
11/9/2008 Susan (Lynch) Douglas Just wanting you to know that I am thinking of all of you this Veteran's Day. This unit will always have a place in my heart and included in my prayers. Thank you for your service and for your continued support to those that serve. Almira, WA sdouglas[at]
11/11/2008 Lauren LiCausi On Veterans Day i just wanted to take time out to thank each and every single one of you, and remember those who lost their lives serving our country.   llicausi[at]
11/12/2008 Stephen Richards Just wanted to say thank you to all of the veterans who have served this great country of ours. I will never forget the time and sacrifices you have given. God bless you all, and our country on this most special of days. And a big thank you for my dad, Robert T. Richards. Farmers, KY rsrichards_635[at]
11/15/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers, We Dragoons have again placed a wreath at THE WALL, on Veterans Day, in memory of our fallen Brothers. This was done as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, annual Program. Full after Action report, In the Next Dragoons Dispatch, Please consider joining us, for Veterans Day 2009, as I try to have two different representatives do the honors every year.. It will surely Be an honor you long remember. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
11/14/2008 Ken Ethier A Co 3/12 4th Pltoon 66-67 Are there anyone of us left. <br>Remember saying if we get out of here the rest of our lives will be a piece of cake. <br>Please contact me if anyone is stll alive. Coventry RI kenpat1[at]
11/25/2008 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  As Combat Veterans, we know more than most people, why we give Thanks. I Wish all my Brothers, a very happy Thanksgiving, and hope that you are spending the day with people you love. Also, please remember to include our fallen in your prayers."God Bless You all" Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
12/4/2008 chris bubnis c-co. july68--july69 i have a stack of pictures i took on different firebases.some one got all my negatives from an old girlfriends attic about 25 years ago and made me copies. If any one is interested,i can make some copies and mail them to you. <br>re: dak to,25,31 crows nest,base camp,kontum,and others. Hope to get some emails from you. <br>chris bubnis c-co. 7/68----7/69 <br>my email is: bigoscalawag[at]  452 judy ann dr, rochester ny 14616   bigoscalawag[at]
12/13/2008 Albert Llauger, Mortars, 67-68 In Memory of 2LT. Lloyd Lynn Hitchins. Today 41 years ago on hill 1338, 2LT. Hitchins was KIA by friendly fire. My dear brother,we miss you and love you, rest. <br>We must never forget the price we pay for freedom. New York alb27329[at]
12/20/2008 Roy Nussbaum  HHC & D Co. 8/11/67-9/11/68 41 years ago Saber, Sgt.Maj Roberts and others made the supeme sacrifice. You are not forgotten and never will be. Agoura Hills, Calif s5roy[at]
12/25/2008 george  here is wishing all my Dragoon brothers a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year. Can't wait to see you all in Colo. Springs. <br>God Bless you all   Gcostastoneham[at]
12/26/2008 2nd Plt A Co 3rd Blt 8th Inf 4th Inf Div Does anyone remember the name of the boat that took us to Viet Nam? Princeton, Indiana grady.davis[at]
12/28/2008 Grady Davis Want to thank Steve Edmunds for the name of the boat. Has anyone ever thought of putting all of our pictures in one book and making it available for sale? As a group we have an enormous pictorial history of basic training and the boat ride to Viet Nam and our tour there. The proceeds could go the the scholarship fund or other causes that would benifit our Unit. Princeton, Indiana grady.davis[at]
12/31/2008 Albert Llauger,  Mortars, 67-68 This is a New Year. I pray that everyone has health and happiness. <br>If anyone is in need, we are here to support you. You don't have to walk alone. Reach out and contact us. <br>I just went through a very depressing time and my Brothers came to my aid and gave me a boost that got me on the path of happiness. <br>Please, that's what we are here for. Call me (845) 853-8746. Together we can do anything. <br>HAPPY NEW YEAR, AL Kingston, N.Y. alb27329[at]
1/13/2009 Information on PFC Layne Michael Santos - 1969 Re: C Btry 6/29 attached to A/3/8 1969 Layne Michael Santos Vietnam Hi, your website has been given to me as a source to reach soldiers who may have known or can put me in touch with anyone who knew Layne Michael Santos (C Batry 6th Battalion 29th Field Artillary attached to 4th Infantry A/3/8) who died in Viet Nam on 3/3 1969 in Operation Wayne Grey killed by sniper fire as an FO RTO in an ambush. Victoria Velasco was Layne's girlfriend when he was sent to VN and I have been trying to get information for her in regards to how he died and to contact and communicate with anyone who knew Layne when he was in the Army. Victoria still thinks of and remembers Layne fondly and we do not want his spirit to die albeit he has been gone almost 40 years now. Please email me back if you can on I would appreciate any and all information and recollections you may have of Layne and any photos you may have of him while in the Army. We want to establish a memorial and scholarship in his name and would appreciate any information relating to his time in the Army. Thanks, Gerry Gallagher and Victoria Velasco Allen Anyonefrom 3/8 remember Layne and can share some information/stories? California gerrymci[at]
1/17/2009 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) I'M POSTING THIS FOR YOUR INFORMATION! IF ANYONE KNOWS OF ANY BROTHER THAT MEET THIS CRYTERIA, PLEASE FOLLOW THRU, TO GET HIS NAME LISTED, WHERE IT BELONGS <br>There are 58,260 names of individuals inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial who did not return home from that war. But there are thousands more who returned home, only to die later as a result of their service. These American heroes do not fit the Department of Defense guidelines to have their names added to The Wall, but there is a program that allows their sacrifices to be recognized and honored: VVMF's In Memory program. <br> <br>The In Memory ceremony takes place at The Wall on the third Monday in April--this year, it will be held on April 20. All honorees have their names and photos added to the In Memory Honor Roll, which is updated yearly. Currently, more than 1,700 individuals are part of the Honor Roll. <br> <br>In order for an individual to be considered for the In Memory program, loved ones must fill out an application and return it to VVMF by Feb. 9. The application can be downloaded from our Web site,  Coopersburg, Pennsylvania Gcoopersburg[at]
1/20/2009 John Kell - C/3/8 - Jan/Jul 1970 Hi my brothers and sisters. I was contacted by a brother from the 101st Airborne who is going to write a book on all our happy experiences in the vacation we spent in Cambodia. He is looking for anyone who might contribute his/her memories and/or articles from the Ivy Leaf or hometown newspapers. IÆm sure pictures would be appreciated, too. <br> <br>In helping him I contacted the 4th Division Ivy Leaf Historian to find articles for this project only to find there were only three issues from the April/May 1970 timeframe. They are looking for anyone who has old papers to contribute them for our archives so we can preserve our history. IÆm sure scanned copies will do. They want any issues we have for the entire time the 4th Division was in Vietnam and IÆm sure any other old issues we can find. <br> <br>Steadfast and Loyal is our battalion motto so let us be just that by digging through our attics and finding what we have to share. <br> <br>Remember, we arenÆt just doing this for ourselves, we doing this for our kids and those that will follow so they will never forget the sacrifices we made. Freedom isnÆt free. <br>I would also like to encourage all of you to publish your pictures in this website. IÆve put a lot of time in doing this for others and you canÆt imagine how many house fires and angry ex-wives have been able to destroy pictures of what we looked like some 40 years ago. <br> <br>Thanks and welcome home. Amherst WI 54406 kelljs[at]
1/27/2009 Pat Lines, mortars 9/66-9/67 ( Boat People ) Today, as I have for the last 42 years, I remember my good friend Frank Moss Rhodes from "C" Company. KIA 27Jan67 while on patrol. <br>Also KIA on the same day with "C" Company was Steve William Kinghammer. Seaside, Oregon plines[at]
2/10/2009 Paul (ROSCO) Rossicone Great Site I was with 1/8 humped the m60.Don't see many from 1/8 THANKS FOR LETTING ME POST Wakefield Mass rosco52449[at]
2/23/2009 William DeJonge I have not, until now, ever made a comment on the "guest book" but would like to at this time. My wife and I have been creating a remembrance album of her Uncle Joe "Minch" Muench who was killed in an ambush while leading a recon patrol on Oct 4th 1969 near An Khe in the mountains of the Central Highlands. A large weapons cache was found in the area a day or so after he was killed. He was squad leader of the 2nd squad of the 2nd platoon in B Co. Joe's family was contacted originally by Keith Kelly back in 1970. He explained, as much as he could, about that day as he was a member of that ambushed patrol and watched as the medics worked on Joe after he was hit. Many years later (1991) I married Joe's niece and we never miss the Memorial Day honor guard ceremony at his gravesite. We wanted to create a remembrance album for the family and luckily I found this website about five years ago. I am now an associate member. Joe sent home some photos but he was in only two. This website made it possible for me to get in touch with a number of vets who were Joe's friends or who were there that fateful day. These vets wrote letters explaining what they remember and a few also had photos in their collections which showed Joe and we obtained copies for the album. These photos were never seen by the family and having them gave them a better understanding of where and what it was like in the area of operations that he was assigned to. To see him again brought tears but also brought back good memories also. I would like to say thank you to Steve Edmunds, Keith Kelly, Steve Shlagel, John "Doc" Lindsay, John D'Agostino, Kevin(Long)Leonard, Roger Genereux, Henry Opatka, Dennis Bolman and Dennis Stone. Forgive me if I forgot anyone. Joe's mom is still living at 85 and it was very good for her to see what you guys had to say and to gaze at those, never-before-seen, images of her son that she lost so long ago. You guys are a great bunch of fellas. Much thanks to you all and may God bless you.   billandzoo[at]
3/1/2009 John R Kell C/3/8 Third Platoon 1970 January - July Michael J. Blottenberger - 39 years ago on 01 MAR 70 you gave your life for your country and for those you served with. IÆm proud to have served with you and wonder why it was you who died, SurvivorÆs Guilt I guess. We remember your nickname ôSleepy Mikeö which was funny then but in hind sight you had a bad sleeping disorder and should have never been allowed to fight. For that we are sorry but hind sight seems to always be 20/20. I found your wife Linda and the son you never met, Michael Joseph Blottenberger, Junior and we, your old brothers in arms, are doing our best to support them. As with all those we lost we are still looking for closure but it is hard to find. We miss you and remember you on the anniversary of you death. We shall never forget. Amherst WI kelljs[at]
3/3/2009 Rich Linneman 'A' Company '68-'69 "A man is not dead until he is forgotten" <br> 3/3/09 <br>ItÆs 40 years ago today that you were lost. You were the most respected guy in 1Æst Platoon, æAÆ Company, 3/8th, 4Æth Infantry and I was very lucky to have you as a friend and mentor. As long as I am alive, your memory will live on and when I join you upstairs, I look forward to some one-on-one basketball, BSÆing about everything and anything, and finding out more about Horsehead, NY and the family you were always bragging about. Mansfield, NJ rlinneman[at]
3/3/2009 Rich Linneman - 'A' Company - '68-'69 "A man is not dead until he is forgotten" <br>Pete Force, itÆs 40 years ago today that you were lost. You were the most respected guy in 1Æst Platoon, æAÆ Company, 3/8th, 4Æth Infantry and I was very lucky to have you as a friend and mentor. As long as I am alive, your memory will live on and when I join you upstairs, I look forward to some one-on-one basketball, BSÆing about everything and anything, and finding out more about Horsehead, NY and the family you were always bragging about. Mansfield, NJ rlinneman[at]
3/3/2009 Buddy Williams     40 years ago today 21 men of "A" Company made the <br>supreme sacrifice in the service of our nation. <br>They will never be forgotten! I have located and talked with five of the families of these brave men. Pray for them and all of our brothers. West Columbia, South Carolina grits57[at]
3/8/2009 John Kell - C/3/8 - January - July 1970 Max Lieberman. 39 years ago on this day in 1970, Max Lieberman lost his life in a tragic accident while on a LRP. I still remember seeing Max being lifted out by a Huey on the end of the winch cable that had stuck. Max, I found your brother and family just last month and we are getting together in California next week. We miss you. You are another payment made for our freedom because freedom isnÆt free. You and the others who gave their lives for our freedom are our heroes. As long as we live none of you will be forgotten. Amherst WI  kelljs[at]
3/9/2009 Kim Snow ( Orman) My father was with C company, 3/8th 4th infantry. He unexpectedly passed away October 24th, or 25th the way my family sees it, of 2008. I am still in denial, and I miss him with more than my heart can allow. I have heard stories of the man he was then, and it proves to me that who he was then, and who he came to be is in itself the same. He would give you the shirt off his back. He lived for God and for his family. I am an only child. We believe due to Agent Orange, the miscarriages and stillborn baby that he and my mom lost are the reason for that. My 3 girls were his life. My 3 year old still cries for papaw, and none of us understand. Thank you for this site, no one should be allowed to forget these men. No one but them know what they went through, and why they will always be brothers. I have pictures of his I will try to get on here soon. God bless all of you elizabethtown, kentucky kdorman4[at]
3/12/2009 Kim Snow ( Orman) Junior Snow's daughter 3/67-3/68 C I am trying to get in touch with anyone who served with, or knew my father. He recently passed away, and I am trying to get to know who he was, before I was! Thanks! elizabethtown, kentucky kdorman4[at]
3/12/2009 Leland Patrick Finley, 4th ID, May 1968 As another ends, bless you friend. Sorry you did not get to hot rod the Pontiac. <br>Jim Garing Huntington Beach, CA thegarings[at]
3/26/2009 Stuart White  E Co. 'Recon' 1967-1968 Every day after March 26,1968 has been a gift. Middleboro, Ma ka1uae[at]
3/27/2009 John Gleason brother of Dennis Gleason 3/8 E.Co. 3/26/68 Always in my thoughts Bro New Milford, NJ gleason3[at]
4/4/2009 dennis o badger  bco 3/8th july68=july69 2nd squadleader 2nd plt. b co United States badger3442[at]
4/9/2009 Terry Johnston A/3/8 Added 115 more photos to my uncles picture gallery. Any help to identify individuals would be greatly appreciated so I can change the captions. Thanks! Peoria, IL m.hoffman[at]
5/7/2009 John Kell C/3/8 Jan To July 1970 39 years ago I was on R&R in Hawaii when the 4th Division was fighting in Cambodia. Captain Philips was trying to coordinate night defenses with about 40 others who somehow had made it in to an extremely hot LZ. An enemy soldier had hidden all day inside our perimeter and now recognizing our Command and Control jumped out of his spider hole and killed Captain Phillips (Yesterday - 05 MAY 1970) and severely wounded LT Brokaw. Captain John Cavedo who was with Phillips and Brokaw took command of Charlie Company for a few hours because there were no other officers on the ground. John also killed the enemy soldier with his own weapon which had jammed. Kent State was also happening at this time and the shootings at the University of Wisconsin. I didnÆt know then that Captain Phillips was dead but had a great feeling of brotherhood making me want to be there doing my job. The only reason I can come up with for me not being in Cambodia was that the orders for this operation came down so quickly that I was out of country before they were issued. Amherst WI 54406 kelljs[at]
5/7/2009 John Kell C/3/8 January to July 1970 Captain Phillips, 39 years ago, yesterday, you gave your life for your country while leading C/3/8Æs assault into Cambodia. You will always stay young in our eyes and someday we will meet up with you on your side of that black granite wall. Many of us have talked with your family and I think they how much we cared for one another. You have not and will not be forgotten. Amherst WI 54406 kelljs[at]
5/7/2009 Grady Davis 2nd Plt , A Co 1966 / 1967 For the first time since I've been riding a bike (since 1968) and Rolling Thunder has been going to DC and the WALL I will be making the trip this Memorial Day, 2009. I hope to see some of my 4th ID buddies there and maybe even some of the 2nd Plt '8 Balls'. If not I will say a prayer for all. By the way, I will be riding out of Southern Indiana with Chapter 6 of Rolling Thunder. Princeton, Indiana grady.davis[at]
5/9/2009 Ed Bookman, B Co. 3/8  66/67 Anyone know the street our barracks were on at Fort Lewis? Trying to find it on Maps website.Found the base but need the location to zoom in onthe area. Any street close by will do. Thanks. Ed Lancaster, Pa.  lynneddie[at]
5/13/2009 dennis o badger Bco. 7/68-7;69 Does anyone have any info on firebase Vera? {oct/nov 1968}? I got hit there and it was overuned. Also does anyone have anything on Willie Hudson or Smitty of A co.68/69? Icame in country with them in july68. Last time I saw them was at the start of operation" Wayne Grey". <br>I know Willy was killed in the ambush of A co. and Idon't know what happened to Smitty Belton/ Missouri badger3442[at]
5/13/2009 Pat Lines, mortars 9/66-9/67 ( Boat People ) Ed Bookman, here's an answer to your question about our Fort Lewis location. I used Google Earth and then crossed it with MapQuest. I believe it was between 2nd Division Dr. and 3rd Division Dr. and south of Edwards Ave. It looks right in comparision to the the Main Gate and the other indicator is there was a Motor Pool just to the east of us and there is still one there. Seaside, Oregon plines[at]
5/19/2009 Emmett Mulroney, 1st. Bde. LRRPs My team H1A went on several missions to locate some of the missing men from your unit. A Sgt. from your unit went with us on this mission to show us the general location these men were last seen. I dont remember his name but we worked out of the Special Forces Firebase near LZ Bass. Our team got in contact durring this mission after dark and we found one body and carried him with and was extracted the next morning. I have a picture of the Sgt. that went with us. If you know anything about this please contact me. St. Paris, Ohio emkay7650[at]
5/16/2009 Terry LaBelle, 4.2 Mortars 3/8, 1969 Thank you Sgt Shedrick for the leadership of our platoon at LZ Penny. You saved several lives that night. Grand Rapids, MI tlab49[at]
5/20/2009 Bill Newcomb E company 68-69 Sgt. Shedrick, got a lot of us started off on the right foot, a true old soldier. We didn't didn't have enough of. Las Vegas Nevada newk2[at]
5/25/2009 Stephen L Pannell 3/8th CoB 67-68 Have a great Memorial Day and remember all our brothers EULESS, TX slpent[at]
5/25/2009 Ed Bookman.B Co.3/8 66/67 Wishing all Dragoons a Happy and Peaceful Memorial Day. Welcome Home. Lancaster, Pa lynneddie[at]
6/1/2009 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Brothers, At our upcoming reunion,In Colorado Springs, July 09 - 12, 2009, we will be Presenting our first scholarship, to any family member, of any Dragoon, that served in Vietnam. In order to apply, contact President Steve Edmunds, Or Myself, for a application. This is the first , to be given out in memory of our fallen, and it will be $500.00 dollars. Payed to any College, or tech school. Please respond quickly, if you wish to apply. Good luck. Coopersburg,Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
6/9/2009 John Kell C/3/8 Jan-Jul 1970 Bob Junior Garrett was KIA 39 years ago today. Bob, you Bob Covey and I came to C/3/8 - Third Platoon in early January of 1970. Bob Covey died on 27JAN1970 of agnent ornage cancer and undiagnosed PTSD, so I'm the only one left. You guys were the greatest and left this world for the other side of that black granite wall way too soon. You both are missed and we will never forget. Both your families know we still care and won't forget as I keep in contact with them as best I can. Amherst WI 54406 kelljs[at]
6/14/2009 Doc Nagl, HHC, BCo, & CCo  65-67 Ed "Bear" Bookman, I will be visiting Ft. Lewis the week after our reunion at Colorado Springs. I'll send you some photos and the incidentals when I come back. <br>For those of you that are attending the reunion, I will be bringing some Battallion regalia with me. A limited amount of Golf shirts, T-shirts, & BB hats. So bring some cash, because the proceeds go to our Scholarship fund. See y'all there. Fallston, MD imaregalia[at]
6/15/2009 Bill Babcock I will be at the reunion and looking forward to seeing Bart VanValkenberg, who I first saw again years ago. Also attending will be Randy Born, who was my medic 39 years ago in Vietnam and during the Cambodian incursion. I would like to hear from anyone else who served with me. I was initially with B/3/8th and then with A company. My dates were Aug 69-Aug 70. Thanks to Jerry Berry, a 101st vet, who is writing a book on the Cambodian Incursion, I have been able to hook up with Randy and Allen Lund, bothe with me in Cambodia. <br> <br>Colonel (ret)Bill Babcock otherwise known as "LT" back then. PO Box 115, Narragansett, RI 02882 401 782-8157 babbie1[at]
7/4/2009 Capt Mike, CO D 3/8 68/69 Pleased to tell my brothers, that I will be at the re-union with my Wife Elena. John Bauer e-mailed me, that he will not be able to make it. Some last minute problems, Hermosillo/Sonora, Mexico miltoncd[at]
7/5/2009 Wayne Jackson, Co. A, 3/8, 3rd Plt. Weapons Squad 68/69 I can't wait to see all my Brothers at this year reunion. I am proud to have served with you all. <br> <br>Love Your Brother from another Mother..... Ogden, Utah Vietnam68[at]
7/6/2009 Ken Howe D-Co. 3/8  ,,,.  9/68-9/69 Getting ready to depart for the reunion on 7/7/09, looking forward to seeing all of you.I will be at the COMFORT INN (NORTH) 6450 Corporate Center Dr. ,,,,,,,KEN Pascoag  RI.   k.a.howe947[at]
7/13/2009 Steve Edmunds, C/3/8 67-68 Our 6th battalion reunion is over....and what a reunion it was. It was attended by 101 of our Brothers. With family and friends, we had 178 attend our banquet dinner saturday night. It was an emotional filled several days and enjoyed by all. The next battalion reunion will take place in Branson, MO in 2011. Date TBD. Diamond Bar, CA edmundsdb[at]
7/13/2009 Jeff McFadden C co.  3/8 1967 / 1968 Monday. Just came home from the 2009 reunion. Ready for the next one. If you've never been to one you don't know what you're missing. It's the only time in a year that you're in a room full of people who know what you know, felt what you felt, and understand why you are the way you are. I wish we could have two or three a year. Richmond, MO junkrigsailor[at]
7/13/2009 John Kell Chalie Company 3/8 Charlie Company lost our last two KIAs on 09 JUL 1970, 39 years ago last Thursday. We miss you Sgt. Leroy ôButchö Thelen and Sgt. Willie ôSonnyö Bozier and we wonÆt forget. Both of you guys came into country together, spent 41 days in country with us and then went home together. IÆve met with your families and they know everything I can remember. I visited your graves and shed a few tears. On the Fourth of July I went to the National Fireworks and visited both of you and the other four KIAs we had during my six months in country. I was finally able to get your two names in a rubbing because they are about 10 feet up on the wall and on the times before this to The Wall I didnÆt know they had a ladder for this purpose. <br>This was an anniversary for me, too. I was shot in that fire fight and it was my ticket home. I still wonder how two sergeants and the platoon RTO where shot. It was a frightening trip up that jungle penetrator to the waiting Dust Off in triple canopy jungle, I was first then they brought both of you guys up the second time. It was a sad trip back to Pleiku with you lying there on the floor of the Huey and that is where I made my promise to you to find the families and all six KIAs. I finished my mission this year and IÆm sorry it took such a long time. You gave all and the rest of us are still giving a little each day. Amherst WI kelljs[at]
7/14/2009 Randy & Ginger Hitchins I would like to thank all that were in attendance at the 7th Reunion. A special thanks to Steve Edmunds and Ed Goehring for the invitation. Ginger and I could not have felt more welcomed. It was an honor and a priveledge to attend. It was our intentions to honor the fallen and to honor and meet the Brothers that returned. The Memorial Plaque and the hat with the 8th insignia have been mounted on the wall next to the Flag and other pictures of my Brother, 2nd Lt Lloyd Hitchins. I have not yet figured out how to display the Challenge Coin...but...I will. <br> The receiving of the Memorial Plague and the Challenge coin was an honor'd surprise ( thanks Steve & Ed)I wish that I had been able to speak at that time ...but....I choked. I will post pictures of the display at I have at home and other pictures of the reunion when I figure out how to do so. Computer illiterate ( large smile) <br>Again Thanks for welcoming my wife ( Ginger) and I to the Ivy Dragoon's Family.   rlhitchi[at]
7/14/2009 Randy Hitchins I stand corrected. This was the 6th Reunion. My bad. <br> <br>Randy Champaign, Illinois rlhitchi[at]
7/15/2009 Badge   Bco 68/69 Had a great time at the reunion. Great location! It was good to see my friends again and make new friends. I hope my speech did'nt offend anyone. It was not my intenion <br> Thank you For The for the 3/8th coin. <br>it means alot to me and I will keep it always. Kansas City, Mo. Badger3442[at]
7/15/2009 Ed Sleichert     B. Co.   68/69 Thank You, Steve Edmonds for the great job of being President of our chapter, & the super job of putting our reunion together. It was the best. 14 brothers of B. Co. 68/69 were in attendance, What a great time! Chicago, Ill. esly48[at]
7/21/2009 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  During the 2009 Ivy Dragoons Reunion, we kicked off the Wreaths Across America, fund raising program. For the brotherhood, that were not in attendance, the Wreaths across America program, is a program, to place Christmas Wreaths on Veterans Graves in National Cemeteries. For every $20.00 donated, a Wreath is placed on a veterans grave, and the Dragoons Scholarship fund, receives 20% of the donation. This is a win, win. If anyone wants to use this fund raiser, for a Church, Boy, or Girl Scouts, contact me for details. I would hope the IVY DRAGOONS, get the benefits, however, the important part is to place Wreaths on Veterans Graves. ôWe will never forgetö If you wish to donate, please e-mail me for my address. Remember, if you can afford one dollar, Your donation, and 19 more will buy a Wreath. Every little bit helps. And the proceedsÆ help to pay a scholarship, in memory of our fallen. <br> For more info, go to WWW.WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA ORG. Thank you for your Support & Trust! <br>  Coopersburg,Pa.  Gcoopersburg[at]
7/23/2009 MARK BUTLER I served with C 3/8, 3rd plt. from may to dec 67 Yorba Linda, CA lancewood[at]
7/23/2009 mark butler this guest book doesn't understand me! yorba linda lancewood[at]
7/23/2009 mark butler REMEMBER THOSE KIA'S & WIA,S FROM 3rd platoon, C 3/8 42 YEARS AGO TODAY yorba linda, california lancewood[at]
7/23/2009 Pat Lines, mortars 9/66-9/67 ( Boat People ) Remembering the "Battle of Three Trees", Plei Ya Bo, 23 July 1967, today. The 3rd Platoon of C Company lost 18 men with 9 wounded when they were overun. After all elements of the 3/8th were engaged the NVA had 184 KIA. Seaside, Oregon plines[at]
8/4/2009 Gerald McGinnis 3/8 c co 67/68 if we served togeather please e-mail, love to hear from you. came home 41 years ago today 8/4/09 with Ron Jennings. Knoxville,Tennessee pastor[at]
8/5/2009 Jim Carmichael Co. B 3/8 68-69 Would love to see the names of the Co. B brothers who attended the reunion. <br> <br>Like to see if I know any of the names. Ravenswood, West Virginia jimmiesoldtimephotos[at]
7/16/2009 wieand, david...peacetime army 76 i was given this website to read. it is a great tribute to those who served in-country. my 2 cousins and one brother served in vietnam. i was still in high school the fall of saigon. they never spoke in details like this website. i salute you and all who served in the writtings here. thank you, don. tamaqua, pa lwieand[at]
8/16/2009 William Ferguson (Fergy,Doc)HHC 3/8th 66-67 Boys I found newspaper from Pleiku dated Nov 11 1966 Called the IVY LEAF it is four pages and any one that sends me an address will get a copy. Also a photo of the Gorden and the reason it was named so. I sent these to my Mom in Oct 1966 I just found them packed away in some of her stuff I found, mostly letters to home from me to her. <br>William Ferguson(Fergy,Doc) HHC 3/8th 4th Inf Div 1966-67 Greenbank,Queensland,Australia bellesdad_22[at]
8/21/2009 George Slook, 4ID, 1969-70 George Slook, 4th Infantry Division, Central Highlands, 1969-70 seeks comrades, friends, and family of Gloria Anne Redlin. Gloria was shot in country on October 13, 1970 and died of her wounds on October 21st. All public accounts of her death indicate she died on June 8, 1969. There is also other misinformation about her in the public record. Any and all information would be appreciated.  Southampton, PA dddiaries[at]
8/31/2009 John (Sonny) Earwood    3/8  69-70 Sonny is looking for any one that served with him and remembers him. He served part time with the 75th Rangers. He also was in charge of what was called the black CP for a while. He really needs your help if you can remember him. I'm a jarhead buddy that is trying to help him. Cartersville,  Ga.  30120 usmci39[at]
9/3/2009 Don Fields   B 3/8  '68-'69 I remember Sonny, we were in Bravo Co together at the end of my tour. He can contact me at stolenfields[at] Don Buxton, Maine stolenfields[at]
9/9/2009 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Labor Day Has Passed, and the Next IVY DRAGOONS function is to lay a wreath at THE WALL, in Washington DC, On Veterans Day, November 11,2009 to Honor our Fallen. anyone wishing to join us, please contact me, as I will reserve V.I.P. seating for the program. We also need two Volunteers to Present the wreath, as I hope to have different representives every year. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
9/11/2009 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  It Means Nothing, yet it means everything. I just realized that 42 years ago today, I was riding on the "FREEDOM BIRD", and 42 Years ago tommorrow, I recieved my Discharge. who would have thought that the last 42 years I would relive it , almost every night? Yet. I know " I'm One of the lucky one's"  Coopersburg, pA.   Gcoopersburg[at]
9/11/2009 Pat Lines, mortars 9/66-9/67 ( Boat People ) I don't know when I last thought about it, but yesterday 9/10 was 42 years since I was discharged. We are the lucky ones. Seaside, Oregon plines[at]
9/12/2009  Albert Llauger, Mortars, 9/67-9/68 42 years ago, I arrived and was assigned to the Mortar Platoon. I was your replacement. And history was repeated. Welcome home. Kingston, N.Y. alb27329[at]
9/13/2009 Pat Lines, mortars 9/66-9/67 ( Boat People ) Do you remember Ronald Kubinski in Mortars? I think he still had 6 months left. I always wondered if he made it home safely. Seaside, Oregon plines[at]
9/12/2009 Daniel Toombs I just read "The Battle for Hill 947: <br> Company D, 3/8th Hangs Tough Against the Vaunted 66th NVA Regiment" This story needed to be told. I'm a newly graduated Pharmacist, and I, like most young Americans, need to know and appreciate what our country's soldiers went through. My heart goes out to the families of those who were lost. Thank you all. Murfreesboro, TN danieltoombs[at]
9/19/2009 Jerry Cameron  65-66 I took my basic training with C-3/8. I was transfered out for AIT. There were a number of us that were drafted the same day, Dec 3 1965, from the Alton Il. area. Yesterday I attended a ceremony at the local VFW. The purpose of this ceremony was to dedicate a memorial bench to several local men who died in Vietnam. Among those listed on the memorial was Ramon Morales, Robert Nelson and Lemoyndo Jarret. I was pleased that these men were finally honored. East  Alton Il. 62024 jcameron8526[at]
9/21/2009 George Slook, 4ID, 1969-70 Looking for SFC Kenneth Mason and SFC Jackie Keith, Team 22 Signal Advisors, with regard to the 1SG Janca incident of October 13, 1970. Southampton, PA dddiaries[at]
10/4/2009 Kevin (Long) Leonard, B Co., 69 40 years ago today we lost our brother Joe Muench on a finger running up to a hilltop. Although it was 40 years since, Joe you are not forgotten. You will always hold a special place in the hearts of those of us who knew you. Rest peacefully Joe, for your brothers will never forget you. San Antonio, TX kevinleonard50[at]
10/5/2009 William DeJonge, associate member I went to Joe's gravesite by myself yesterday <br>evening in Scio, NY. It's a very peaceful place in the country. Gave my thanks to him, again, for serving when called upon to do so. Thank you <br>Kevin. Thank you all for serving so long ago. Wellsvile, NY billandzoo[at]
10/7/2009 Jim White,  C/3/8, '68 - '69 Hey Bros! <br>I am 60 years old today...probably about 40 years a gift from God. Last Saturday, in SoCal my family gave me a huge party. As a surprise...I mean a BIG FRICKIN' SURPISE!, they flew in from Chicago, Mary Smoczynski (Roley), the sister of my best freind, Tom Smoczynski KIA 9/24/68. (Aka Schmo) <br>It was unbelievable...words can't describe...I am still welling up... <br>Steadfast & Loyal <br>Jim Idaho City, Idaho jimandlauren[at]
10/20/2009 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) My Family & I just returned from Disney world. We stayed at a Hotel, Called "Shades Of Green". It is located inside Disney, and run by the military. One has to be active, retired, Or 100% disabled to stay there. They treat the military as the hero's they are.I would highly recomend it for anyone that meets the requirements. For more info, Go to www.Shades of, Or contact me. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
10/20/2009 Doc Nagl, HHC, BCo, & CCo  65-67 (CRUISE PERSON) HI ALL, HOPE ALL IS WELL AS CAN BE. I RECEIVED A CALL THIS EVENING FROM MRS RAY (LYDA) ISRAEL. HE WAS THE PLT SGT OF 3RD PLT BCo FOR A TIME. ANYWAY, HE IS IN POOR HEALTH & IS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE (can you guess?) the VA. I wittnessed the hellicopter crash that he was involved in when he was on his way back to the WORLD. It was in May & we were down Ban Me Thuit. Anyone lese remember seeing it, I would appreciate it if you would put it in writting, with your Name, former rank, Plt., Co, & battallion you were with. Send it to me.. & I will foreward it to her. <br> <br>THANKS <br>Doc Nagl FALLSTON, MD imaregalia[at]
10/26/2009 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Question, Brothers, Is anyone joining Me, at "THE WALL" on Veterans Day, In Washington D. C. I have the wreath, I Just Need someone to volunteer <br> to lay it. I wish to have a new Representive every year. Please step up to the plate. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
11/10/2009 Alert Llauger, Mortars, 67-68 I want to thank all the Veteran's for their service to their country. <br>I wish everyone that attends the ceremony at the wall a safe trip and a wonderful time. I have the Flu and will not be able to attend. I'll be with you in my thoughts. <br>AL Kingston, N.Y. alb27329[at]
11/16/2009 Dennis Badger 2nd plt. B co 3/8 inf Lz Vera On the Cambodia border in the Idrang valley Nov. 1968. <br> 2 companies{ alpha and Bravo} from the 3/8 inf. reinforced a a company from the 1/35inf. I got hit there on nov 22nd.Plus alot of other guys' leave a message if u got hit there or remember Lz Vera. To my Brothers from Bravo & alpha companies and the company from the 1/35 have a nice thanksgiving! {better than the one in1968} <br> Badge   Belton, mo. badger3442[at]
11/16/2009 Pat Lines-mortars- 66-67 ( boat people)  Let's not forget the 46 KIA's from the battle for Dak To - Nov.67. Most of us boat people were home by then, but our 3/8th brothers were in our thoughts. Seaside, Or. plines[at]
11/25/2009 Badge 2nd squad 2nd plt. B co. 7/68-7/69 I want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving & a merry xmas. <br> To my older brothers, boat people and the ones after that humped the bush before me.My squad,2nd plt. B A C D E Recon and hhc companies.My brothers who came after me. My thoughts to our brothers who did not make it and their familes. Special thought For Cap. Griffith and lt Sly {I will never forget you}. <br> Badge <br> ps; Does anyone know"The night before xmas and all thru the nam? I was on an ambush xmas eve 1968 in V C valley when someone said it on the radio. If anyone remembers it please e-mail me.  Belton., mo. badger3442[at]
11/27/2009 Bill Love B Co 3/8 68-69 Badger, At least this Thanksgiving the food didn't get dropped out of a bird. And the beans didn't fly all over the place when the canister hit the ground. Manassas, VA b38bill[at]
12/10/2009 Jim Carmichael Co. B 3/8 68-69 I just looked at that last post and nearly fainted. How well I remember Thanksgiving dinner being dropped and landing on the ground.........I'll never forget that! Wishing all my brothers a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. "J" Ravenswood, West Virginia jimmiesoldtimephotos[at]
12/20/2009 Roy Nussbaum  HHC, D Co, 3/8  8/67-9/68 42 years ago today, Dec 20th 1967, we lost some true heroes. LtCol Glen D. Belnap, SgtMaj Herbert Roberts Jr. and the rest of the soidiers that were on that ill fated mission of dropping supplies to our troops in the field. While it has been 42 years, it seems like only yesterday to me. Know that you brave warriors will never be forgotten. Rest in eternal peace. Agoura HIlls, CA s5roy[at]
12/15/2009 Bill Love B Co. 68-69 Jim, And do you remember the taste of powder from the 105/155mm metal canisters that some of the food was packed in? Better than hot sauce? NO. Here's a nice poem some one sent me. Manasass, VA b38bill[at]
12/23/2009 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Merry Christmas Brothers. Think about this, The majority of Vietnam Veterans, say, I hate Christmas, ever since the Nam. My V.A. group, discussed this, and ItÆs Not true. Think about it, Before Nam, the Majority of us, were high school kids. In my case, One Christmas I was in high school, the next, Training, the next a Foxhole. Before Nam, we enjoyed Christmas stress free. No meals to prepare, gifts to buy, House guests to deal with. No STRESS! <br> Years Later, we blame our Dislike of Christmas, on Vietnam, When in reality, itÆs the stress, the fact that the older loved ones are no longer with us, and Being an adult, in General. <br> Lets all think of Christmas , as a child, and all believe in Santa Clause Again. Maybe, Maybe, we can all have a wonderful Christmas. That is my wish For all my Dragoon Brothers. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
12/24/2009 Pat Lines Mortars 66-67 ( boat people) This is what I remember about Christmas. We went back into the base camp in Tuy Hoa for a few days. We received an allotment of 6 beers which didn't seem like enough so we took up a collection and someone appropriated a 3/4 ton from the motor pool and went to the ROC compound and came back with many, many cases of beer and we threw a party. It was so wild that even officers and NCOs came by. We had a friendly ball game against some base camp commandos who had a ringer pitcher who struck all our guys out until he got "injured". Our Platoon Leader, Lt. Marinovitch, hooked up with a nurse, borrowed a jeep and got stuck on the beach somewhere. Recon got in a fight with someone in the mess tent and we all got nailed with either smoke grenades or the MPs tear gassed us. Rumor was we got sent back out to the field early because we were out of control. DRAGOONS !!!!!!!! Seaside, Oregon plines[at]
12/24/2009 Wayne Jackson,  I would like to wish all my brothers a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Special thanks to my brother in "A" company, 3rd Platoon. Retired LTC Flex (Buddy) Williams, Byron Gwin, Paul Mims,Joe Balla, Juilo Leon, and John (Sam) Jones. Ogden, Utah Vietnam68[at]
12/27/2009 Jim Carmichael Co. B 3/8 4th Infantry 68-69 It was an honor for me to be able to share breakfast with Brother Ed Goehring a few mornings ago. Ed was my area visiting his son and we got together and it was a very rewarding experience. <br> <br>Happy Holidays to all my brothers. Ravenswood, West Virginia jimmiesoldtimephotos[at]
1/9/2010 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Brothers, I wish to share an amazing story. This evening My wife and I went to our Local Cracker Barrel Restaurant, for dinner.I was wearing My colors as Usual, and My wife was getting us a table. a Woman walked up to me, and ask If I had eaten yet? I responded no, and she handed me a Roll of money, and said thank you for what you've done. Since years have passed since any woman has hit on me, I truly believe she was Thanking Me, for my service. My, Have times changed! Coopersburg,Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
1/10/2010 michael scott attached to c company 3/8 forward  observer was the forward observer fo c company 3/8 from aug 66 to july 67 elmer city wa 99124 gwhitelaw9[at]
1/14/2010 Tommy Freitas, PVT, Army Lost his battle with cancer on Dec. 10th 2009 <br>Intered at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific and off shore W.Y.C. <br>He was 62yrs old <br>He will be missed! <br>R.I.P. Honolulu, Hawaii hicanvas[at]
1/14/2010 Tommy Freitas, Dak to Hills - Central Highlands 67-68 Tommy "Freddy" Freitas, PVT, Army <br>Lost his battle with cancer on Dec. 10th 2009 <br>Intered at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific and off shore W.Y.C. <br>He was 62yrs old <br>He will be missed! <br>R.I.P. Honolulu, Hawaii hicanvas[at]
1/28/2010 Edward hodges  3/8inf4th div  !968-1969 Hi good to look at the pics brings back a lot. goshen Ohio edbuffalo[at]
2/10/2010 Bill Perkins C/3/8  3/67--2/68 42 years where did the time go. 2/10/68 2 WIA and 1KIA. Some made the ultimate sacrifice. I miss them all because they never had the chances that the rest of us got. <br>Scotty: I remember "humping the hills" with you and your RTO. Glad your still with us. St.Louis,MO. purpleheart268[at]
2/21/2010 Sidney M. Crawford, B Company, 11/67-11/68 I've only recently learned of the existence of this site. In looking at those who died, I saw that Michael Hare, a medic, was listed as a member of "A" Company. That's not true. He was the medic for the first platoon of "B" Co., and I was his platoon leader. "A" Co. was going to make a push up the ridge line back in March of '68, and they were short one medic. Michael was "the volunteer" who was loaned to "A" Co. for that mission. For the weeks and days before that fatal day, he was never very far away from me as his platoon leader. The night before we carried out the air assault into what later became known as "FB Incoming," we were near a landing strip beside a Special Forces Camp west of Kontum, and he talked about his impending return home and his sister's wedding (he only had a couple months until discharge). He slept in the bunker next to me on FB Incoming. Unfortunately, he died near the end of March while attending to wounded in an ambush while loaned to "A" Co. If he had remained with me, he would be alive today, but he'll always be a member of "B" Co., 3/8 Infantry. <br> <br>In 8 & 1/2 months in the field as a platoon leader, he was my only fatality. I've never quite forgiven myself because I wasn't there and maybe, just maybe, I could have prevented it, and he could have gone home and attended his sister's wedding. Mulberry, Florida beccraw[at]
2/25/2010 jerry d, yearry b co. 3/8   67- 68 lt. sid crawford's RTO murray,ky. 42071 donyearry[at]
2/27/2010 Dan Maguire 3/8  A company Medic 1967 I was a medic for A Company 3rd battalion, 8th Infantry. I was wounded in the battle of Dak To hill 724 on November 7th 1967. Would like to hear from others in that battle. Elk Grove, California danthemansr2[at]
2/28/2010 Sidney M. Crawford, B Company, 11/67-11/68 I have, since I started this quest less than 4 weeks ago, located Lt. Dale Nurnberg (60), the 2nd Platoon Leader; Lt. Dean Plager (61), the 3rd Platoon Leader; and Lt. Terry Falck (62), the 4th Platoon Leader for B Co. during the time period beginning late Nov. '67. In addition, I located Don "Jerry" Yearry (my RTO), who took care of me while I made the transition from being a "new guy" to the 1st Platoon Leader. I also managed to make contact with Skip "Doc" Sullivan, my last medic. Skip and I helped take care of Dean Plager the last time he was wounded. Dean never learned to duck and back then, it was three strikes and you are out. I'm still attempting to find Ron Collins, our CO. <br> <br>I'm sure that all of you who may read this understand that only those of us who were truly "brothers" can totally understand the conversations that we have had, but it has been incredible talking to all of these guys after 42 years. I think we range in age from 61 to 72, but the amazing thing, given where we were and when we were there, is that we are all still alive and able to reminisce about our experiences. The six of us who have talked live in 6 different states so it is not impossible to connect with a little effort. For those of you who have not made the attempt, reach out and you might have the same experience that I have had. It truly has been a once in a lifetime experience. Mulberry, Florida beccraw[at]
3/3/2010 Buddy Williams It has been 41 years today that I lost many brothers. I am proud and honored to have a brotherhood of so many fine men like Sam,Paul Emmitt,Wayne,Julio and Dave. We will never forget!!! I am also thankful today because today I was able to contact Mike Buckley. West Columbia, S.C. grits57[at]
3/4/2010 George  This is to let everyone in A co know that on April 19th 2010 in Wash. DC Larry Poore's name will be added to the "In Memory" program at a ceremony to take place at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Larry was a machine gunner with 3rd plt. and he passed away on Feb.8th 2008. With the help of his wife and family I was able to submit all the paper work to show that he died of complications due to Agent Orange. Myself as well as Johnnie Bing and Alan Linford will be there for this ceremony. His Wife Velma and daughter are also going to try to attend. Just wanted to let anyone that knew Larry be aware of this. <br>God Bless all our brothers Stoneham Ma Gcostastoneham[at]
3/4/2010 Kenneth England (Nephew of Michael England, A/3/8 March 1969 My name is Kenneth England and I am the nephew of Michael England. I was only 6 when Uncle Mike was killed and donÆt have many memories of him. Looking for more information. <br>Uncle Mike was the youngest of 6 children and the only one that still lived at home. My grandfather (his dad), died within 9 months of MikeÆs death and we all know that the grief of MikeÆs death took a serious toll on him. <br> <br>My dad, Robert, has always wondered about the exact circumstances of MikeÆs death. I have kind of made it part of my mission in life to get some of those answers for him. <br> <br>In April of 2008, we were able to make a trip to DC to spend a little time at the Wall to honor Uncle Mike. If possible, IÆd like to get some information from you. <br> <br>Thank you for your service to our country.  Watkinsville, GA kengland[at]
3/6/2010 John (Sam) Jones,  A Co 68-69 Forty one years ago on March 3rd 1969 Alpha Co lost 21 brave young men. On the 4th of March we lost another 7 young men that I know of. The true casualty numbers will never be known. These men will forever be young in our minds and will never be forgotten. Dadeville, AL Bhm1srj[at]
3/11/2010 SP4 Michael Joseph McCarron A/3/8  KIA 3-9-70 40 years ago my cousin lost his life in a far away country. I was 16 when I attended his funeral in Alexandria,Va. That is something I will never forget.His Mom & Dad never got over it. I think about Mike often,especially during my son's 2 deployments (USMC) to Iraq. Rest in peace Mike and know that you will never be forgotten. Panama City,Fl. mcca[at]
3/24/2010 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Brothers, and other interested people. I've just learned of a free Book , Handed Out , By The Military Order Of the Purple Hearts. The Title , Is "Tears of a Warrior" and it deals with a subject Near and Dear to all of us. P.T.S.D. There is a $9.10 Charge, for shipping & Handling Below Is the Link, to order Your copy. <br> <br><br>ars-of-a-Warrior%3A-A-Family%27s-Story-of-Combat-b<br>y-Janet-and-Anthony-Seahorn.html <br> <br>This Book Might help you, or your family members to know why you do what We all Do! God Bless You all Coopersburg, Pa..  Gcoopersburg[at]
3/26/2010 John Gleason brother of Dennis Gleason 3/8 E.Co. 3/26/68 42 years..there are times when it seems like yesterday.Miss you Bro.You are all in my prayers. <br> <br>'When they come I will stand my ground . <br>Stand my ground I'll not be afraid. <br>Thoughts of home take away my fear, <br>Sweat and blood hide my veil of tears. <br>Once a year say a prayer for me, <br>Close your eyes and remember me.' <br>"Sgt MacKenzie lament" Teaneck, New Jersey gleason3[at]
3/28/2010 Bud Roach  C//1/22  1967-68 I was with the C/1/22 during the last week of April 1968. We were engaged in the Battle of Chu Moor Mountain. The 3/8 was also involved. If you are a veteran of this battle and are interested, you are invited to the1/22 survivors of Chu Moor meeting in Branson MO July 22, 23, 24. Contact me by e-mail for information---list Chu Moor in the subject line. Whitewright, TX reg10bud[at]
3/30/2010 Don Fields  B 3/8   '68-'69 Welcom Home to all my Brothers <br> <br>Senate Passes Welcome Home Day <br>Week of March 29, 2010 <br> <br>A resolution introduced by U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, encouraging communities across the nation to establish "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day" was passed unanimously by the Senate. The resolution designates March 30, 2010, as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day," to honor the return home of our armed servicemembers after serving in Vietnam. For more information on the War in Vietnam, including educational materials, visit the U.S. Army in Vietnam, the Virtual Vietnam Archive, the Public Broadcasting Service's Battlefield Vietnam webpage, the Vietnam War Bibliography, and the Gravel Edition of The Pentagon Papers. <br> <br>Find ways to support and honor U.S. military servicemembers and veterans who protect our security and freedom. Visit the Support our Troops webpage. Buxton, Maine stolenfields[at]
3/30/2010 ALERT LLAUGER, Mortars, 9/67-9/68 I am honored that today is "Welcome Home Viet Nam Veterans Day". <br>I welcome you home and my thoughts are with you. Kingston, N.Y. alb27329[at]
4/14/2010 Kevin Leonard, B Co. 3/8, 1969 Anybody heard anything on possible dates for the Branson MO reunion in 2011? I've heard that a couple of the guys have to put their time off in a year in advance. San Antonio, TX kevinleonard50[at]
4/22/2010 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  I would both like to thank Brother George( Doc ) Costa, and enlighten our brotherhood, about the VVMF Memorial Book , Program. Mary & I had the Honor, & Privilege, to participate with the Ceremony , April 19, 2010 when 97 HeroÆs were inducted to the memorial. This program, is to honor Veterans, that die from Vietnam Issues, and yet donÆt meet the criteria to have their name placed on the ôWALLö <br> Doc Costa, did the necessary paper work, to get his BrotherÆs Name memorialized at this program. I think we should give Doc a Big Hoo Ra, for a Job well done. A wise man once said, ô A man is not gone, till heÆs forgotten.ö Sgt. Larry Poore, Your are not forgotten. Coopersburg< Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
4/23/2010 Darrell Holbrook,  Brothers I was PSG 2nd Platoon. Back on Jan.20, 2009 John Kell posted here about a book being written about our participation in Cambodia.That book "Tweleve Days in May" is now completed. The 3-506th 101st Airborne was Opcon to us during that time. Thier historian wrote this book (his 3rd)to honor all of those involved. I know quite a bit of our history during my time, before my time and after and wish it was recorded more for the general public and our families. Please visit to read more information, there is a reunion about to take place to coincide with the book release. <br>Also if you want to post a comment on the 3-506th board, please do so, you will see I have posted several. Those 3-506th guys and the 4ID go back to D-Day and one of their own is writing history for us. As John said back in 2009 it is history worth recording. <br>Aside message: Platoon Leader "Horse" if you happen on this message one day, please post. Most of your Platoon got better at poker over all these years and want a chance to win our MPC back. <br>God Bless everyone of you Ivy Dragoons. What an honor it was to serve with you and to have been a member of a unit who fought gallanty throughout our Vietnam years.   dh485[at]
4/23/2010 Chuck Gutierrez brother of Marty Gutierrez D/3/8 1969-70 Was surfing the net and found your site. Wasn't sure if this was my brother's unit during the war. Gave him a call and quizzed him about it. After 40 years he couldn't quite remember, but I remembered a story he told me years ago about Charlie Singleton KIA 7/70. So I looked up his name on the wall web site and found the unit info. Called him back and told what I found. He remembered then. I told him about your site and read some the names off your roster. He said he recognized some of the names. If any of you remember my bro Marty M-60 machine gunner in D Co. Please drop me a line by e-mail I believe he would like to hear from some of you guys. He's got nothing but time since he retired. Alameda, CA charlesgutierrez7[at]
4/30/2010 dennis badger 2nd plt. b co 3/8th 68-69 We lost a good man on may 1st 1969. lt Richard Sly. He was my platoon leader for a while. He was plt for the 1st when he got hit in a vill just west of Kontum. He was a great leader and friend! Dennis {Badge} badger kansas city Mo. badger3442[at]
5/6/2010 Darrell Holbrook, C Co. 1970 On this date 40 years ago May 6, 1970 we lost Cpt. Robert L. Phillips at the battle of LZ Phillips during the Cambodian incursion. Never to be forgotten. Springboro, Ohio dh485[at]
5/11/2010 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers, As Chairman of the scholarship fund, I wish to remind all the brother hood, of the Opportunity to, apply for a $500.00 dollar scholarship for your FamilyÆs Students. Information, will be included in the IVY DISPATCH, soon to be mailed, But consider this a heads up! Applications, can be obtained, by contacting Me, Two scholarships, will be awarded yearly. also, any Brother's family member is eligible, for Nationals Scholarship , to be found on the Links portion of our Web site. <br>Please complete the application quickly as the award will be made in July. Coopersburg,Pa Gcoopersburg[at]
5/20/2010 John Kell, C/3/8 1970 Hi guys, <br> <br>Its been a long time since I made a comment in our guest book. This year is my 40th and it makes you wonder where all those years when and how fast, too. <br> <br>The State of Wisconsin is putting on a Vietnam Veterans welcome home this weekend at Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packer this weekend. My wife and I are going as well as friends I served with from Iowa. This is very special for me as the brother of one of my brothers who was KIA the day I was shot and his wife are going, too. It is a very emotional to say the least. One of the Moving Walls will be there, too, so I'm making posters for all six KIAs from my company to a face and to a name and let them know that we will never forget any of them. <br> <br>I know 40 years is way too late but just the same I will be there to be welcomed home and welcome home every vet I can. You are all invited and you can get details from or call me at (715) 572-2654. If there is anyone who served in Vietnam and didn't get welcomed home by another vet then WELCOME HOME FROM ME. I love all you guys and you all deserve it. Thanks for being there with me and everyone else who served, no matter what year or what branch of the service or what you did when you were there. Amherst WI 54406 kell.john[at]
5/28/2010 Jack Concannon C/3/8 1967 And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me and I'll proudly stand next to him to defend her still today, 'cuz there ain't no doubt I love this land, god bless the USA. -Lee Greenwood <br> <br>Have a safe "Memorial Day" weekend. Braintree, Massachusetts jconca5279[at]
5/30/2010 Buddy Williams, A Company 1968-1969 When I think or speak of my fallen brothers tears come to my eyes. I believe Whashington Irving said it best. "There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love."I know through letters, emails, and phone calls with their families their service and sacrifices will not be forgotten! West Columbia, S.C. grits57[at]
5/31/2010 Kevin Leonard B Co 3/8 Inf 1969 Joseph E. Muench, KIA 4 OCT 69: Its been many years since you left us, but those of us who were honored to serve with you have always remembered you and will never forget. San Antonio, Texas kevinleonard50[at]
5/31/2010 Aaron Collins  C-3-12th Inf   Aug68-Aug69 In Memory of and to honor all those who gave the utmost Mar69 Greenfield Ma. aecol[at]
5/31/2010 Bill Newcomb E company 68-69 As we remember those that didn't come home, I know what would make them happiest to hear. That they made the lives of us that did get home better. Since 1969 problems have never seemed as bad and each sunrise should be celebrated. Our friends never got the chance to feel depressed, so why would we . Think of the things that have happeed to us since our return, so many futures died. The meaningful Tribute to our lost friends is to enjoy each breath we have had since.   newk2[at]
6/17/2010 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Question, Are any of Dragoon brotherhood Planning on attending the Vietnam Veterans Reunion, In Kokomo In. Sept. 17 ,18, 19, 1010 as I am? hoping to meet some brothers their. Coopersburg, Pa.  Gcoopersburg[at]
6/26/2010 Ed Sleichert .  Ed. I'll be in Kokomo. I go on Saturday only. <br>I'll be watching for you. The 4th I.D. always has a good out, 60+ guys See you there. Chicago, Il esly48[at]
6/26/2010 Grady Davis  I hope to go to Andersonville, GA, 9/16, thru 19. But if I do not I will try to make it to Kokomo. The POW museum is in Andersonville. Hope to ride there with Indiana Chapter 6 of Rolling Thunder Princeton. IN grady.davis[at]
6/30/2010 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Tonight I received a Phone call, from Ron Collins, Brother Of John Collins, (K.I.A. 11/11/67, Hill 724) He ask me if I knew whom had visited JohnÆs Grave, on the Apollo , Pa. Cemetery, today. (6/29/2010) He said the Grounds keeper talked with this person, and learned He, and John, were together when John Died. If this mystery person, reads this, and wishes to come forward, Ron would really like to talk with you. If you wish to remain anonymous, I truly understand. Thank you for visiting Johns grave, and remembering. A wise Man, once said.ö A person, is not really gone till their forgottenö We Dragoons, will never forget! Coopersburg,  Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
7/10/2010 Robert A Rutherford. 3/12 USMC Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan I'm a friend of Edward Goehring, Chairman of the Ivy Dragoon Scholarship Fund. Just sending my best regards to all of the men and women of our Armed Forces. <br> <br>I'm currently enlisted in the Marine Corps stationed in Okinawa. Mullica Hill, NJ Rutherfordr[at]
7/23/2010 Mark Butler, C 3/8, 67 Remembering those killed from C company 3/8, 3rd platoon, July 23, 67. Yorba Linda, California lancewood[at]
8/21/2010 3/8 Inf. A&D Co. '67-68 Every once in a while I will try to find our man, Paulette(Texas) and a friend of mine Jack Byer(s) Missouri. Any help would be appreciated. Paulette must be a ghost. Columbia, TN ballarddavidr[at]
8/23/2010 Tom Toepper Thanks to Joe Travnik, I became aware of this web site. It brings back both great and sad memories of Vietnam. I plan on attending 2011 reunion in Branson,Missouri. Tiffin, Ohio tetoepp[at]
8/24/2010 Ron Bova , Battalion Hq 1/8 inf 4th div, 1966-67 Served in Viet Nam as Battaion S-1 Clerk, Left Ft Lewis on USNS Gordon arrived in country Oct 66. Houston, TX rabova[at]
8/25/2010 Tom Toepper  B Co. 3/8 Oct.68-Sept.69 Fantastic web site!! Tiffin, Ohio tetoepp[at]
8/28/2010 JERRY PARKS searching for john schmidt & dennis malick who served with my father richard w. parks jr. at fort carson colorado from 1975 to 1978 would like to reconnect with them. i have been searching for over 30 years. would really like to find them after all these years.e-mail me with any info. MONONGAHELA, PA RINGGOLDKID[at]WEBTV.NET
9/1/2010 Eric Sly son of 1LT Richard Sly B/3/8 68-69 Hello, I am the son of 1LT Richard Sly who died 01May69. I was curious if there is anyone out there that remembered serving with my father? If anyone would like to contact me feel free to. My email is accuracy1313[at]   accuracy1313[at]
9/17/2010 Jim White, C/3/8 '68-'69 Just happened to notice in the September issue of VFW Magazine that Delta Co. Brother, and fellow Ivy Dragoon, Ken Howe was among the VFW group of Purple Heart recipients selected to travel back to Nam in late April. Very cool Ken! Nice photo in the magazine too! Hope you had a great experience! Idaho City, ID jimandlauren3[at]
9/19/2010 Dr. John C. McManus Greetings Ivy Dragoons, <br>I want to let you know that my new book "Grunts: Inside the American Infantry Combat Experience, World War II through Iraq" is now out. The book's Dak To chapter includes much information on the 3/8 at Hill 724. I hope is that it is true to your experiences. My personal thanks to Steve Edmunds, Bill Vigil and many other veterans who provided me with great information. <br> <br>John McManus, Ph.D. <br>Associate Professor, US Military History <br>Missouri University of Science and Technology <br> St. Louis, MO jcmcelt[at]
9/20/2010 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People)  Brothers, As the Pennsylvania Dutch people would say, "The older I get, the behinder I Become" I should have this done, and I'm only starting. Returning Home from The Veterans Reunion, In Kokomo, In. last night, I realized, I didn't start our annual trip to lay a wreath, at THE WALL. well, I have started. anyone, who can , please join us, to lay a wreath during the VVMF program, at "THE Wall" On Veterans Day, Nov.11,2011 [at] 1300 Hrs.Every year, I Hope to have a different Representive lay a wreath, In Memory of our fallen. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
10/5/2010 John Kell, C/3/8 1970 For those applying for Social Security Disability benefits and having all kinds of problems, hold in there. It took me 3 denials and over 3 years before the Appeals Council finally sent my claim back to a new Administrative Law Judge. <br> <br>This last time was like a hot knife going through butter, no questions were asked and no new information was sent as far as I know. <br> <br>Proving PTSD to SSDI, even though the VA gave me 100% Individual Unemployability, can sometimes be a real bitch. <br> <br>If anyone needs some tips or wants someone to talk to, here I am. I was VA 100% disabled back to August 2004, over five years ago. Amherst WI 54406 kell.john[at]
11/10/2010 Matthew Llauger, Grandson of Al Llauger Thank you for serving for our country I give respect and I salute you all West Haverstraw, New York lotoad[at]
11/11/2010 Randy Hitchins - Brother of Lt Lloyd Hitchins KIA 12/13/67 Thinking of the Ivy Dragoons <br> <br>Thanks Gentlemen for the Freedoms I enjoy today Champaign, Illinois rlhitchi[at]
11/11/2010 Steve Pannell CoB 3/8th 43 years ago today on Hill 724, the worst day of my life I recon. Prayers sent for those 21 brave men who gave it all that day and for all the guys whoever and where ever you are. Seems like yesterday and yet so far away. Euless, Texas slpent[at]
11/24/2010 Badge Bco 3/8th 68-69 Remembering the great airbourne turkey drop, thanksgiving 1968, Idrang valley {lz vera]. <br> I want to wish you a happy thanksgiving and a merry xmas November seems to be a bad month in vietnam. My older brothers on hill 724, my brothers in the idrang 68 and my younger brothers after. For all the guys we lost. For those who survied, you will always be in my heart. <br> Badge belton, mo. badger3442[at]
11/30/2010 Doc Nagl, HHC, BCo, & CCo  65-67 (CRUISE PERSON) ATTENTION RECON PLATOON. <br>I was in the neighborhood so I took a chance & stopped at Jim Marner's home. No reply, but, as I stood waiting for an answer, a car pulled up & asked if they could help me. Low & behold, it was Jim's wife & son. They told me that he was right up the street at the shopping center. I jumped in my vehicle & proceeded with caution. as I walked into the establishment, his wife had given him a heads up & was still on the phone. He turned & said, here he is now. Well, it was GREAT, not the Jim Marner I expected. Still a chaterbox, with a sense of humor. Itroduced me to a couple of his friends as a former comrade in arms. We exchanged #'s, & vowed to get together in the near future. I told him that our meeting made my day. He said the same. What a GREAT feeling that was, making contact with a long lost Brother. Fallston, MD imaregalia[at]
12/21/2010 Richard Bowie, Co A, 67-68 Its been a lot of years, but a friend told me about this site, brings back a lot of memories Harrison AR snooze2003[at]
12/20/2010 Roy Nussbaum HHC & D Co.  8/67-9/68 43 years ago today, Dec. 20th 1967 and still not forgotten and never will be. Lt. Col Glen D. Belnap, (Saber), Sgt. Maj. Herbert Roberts Jr. and the others. Agoura Hills, Ca s5roy[at]
12/23/2010 Monte'Doc' Lunde  C 3/8 67-68  It is great reading these notes from all of you. It brings sad/happy tears,these memories. I hope I see all you Charlie Co. guys and families in Branson this summer. I will be 43 years March 26th that I got hit on FB 14/Incoming . I pray daily for the souls of those who did not make it and for us who were so fortunate to come home. Everyone of has had some tough times adjusting but those who are not here would be proud of us, I'm sure. I think I'll cook up some ham& you know what on Christmas Day just get it all in perspective. I love you all, go with God. Merry Christmas. Doc Lunde Franklin, WI doclunde[at]
1/7/2011 Maggie Blair Great website... came on to this website because a fellow soldier who served with my great uncle James Calvin Whitmore invited me.. Thanks everyone who served this beautiful country. Anyone who served with my uncle it would be a honor to hear from you,feel free to email me LaGrange,Ohio ginny_chip[at]
1/19/2011 John Kell, C/3/8 1970 My wife Sherry and I just returned from our long trip to Atlanta and watching our Green Bay Packers get one step closer to the Super Bowl. The next day, after the game, we went to Oxford GA and visited the family of Captain Robert Phillips, KIA 06 MAY 1970 in Cambodia. We had a very nice time with Claude and Jean Phillips, Bob's parents, brothers John and Charlie and John's wife Polly. We all had a great time remembering Bob and found some closure in the process. We went out of our way to make this visit because we will never forget those we couldn't bring home alive. I wasn't in Cambodia, because for some unknown reason the Army allowed to go on R&R in Hawaii. On my return I visited Lt Frank Brokaw in the Pleaku evac hospital; he was WIA when Captain Phillips was KIA. <br> <br>The Phillips family asked if anyone remembers their son, to please contact them by phone or email. Email me and I'll get you their contact information. <br> <br>I want to ask all of you guys to try and make contact with the families of our KIAs. I know this is very emotional for all those involved but in most cases I've found that these families have little if any information about how they died or worse that the information they were given wasn't close to being the truth. <br> <br>There is a new book by Jerry Berry, Twelve Days in May that covers the events of our incursion into Cambodia. I haven't read it yet but the Phillips thought it was very good. Also, I'm reading The Thirteenth Valley which is out of print. Amherst WI 54406 kell.john[at]
1/21/2011 Michael Boxer [ D 3/8th Oct68-Oct69] Sorry for tardiness, Happy New Year to all and wishes for a healthy year for all. Been some time since I posted. Staten island, NY ssgmike.ivy[at]
2/7/2011 Michael Cates  CoA, COMBAT ENG. 1/68--1/69 I was wondering if there was anyone out there who was from the 4th Combat engineers bn.. I was assigned to the 3/8 infantry div.. Be nice to hear from someone Cincinnati Ohio Mcates260[at]
2/18/2011 Steve Edmunds, C/3/8 5/67-5/68 I am in the process of beginning research for my second book with Naval Institute Press, a venerable publishing house based in Maryland that specializes in military history. This book will recount the 4th Infantry Division's remarkable campaign near the Cambodia border in May of 1967, the oft cited but scarcely covered ôNine Days in May.ö Regrettably, little is known and even less has been written about the valorous and ultimately victories campaign waged by the soldiers of the unheralded Fighting Fourth near the Cambodian border over that nine day span in May of 1967. I would like to rectify that historical injustice. In order to fulfill that mandate, I will need to interview as many 3/8 veterans of that May 1967 campaign (Operation Francis Marion) as possible. As is my custom, all interviews will be conducted in a manner commensurate with the utmost regard for the sensitivities and sensibilities of the veterans who have agreed to speak with me. Serving as the custodian of a soldierÆs experiences and assuming the responsibility of chronicling those experiences for the benefit of posterity is not a responsibility I assume lightly or frivolously. To date, I have made a number of contacts in the 1/8 and 3/12 of the 4th Inf. Div. I have made several contacts with the 3/8. If you would like to participate in the telling of the 3/8's battle on May 26th, 1967, please let me her from you. <br>Thank you for time and support, <br>Warren Wilkins <br>warren.wilkins@threatswatch.orgrren <br> <br>You may, also, contact Steve Edmunds to let him know you would like to participate if you do not have access to emailàcall 949-294-6981  Diamond  Bar, CA edmundsdb[at]
2/19/2011 Bob Dow (pilot) Mortars 3/8  1967 To Albert Llauger: Hey Al, I just saw your name and thoughtful comments. I'm glad you made it home. Wisconsin Rapids Wi bnjdow[at]
2/11/2011 Bill Perkins C/3/8 Mar. 67 - Feb 68 As I sit here in St.louis drinking coffee and hoping the will dissappear. My mind flashes back to Feb 68 when My squad walked into an ambush. In the first contact Lee Findley was WIA and Max was KIA. After 11 months in the bush I thought I was John Wayne and open fire. As you can guess there was more than one NVA out there and the little bastard shot me. 43 years and the mental and physical pain is still there. Let us all pray for the Ivymen in harms way in Iraq and Afganastan. "never forget the price of freedom" St.Louis, MO purpleheart268[at]
2/24/2011 Jim Ahearn I never served but have had the privilege to be Rich Linneman's friend for 47 years.In response to one of my questions he mentioned this site;which is one of the few times he has ever referred to his service time.I was married during the time he spent in Viet Nam and he still kids me about not receiving an invitation.I have always replied that it must have been lost in the mail;ironic since I retired from the Post Office.When I see these pictures it really hits home how much Rich,and all service men and women,have sacrificed for all of us.Thank you all. Clearwater,FL jahearn7[at]
3/4/2011 Rhonda Reynolds Twenty-one years ago my life was greatly blessed with the friendship of Byron Adams [ D 3/8th Oct68-Oct69] and his lovely wife Debbie. Through the years Byron had shared with me about his time in Vietnam. I had always been very interested in that time period and was honored that he would share such personal stories. It wasnÆt until recently did I realize what March 5th meant to Bryon and all the men of Delta Company. My daughter had to do a report for school on a Veteran and she knew it was Byron's story she wanted to tell. It was in listening to the interview with Bryon, reading ByronÆs memoirs, reading ôOperation Wayne Grey, March 1969ö by John F. Bauer, and looking at the pictures posted on this website that I have come to understand more about what those men went through but alsoà..I understood I would never ôfully understandö. I told Bryon that in looking at the pictures posted here I was amazed that most of the guys didnÆt even have chest hair yet. I said they all looked so young. As Bryon said, ôWe wereö. I want to thank every one of the men who fought in Vietnam. Thank you for not running away when your country called. My DaughterÆs report is finished and turned into her teacher. So now, 42 years later, a Junior class in a little Adams County, Indiana school by the name of Adams Central is getting to hear the story of Byron Adams and Delta Company and what happened on that day of March 5, 1969. They are learning that Steve Dundas and Wayne Bernoska were 2 of the men who never made it back home. And at the end of the report they too will have come to understand a little more about the Vietnam War. Thank you Bryon for sharing your story of Delta Company 3rd Battalion 8th infantry 4th infantry division and for telling the story for the men who never made it home.  Decatur, Indiana rhondareynolds[at]
3/7/2011 Rickey Parker, D 3/8, 69 - 70 It was good to find this association. I am sure you all remember what this week means to us. I thank everyone on Hill 947,those that gave there lives and those that lived. I am honered to have served with you all. I would like to know if anyone knows anything about Kenneth Steel (Steele) from Texas or Kenneth Stuts also from Texas. Thanks again and God Bless. Alvarado, Texas WandaParker1055[at]
3/7/2011 Buddy Williams, A Company 68-69 As the 3rd & 4th of March passed this year I was unable to use a computer to say we must remember our brothers that were lost and be thankful for our brothers that we will share time with during July in Branson. They are such good friends and special Americans. West Columbia S.C. grits57[at]
3/10/2011 SP4 Michael Joseph McCarron,A/3/8, KIA 3-9-70 It has been another year since you paid the ultimate sacrifice. We think about you often and your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Rest in peace. Panama City, Fl. mcca[at]
3/13/2011 Dan  I am trying to locate Sergeant Eddie O. Ingram who was with "A" co. 3rd Batt., 8th Inf. in the battle of Dak To on hill 724 Nov. 7, 1967 Elk Grove, California danthemansr2[at]
3/21/2011 Jay Donoghue (Howdy), 4th Avn. Bn, '67-'68 As a Blackjack driver I provided support to the brave men taking ground all around Dak To. I salute all of you for the jobs you did in one of the scariest places I ever saw. Silver Spring, MD jayadonoghue[at]
3/26/2011 John Gleason brother of Dennis Gleason 3/8 E.Co. 3/26/68 Hey Bro, 43 years today, seems like yesterday. You are still greatly missed, the whole family says hello. <br>My thoughts and prayers to the other men killed and wounded that night, and my best wishes to those who made it back home. You are not forgotten or ever taken for granted. Teaneck, New Jersey jjg1200hd[at]
3/27/2011 Steve Edmunds, C/3/8 5/67-5/68 7th Ivy Dragoons Reunion to be held July 28-30, 2011 in Branson, MO. For more information and registration form, click on the Sit Reps page or email me: edmundsdb[at] Diamond Bar, CA edmundsdb[at]
4/13/2011 Michael Boxer D 3/8th Oct 68-Oct 69 It seems so long ago those days in March 1969 on Hill 947 but yet at times it can be today. THe brothers we lost are always with us along with those who made it home. I am lucky to have in my life some of those Ivy brothers from way back when still part of my life. To those who are apart of my life in even a small way I say " tahnk You" and to those who we left on that hill I say " We will meet again one day" OUr brotherhood will always be "steadfast & loyal' Staten island New York ssgmike.ivy[at]
4/16/2011 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers, Time is drawing near for the Dragoons to pass out our scholarship to Our future generation. I think we all feel it's a great way to remember Our Fallen brothers. For Info, or an application, please contact Me. Hope to see all in Branson, at the reunion in July. God Bless you all Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
5/9/2011 Ed. Sleichert,   B & E Cos. 3/8 Inf.  68-69 42 yrs ago today. Remembering the brave men on LZ Penny. Chicago, Il. esly48[at]
5/14/2011 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers, of the 3/8th, A author, Warren Wilkison, Is writing a book about the Involvement of 1/8, 3/8, and 2/12 Infantry units, in the action Known as "The Nine Days in May." He will call you, and do a personal Interview by phone.He has interviewed Many veterans from both the 1/8th, and the 2/12th, But is having difficulty finding enough to interview from the Dragoons. Brothers, this was a major battle in Vietnam, We won the Presidential Unit Citation, Please Get the information you know placed into written form, so history won't forget Our sacrifice. I have been interviewed, and It wasn't at all painful! Please e-mail me, for Warrens E-address. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
5/29/2011 Jim White C/3/8  68-69 Blessed Memorial Day to all my Brothers. Wish I could make it to Branson this year, but probably not in the cards...times are tight...will be thinking of you guys! Steadfast & Loyal! Idaho City, ID jimandlauren3[at]
5/30/2011 Gilbert K. Taeger 67-68 4th Inf. 1/12 HHC 4.2 Mortars we had FO's in each line compancy A,B,C and D. I would love to hear from any of you all.   maz916[at]
5/30/2011 Kevin Leonard My wife and I went to the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Fort Sam Houston Cemetery today and spent a good amount of time thinking about 2nd Platoon, B Company. Although some of our brothers didn't make it back, they and their families are definitely in our hearts and our thoughts. Joe Muench will be with me forever and I wish his family and friends the best this day and everyday. I look forward to seeing you all in Branson in July. San Antonio TX kevinleonard50[at]
6/2/2011 Gerald McGinnis / C Company, 3rd/8th Infantry, 4th Inf. Hello everyone, hope you are doing fine, I'm looking for some old friends - '67-'68' Ssgt. Carl King (WIA), Victor Coronado, Isidro "Pete' Gastelo,(WIA) Lt. Rad Dutton, also a man named 'Shears' that was severally wounded from Alabama - this is all the info I have on him. All were with C Company, 3rd/8th, 4th Inf. Division 1968 Knoxville, TN pastor[at]
6/4/2011 George Clark   HHC 3/8 Inf. 6/1969 to 7/1970 6/5/2011 I wish I would have know about this web site sooner I think this is GREAT and I would like Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glen Burnie  Md 21061 grouchyclark[at]
6/12/2011 Dan R. Vaughn Jr. 196 LIB 68-69 I served in the infantry in Vietnam and returned home only to suffer from PTSD even until now. I was able to talk myself out of ending my dreams of hell many times. Seeing news reports of so many new vets returning home, only to end their lives, finally drove me to write a book (My Life, My Hell This GruntÆs Journey Back to the World). I wrote it as an outreach to my fellow Vietnam Veterans and our new returning veterans in order to help them heal from PTSD, for their families and friends to understand why we suffer. I also charge America to give Korean and Vietnam Veterans the long overdue respect and honor deserved for their service. The book can be located on the net by searching my complete name. Bridgeport, Alabama drvaughn196lib[at]
7/8/2011 Dan  I am trying to locate Sgt. Eddie O. Ingram who was in "A" company at the battle of Dak To November 1967. I would guess he is 70-80 years old.   danthemansr2[at]
7/9/2011 John Kell, C/3/8 1970 Today we remember Butch Thelen and Sonny Bossier who were both KIA 41 years ago today on 09 JUL 1970. They were both brand new Shake and Bake Sergeants running squads in third platoon and had only 41 days in country. I was WIA that day and bought my ticket home. They were the last KIAs in C/3/8 but there were several more WIAs after me. Two Squad leaders and the platoon RTO, the enemy had it good that day as far as Command and Control goes. There were four others KIA during my 6 months and a couple of days In Country and I also remember them, today. I won't say my life was a bed of roses after Vietnam having undiagnosed PYTSD for 34 years but I still consider them a blessing/bonus just because I'm still alive. They aren't but they will never grow old in our minds and we won't let others forget what they and all our KIAs did for this country. God Bless the USA. Amherst WI kell.john[at]
7/24/2011 Steven O'Neal.   son of Survivor from hill 947 I'm 36 years old, my dad has told me and my older brother through out our lives about his memories from this battle. He was a grunt and he has shown us photo's he took from a fox hole he was in. I remember him telling us about the flare canister hitting that soldier in the head, he saw it happen or was right there by him, and even told us about the death of Johnston , a long time ago when I was in jr high , I herd these stories. <br>He has pictures of a monkey hanging out with him and the monkey has a bottle whiskey drinking it. <br>As I read this history report in detail, it was like reading the the true story of my father, that I got to here from him long ago and throughout my life. <br>Very touching for me, thank you for having put this information out here, it really open my eyes to what my dad and so many others have lived through as a result from war. <br>My dad is my hero and always will be! Anna,Texas Oneal.323[at]
8/2/2011 Steve Edmunds C/3/8 67-68 Reunion AAR...Attending were 123 Brothers who served in the battalion between 1966-70 with 27 first time attendees. We had 250 for our banquet dinner including family members and guests. We gave (3) $500.00 scholarships. A GREAT reunion! The next one will be held <br>July 2013 at Pigeon Forge, TN. Diamond Bar, CA edmundsdb[at]
8/12/2011 gene gabrych company b 3/8  august 67 january 68 looking for someone who remembers me my nickname was tubby my squad leaders nickname was jd another guys name was jonnhy doller winona mn. gabbygabrych[at]
9/30/2011 Gary Phillips, B 3/8th  1969 This is an inquiry to events that happened in August or September , 1969, while with B 3/8th. I was a FNG and this was my first hump. I hardly got to know anyone. I remember Robert Phillips, as he and I had the same last name, John Alred ( he was also a FNG) and a fellow named Stone from Georgia or the Carolinas. <br> <br> <br>A tree fell on me or was blown down on me while on this hump. I never knew exactly what happened. When I came to a medic was talking to someone and said he was not messing around with a concussion and to get me to a hospital. A medivac chopper took me and two other guys out of the field. The gooks opened fire as the chopper was taking off. <br> <br>I went the the hospital at Quin Nhon and was examined for a concussion. <br> <br>I never returned to the field with 3/8th. I was sent to a security guard at Dragon Mountain for about three months(maybe that was rehab) and finished the rest of my tour with Delta 3/12th in AnKhe. <br> <br>Last year I filed a disability claim with the VA, got 30 per cent PTSD, I told them about the concussion and injuries to the back and shoulder from taking the tree hit. The VA said they had no record of me ever being treated. In conclusion, what I am asking is that if anyone knows the medic that was there or any other information, I would appreciate it. <br> <br> P. S. While at the reunion in Branson Mo., in hopes of meeting someone that served during that time and would remember something. ( My wife and I enjoyed ourselves and met some great people and plan on going to the next one in Tennessee ) but I did not know anyone there and they didn't know me. <br> <br>  Mayflower, AR gary[at]
10/7/2011 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Time is again drawing close to Lay our wreath , at "THE WALL" in Washington DC. on Veterans Day, to Honor our fallen. we will meet about 10;00 hrs, on the Lincoln Memorial side of "THE WALL". I have arranged for V.I.P. seating for our brotherhood. Please consider attending the Program On 11/11 2011, at 13:00 hrs. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
10/9/2011 Dan Shayotovich C Co 3/8th 4th ID 3/67-3/68 After 40+ years, I have been graced with the ability to communicate with my long missed Brothers. I feel a circle has been completed. Looking forward to seeing all again. I have always missed you and have always remembered our fallen Brothers. Love and profound respect to all my Brothers. Emery, SD  fultimin[at]
10/27/2011 Linda Mosby William H. Mosby, passed away 10/10/2011, Co. B <br>Schedule for Services: Thursday, 10/27/11, 5:30pm-7:30pm, Visitation w/ Family [at] Duncan Bros. Funeral Home, 428 NW 8th St.. Gainesville, FL. Saturday, 10/29/11, 10:00am, Services, Gateway Christian Center, 5135 NW 21st St. (Corner of 53rd AVE.) Gainesville, FL <br>Monday, 10/31/11, 11:00am, Interment, National Cemetary, Bushnell, FL. <br> <br>UPDATE: IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING SATURDAY SERVICES, REPAST WILL BE HELD AT HAISLEY LYNCH AMERICAN LEGION POST 16, 4701 NW 6TH STREET, GAINESVILLE. ANYONE WISHING TO BRING FOOD OR REFRESHMENTS PLEASE DO SO AND THANK YOU!!! W/ LOVE THE MOSBY FAMILY Gainesville, FL. LYNNMOS[at]
10/29/2011 David Rhea Ballard 3/8 inf A&D May 67/68 I think on this date 29 Oct 67 we CAed into that saddle A/D Co. in Dakto. Sent out two patrols. Jack Byer and I went away from saddle on the finger and another patrol went back past the saddle. They ran into the NVA and reinforcements formed and went down. Capt. Whitaker(?) was shot in the side and died on the operating table from shock. Starting at that moment we were in the battle for sure for awhile. Hello brothers. Columbia, TN ballarddavidr[at]
11/2/2011 Lt. David Newton, 2 plt,Co B, 3rd Bn, 8th Inf, 1970 Operated out of Anke and was platoon leader until 4th stood down then went to 512 trans because they needed Plt leaders with combat experience so ran the highways in the area the 4th operated in. Had a lot of great guys in my platoon and lost a few. <br>Hope to hear from a few of you. Spokane Valley, WA d-a-newton[at]
11/8/2011 Leland Patrick Finley, C/3/8, 1968 You are still rembered, I think of you most every day. <br>Jim Garing Huntington Beach, CA thegarings[at]
11/8/2011 Randy Hitchins Brother of Lt Lloyd Hitchins I want to say... Thank You for your sacrifices. <br>love you guys <br> <br>Randy and Ginger Hitchins Champaign, Illinois rlhitchi[at]
11/9/2011 Henry I'm looking for anyone that remembers/served with PFC Charles Henry Dyches, A CO, the first three months of 68 before he was killed March 30 of that same year. He was from Norway, SC, and as best I can tell, only names I know from that company at the same time would've been Ralph Haun, David Culp, Jr. (died the same day), and perhaps Bob Tribe? Charles Henry's mother passed away recently, and as she didn't speak much about the war, I, his nephew, finally was able to find some letters of his and am trying to put the story together for the rest of the family. Any help would be greatly appreciated (pictures, stories, etc)! Thank you so very much for your service to this country! South Carolina hwjsax[at]
11/10/2011 Jim White  C/3/8   68-69 Henry, Ralph Haun lives in California and we are in touch. I will send you his email address via yours. <br> <br>Happy Veterans Day to all My Brothers! Idaho City, ID jimandlauren3[at]
11/11/2011 Rhonda Reynolds On this Veterans Day 2011 I just wanted to say Thank You!! I know that doesn't even begin to touch the sacrifice you gave but it's the best I have. Decatur, IN rhondareynolds[at]
11/11/2011 David Ballard 3/8 A-D COs 67-68 Happy Veterans Day Columbia, TN ballarddavidr[at]
11/12/2011 Jim Bury  -  B Co -  67-68 Happy Veterans Day to all my Brothers out there. <br>So long ago, and yet it still feels like yesterday... Eureka, CA jimbury[at]
11/12/2011 mike foree delta co. 3/8 aug. 68 march 69 i would like to contact someone from our company inever new this site existed until 2 days ago i got wounded march 5 and 6 my number is 314 808 0737 someone please contact me osage beach missouri mike.foree[at]
11/13/2011 John Kell, C/3/8 1970 I will forward this as many times as necessary to keep her from receiving this award. <br> <br> <br> Barbara Walters said: <br> <br>Thank you all. Many died in Vietnam for our freedoms. I did not like Jane Fonda then and I don't like her now. <br> <br> <br>She can lead her present life the way she wants and perhaps SHE can forget the past, but we DO NOT have to stand by without comment and see her "honored" as a "Woman of the Century." <br> <br>(I remember this well) <br> <br>For those who served and/or died.. . . <br> <br>NEVER FORGIVE A TRAITOR. SHE REALLY WAS A TRAITOR!! <br> <br>and now President OBAMA wants to honor her......!!!! <br> <br>In Memory of LT. C..Thomsen Wieland who spent 100 days at the Hanoi Hilton [Famous North Vietnam Prison] <br> <br>IF YOU NEVER FORWARDED ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE FORWARD THIS SO THAT EVERYONE WILL KNOW!!!!!! <br> <br>A TRAITOR IS ABOUT TO BE HONORED. KEEP THIS MOVING ACROSS AMERICA <br> <br>This is for all the kids born in the 70's and after who do not remember, and didn't have to bear the burden that our fathers, mothers and older brothers and sisters had to bear. <br> <br>Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the '100 Women of the Century..' <br> <br>BARBARA WALTERS WRITES: <br>Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have never known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country, but specific men who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War. <br> <br> <br> The first part of this is from an F-4E pilot. The pilot's name is Jerry Driscoll, a River Rat. In 1968, the former Commandant of the USAF Survival School was a POW in Ho Lo Prison the ' Hanoi Hilton.' <br> <br>Dragged from a stinking cesspit of a cell, cleaned, fed, and dressed in clean PJ's, he was ordered to describe for a visiting American 'Peace Activist' the 'lenient and humane treatment' he'd received. <br> <br>He spat at Ms. Fonda, was clubbed, and was dragged away. During the subsequent beating, he fell forward on to the camp Commandant 's feet, which sent that officer berserk. <br> <br>In 1978, the Air Force Colonel still suffered from double vision (which permanently ended his flying career) from the Commandant's frenzied application of a wooden baton. <br> <br>From 1963-65, Col. Larry Carrigan was in the 47FW/DO (F-4E's). He spent 6 years in the ' Hanoi Hilton',,, the first three of which his family only knew he was 'missing in action'. His wife lived on faith that he was still alive. His group, too, got the cleaned-up, fed and clothed routine in preparation for a 'peace delegation' visit. <br> <br>They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the world that they were alive and still survived. Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper, with his Social Security Number on it, in the palm of his hand. When paraded before Ms. Fonda and a cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man's hand and asking little encouraging snippets like: 'Aren't you sorry you bombed babies?' and 'Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?' Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their sliver of paper. <br> <br>She took them all without missing a beat.. At the end of the line and once the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs, she turned to the officer in charge and handed him all the little pieces of paper... <br> <br>Three men died from the subsequent beatings. Colonel Carrigan was almost number four but he survived, which is the only reason we know of her actions that day. <br> <br>I was a civilian economic development advisor in Vietnam , and was captured by the North Vietnamese communists in South Vietnam in 1968, and held prisoner for over 5 years. <br> <br>I spent 27 months in solitary confinement; one year in a cage in Cambodia ; and one year in a 'black box' in Hanoi . My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Banme Thuot , South Vietnam , whom I buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border. At one time, I weighed only about 90 lbs. (My normal weight is 170 lbs) <br> <br>We were Jane Fonda's 'war criminals....' <br> <br>When Jane Fonda was in Hanoi , I was asked by the camp communist political officer if I would be willing to meet with her. I said yes, for I wanted to tell her about the real <br>treatment we POWs received... and how different it was from the treatment purported by the North Vietnamese, and parroted by her as 'humane and lenient.' <br> <br>Because of this, I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees, with my arms outstretched with a large steel weight placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane. <br> <br>I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Fonda soon after I was released.. I asked her if she would be willing to debate me on TV. She never did answer me. <br> <br>These first-hand experiences do not exemplify someone who should be honored as part of '100 Years of Great Women.' Lest we forget....' 100 Years of Great Women' should never include a traitor whose hands are covered with the blood of so many patriots. <br> <br>There are few things I have strong visceral reactions to, but Hanoi Jane's participation in blatant treason, is one of them. Please take the time to forward to as many people as you possibly can.. It will eventually end up on her computer and she needs to know that we will never forget. <br> <br>RONALD D. SAMPSON, CMSgt, <br>USAF 716 Maintenance Squadron, <br>Chief of Maintenance DSN: 875-6431 COMM: 883-6343 <br>PLEASE HELP BY SENDING THIS TO EVERYONE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK. <br>IF ENOUGH PEOPLE SEE THIS MAYBE HER STATUS WILL CHANGE. Amherst WI 54406 kell.john[at]
11/13/2011 John Kell, C/3/8 1970 Hopefully, a long message from me will appear after this messsage. I wanted everyone to know Jane Fonda is not on my list of the 100 women of the century that our President thinks is. Her actions directly cost the lives of several of our POWs and she needs to know we will never forget. Steadfast and Loyal. Amherst WI 54406 kell.john[at]
11/12/2011 Dan Shayotovich C Co 3/8th 4th ID 3/67-3/68 To all Brothers....we are of like minds....we are all remembering and sharing. I am proud to have been in the 3/8 with you and I tell others about you and our fallen heros. I wish I knew the words to describe the love and respect my wife and I have for all of my Brothers. God bless you all. Emery, SD  fultimin[at]
11/21/2011 BILL MENDEZ, D-3-8, 67-68 NEED YOUR HELP: NEED A CONTACT IN RENO NEVADA! <br>WE NEED TO LOCATE: Dean A. Campbell <br> <br>"My father, Donald R. Campbell U.S. Army 4th Inf. 4th Div. Co. D SP4/E4 was killed in Dak TO, Vietnam on 11-7-67. I was 7 mos. old at the time and my mother has never shared much about him, for her own reasons, I'm sure. My question is simply this: Is there anyone out there that served with my Dad in those short months of his tour (May-November 1967...ö <br> <br>I was with Don on that day. I was his platoon sergeant. <br> <br>Bill Mendez <br>787-414-5266 <br>mendezbill[at] Guaynabo, Puerto Rico mendezbill[at]
11/22/2011 BILL MENDEZ  D-3-8  67-68 This is for anyone who is on my friends list. I enjoy hearing about you and your family; the good news, bad news and support during the dark times. I love the pictures and links. I am happy to count you as my friend, and so many are like family. <br> <br>Thank you so much for being a part of my life, whether or not we talk regularly, you are still in my thoughts. <br> <br>Let's see who actually pays attention... If you like this post, please copy this as your status for just a minute. It shows who actually appreciate s family and friendship. During this time of Thanksgiving-be thankful for everyone in your life. I am Guaynabo, Puerto Rico mendezbill[at]
11/22/2011 Grady Davis A & HHC 66/67  At the last reunion in Branson, MO there was a vendor selling hats and t-shirts. Does anyone know how to get in <br>touch with them? Their e-mail or phone #. Thanks Princeton, IN grady.davis[at]
11/23/2011 BILLY MENDEZ     D-3-8     67-68 ATTITUDE CHECK: <br> <br>KEEP MOVING AND DO NOT STOP! <br> <br>I have noticed that everything has a beginning and everything has an end. If we begin doing it right then everything should finish the right way, if we begin doing it wrongly then we will finish the wrong way. In any case, we need to evaluate what we are trying to get, what resources we have, if we had defined what exactly we wanted and if we were willing to wait for it. <br> <br>Do not despair, have faith in you and in what you believe in. Remember that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of that we do not see. Discipline yourself, stay focus, persevere until you reach your objective and you will see that your effort was worthy of praise. You will feel proud about yourself when everything is over. <br> <br>The main thing is to finish. Guaynabo, Puerto Rico mendezbill[at]
11/28/2011 Simon Westerfield, C 3/8  1967-1968 TDY to Div HQ for Snoopy APD program   bswester2[at]
12/17/2011 JOHN E. NOOE  3/8  4.2 Sereved in central highlands. FORT MEADE, FLORIDA flame67john[at]
12/13/2011 Randy Hitchins Brother of Lt Lloyd Hitchins lost 2nd Lt Hitchins this date in 1967. Still miss <br>ya, Bother. <br>RIP <br>Randy Champaign, Illinois rlhitchi[at]
12/20/2011 Roy Nussbaum, HHC & D Co. 8/67-9/68 44 years ago today, Dec 20th 1967, we lost Lt.Col Glen D. Belnap, Sgt. Maj. Roberts Jr. and others in a tragic accident. You are all still remembered. Rest in peace brave warriors. Agoura Hills, CA s5roy[at]
12/22/2011 Ed Goehring B Co. 9/66 ~ 9/67 ( Boat People) Brothers, with the Christmas season upon us, I wish to wish each and every one a Merry Christmas, & A Happy & Healthy new year. <br> I also wish to inform you of what the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, Is planning. The VVMF, Is planning on building a center, called the Education center. It will be located, on the east end of the wall, and Built Underground. Included in the Educational exhibits, the Planners, Plan to have Pictures of the 58,000 + fallen from the war in Vietnam. The want to put faces with the names. To date, More than 24,000 photoÆs have been collected. IÆm sure, we Have some pictures of our fallen brothers, and Though it hurts, we owe it to our fallen, to send a copy of their Picture, so they will be remembered. The Ground will be broken, in 2012, for this project. <br> Now, the Pitch, If you have interest in donating to the cause, ( Tax Deductible donation) you can go to See, that sales pitch, didnÆt hurt too much. Coopersburg, Pa. Gcoopersburg[at]
12/23/2011 Dan Shayotovich C Co 3/8th 4th ID 3/67-3/68 Merry Christmas,Brothers. Emery, SD  fultimin[at]
12/27/2011 B Co.3/8 66-67 Need help in locating our unit crest. I joined an honor guard and would like to have them to complete my uniform.Any help would be appreciated I need 3 total. Thanks. Ed Bookman. B Co. 4th plt. Lancaster, Pa lynneddie[at]
12/28/2011 Steve Edmunds Following info as of Fall/2005 Ivy Dragoons Dispatch newsletter <br> <br>8th Infantry Regimental Crestsà <br> <br>Saunders Military Insignia <br>8th Infantry Crest # C0545Y [at] $11.50 ea <br>1-800-442-3133 <br>1-239-775-2100 <br> <br>We have a second source for the 8th Infantry Crest. <br>Vanguard Industries <br>2440 Impala Dr. <br>Carlsbad, CA 92008-7226 <br>1-800-433-1334 <br> <br> <br>8th Infantry Unit Crest # 4505097 [at] $10.75 per pair <br> <br>Under Categories select US Army <br>Select Army Crest <br>In Search file (Top right) enter "8th Infantry"  Diamond Bar, CA edmundsdb[at]
12/21/2011 Randy Hitchins Brother of Lt Lloyd Hitchins pays to proof read, I guess. He would have laughed, too. <br> <br>love ya bRother ( smile) Champaign, Illinois rlhitchi[at]
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